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BAND ADDED 2003-03-21, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2009-06-26, 08:46
Band biography
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ABATTOIR's beginnings can be traced to 1984, when high school buddies Mel Sanchez and Mark Caro decided to scrap their cover band and start playing a different kind of music, one with Euro-metal and punk roots but driven by a rage that is purely American.

Discovered by Metal Blade Records, ABATTOIR was included on Metal Massacre vol. 4, and overnight went from local status to worldwide phenomenon. Later joined by vocalist Steve Gaines, the band released the classic album "Vicious Attack" on Combat Records in 1985. Still held in high regards around the world, the band toured in support of the album. But then...

The tide shifted. Pressure from the record company to widen the audience and to cash in on the flavor of the month forced the band to change styles. Following Gaines' departure, the band recruited another vocalist and released "The Only Safe Place" in 1986. With production and mixing of the album done without the approval of ABATTOIR, it sold modestly, but the writing was on the wall. ABATTOIR disbanded, with members going on to different bands such as Evil Dead, Bloodlust, and others. But none of these projects ever eclipsed the mighty ABATTOIR. And the fans knew it as well.

Having a heritage is a double-edged sword. On one hand, people expect greatness, on the other hand, that greatness will always be compared to past glory. Everywhere the members went, and whatever they played, everyone asked "What about ABATTOIR?"

In 1998, the beast began to awaken. A collection of original members got together to record a song for a metal compilation on Dwell Records in tribute to Iron Maiden titled "A Call To Irons". Shortly thereafter, Century Media Records re-released both albums to a tremendous worldwide response. And about this time Sanchez, Caro, and Gaines found themselves together again. All other musical projects were shelved, and the addition of drummer Kevin McShane, the legendary ABATTOIR was back for the new testament.

Still retaining all the rage that made them legendary, this is a band set firmly in the present and future. Objective-simple. After a decade of homogenized, child safe music targeted at AM radio for the mentally unchallenged, to return to a raw emotional anger that is good, wholesome, and healthy.
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Current members Add - Fetch
Kevin McShane1998-Drums
Mel Sanchez1984-1987, 1998-GuitarsSee also Evildead
Mark Caro1984-1987, 1998-GuitarsSee also Evildead
Steve Gaines1985-1987, 1998-Bass, vocalsSee also Anger As Art, Bloodlust, Dreams Of Damnation, Pagan War Machine
Former members Add - Fetch
John Syriis1984-1984Vocals
Raul Preston1984-1984Vocals
Ron Gonzoles1984-1984Drums
Robert Wayne1984-1985Drums
Juan Garcia1984-1984GuitarsSee also Agent Steel, Evildead, Killing Machine
Danny Anaya1986-1987Drums
Mike Towers1986-1987Vocals
Danny Oliverio1984-1987Guitars
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Unknown / none
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Official releases Add
1983Original AbattoirNo label
1985Vicious AttackCombat Records
1986The Only Safe PlaceCombat Records
2001No Sleep 'Til KalamazooNo label
2004From the AshesNo label
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