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BAND ADDED 2005-08-01, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2009-07-03, 18:08
Band biography
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Six Men have one singular mission: to make Metal be your master. Sure, they donít have long hair, air brushed paintings of Nordic swordsmen holding the reinís of saber-toothed tigers on their tour van, or a mascot, but damn if they donít make you wanna bang your head\" (Luke Meat, Discorder Magazine, February 2002) Rising out of the degenerating wasteland of the Victoria hardcore and punk scene, Three Inches of Blood began when six young men were moved by a mutual dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs and yearning to get back to their true roots of balls to the wall Heavy Metal. Little did they know what was to come of their decision.

The early beginnings of the Three Inches of Blood Army were nothing more than a faint glow a few sparks of potential. However, after writing a quick 6 songs set for a show set up before the first practice, ditching them all and writing all new material, the embers began to glow. Upon recording their first 5 song EP in late 2000, the TIOB Army consisted of a strong core of five members, but it was not until early 2001 when the vocal talents of Cam Pipes were discovered and over dubbed onto the album that the destined line up of the army was complete and the fire took hold.

The release of the home made screen printed EP began the spread of the fiery furry of the Three Inches of Blood Army. The EP almost immediately charted at the top of the Local Indie Charts, sold out several times over at local record stores and established TIOB as one of the forefront emerging bands of the local hardcore/punk scene. The final element in the formation of an unstoppable army was the completion of the migration of all the Three Inches of Blood Warriors to Vancouver in May 2001, where strict training was undertaken and the strength and power of the Army intensified.

With the victorious campaign at the local university radio stationís battle of the bands competition (where no heavy band has ever won in itís 20 year history) and relentless performing around the city, Three Inches of Blood quickly moved up from being a steadfast force in the dregs of the punk/hardcore scene to being the emerging powerhouse of the entire Vancouver music scene. Finally, with the release of their full length CD Battlecry Under a Winter Sun, which quickly rose to number one on the local college charts, and their appearance on the cover of Discorder Magazine (Vancouverís indie music mag) and feature in the Georgia Straight (Vancouverís weekly arts/news/entertainment mag), Three Inches of Blood successfully conquered the local townsfolk and took up the reign as Kings of Vancouver.

As noble rulers of the Vancouver music scene, the TIOB Army has not fallen into the complacency sovereignty. Rather, they have used their kingly vantage point to embark on several reconnaissance tours across Canada and the Mid-Western and West Coast USA to form a basis from which to conquer these outlying lands, and ultimately spread the Empire across the world.

Thus far, the reconnaissance missions have proved very fruitful, with Battlecry Under a Winter Sun charting across Canada (peaking at number 18 on the national college charts and number 2 on the national loud charts) as well as several interviews and performances on CBC (Canadaís national radio station) and Much Music (Canadaís national music television channel) and features and reviews in publications across the country. With the groundwork laid and the training complete, Three Inches of Blood are poised and ready to take the country, continent and world by storm in a blazing, fiery onslaught of relentless Heavy Metal.

By systematically conquering and overtaking unsuspecting audiences with an onslaught of pure might, the allegiance to the Three Inches Army steadily swells as the Metal fever spreads, ensuring the success of the Armyís campaign. Only one outcome is inevitable: Three Inches of Blood will conquer all and Heavy Metal will be your master.
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Current members Add - Fetch
Shane Clark2004-Guitars
Justin Hagberg2004-GuitarsSee also Allfather
Cam Pipes2001-VocalsSee also Allfather
Jamie Hooper2000-Vocals
Nick Cates2006-Bass
Ash Pearson2008-Drums
Former members Add - Fetch
Matt Wood2003-2005Drums
Geoff Trawick2000-2003Drums
Rich Trawick2000-2003BassSee also Malediction
Kevin Keegan2004-2004Guitars
Bobby Froese2000-2004Guitars
Sunny Dhak2000-2004Guitars
Jay Watts2000-2001Guitars
Alexei Rodriguez2005-2007DrumsSee also Walls Of Jericho
Brian Redman2003-2006Bass
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Unknown / none
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Official releases Add
2001[demo]No label
2002Battlecry Under A WintersunTeenage Rampage
2004Advance & VanquishRoadrunner Records
2007Fire Up The BladesRoadrunner Records
2009Here Waits Thy DoomCentury Media
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