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STATUS Disbanded (since 2009)
BAND ADDED 2004-10-14, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2010-10-09, 06:54
Band biography
Axamenta photo
Axamenta started in October 1993 as a trio :
- Koen Vriesacker : vocals, guitar
- Steven De Meyer : guitar
- Frederik Van Mieghem : drums
Back then the music was more straightforward deathmetal. This line-up recorded the "Echoes"-demo in October 1995.

After a few changes in early 1996, the situation was as follows :
- Bruno Peeters : vocals
- Koen Vriesacker : guitar
- Wesley Heyndrickx : guitar
- Tim Wilmots : bass
- Frederik Van Mieghem: drums
Doom-influences crept into Axamenta's music. This line-up recorded the "Into a Dream"-demo in April 1997.

And again, the line-up changed, until in November 1998 it had become :
- Peter Meynckens : vocals
- Tim Wilmots : guitar
- Wesley Heyndrickx : guitar
- Yves Huts : bass, keyboards
- Frederik Van Mieghem : drums
With renewed enthusiasm Axamenta started working on new songs. And then it happened... A touch of magic...

With the demise of Axamenta having been near, the band decided changes had to be made. They incorporated their passion for fantasy and horror in their music, musically as well as lyrically. "More" became a keyword in Axamenta... more different vocals, more symphonic influences, more melodies, more twin-guitar parts,... . The band started describing their new style as FANTASY METAL. Influences from very different styles are possible : blackmetal, deathmetal, doommetal and even the odd heavy metal-riff. In August 1999 Axamenta was reinforced by Ann Kermans on vocals.

Their line-up now being complete, the band recorded the "Nox Draconis Argenti"-CDemo in November 1999. Reactions to this CDemo have been very positive so far and Axamenta even got a record deal offered by LSP-company.

Meanwhile, stagenames were introduced, in no way to follow any "black metal trend", since Axamenta don’t consider themselves a black metal band, but to further expand the fantasy concept started on "Nox Draconis Argenti". The unholy alliance of Mordheim (vocals), Yvel (guitar and keys), Anfauglir (guitar), Finster (bass), Count Friedrich von Miecheim (drums)and Shar’teel(female vocals) rode on.

2001 brought misfortune for the band; Anfauglir and Shar’teel had both left in late 2000, and especially finding a suitable second guitarplayer alongside Yvel, proved to be a problem. Several candidates were tested. Among these were Gorg (ex-Fatal Obsession) and Lord Caldron (ex-Ecliptica, ex-Sfagnum). Another problem was the departure, in March, of Finster, bassplayer and co-songwriter for years.

In July 2001, the debut album of Axamenta, aptly titled "Codex Barathri" (Book of the Underworld), is finally recorded, once again in the Cavern Studios. The recording line-up on this release is as follows :
- Mordheim: vocals
- Yvel : guitars and keyboards
- Count Friedrich von Miecheim : drums
- Finster : session bass

It now (October 2001) seems Axamenta have found a new guitarplayer in Brek (also in Gurthang). Kristof joined Axamenta in january 2002 as bass-player (also guitarplayer in Etherial Dawn).

In October 2004 the band signed a new deal with the Dutch label Karmageddon Media (ex-Hammerheart Records).
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Former members Add - Fetch
Steven de Meyer1993-1996Guitars
Bruno Peeters1996-1998Vocals
Koen Vriesacker1993-1998Guitars, vocals
Einar Sjurso1998-2000VocalsSee also Virus
Wesley Heyndrickx1996-2000Guitars
Tim Wilmots1996-2001Bass
Frederik van Mieghem1993-2009DrumsSee also Fleshmould
Ian van Gemeren2001-2009Guitars
Yves Huts1997-2009Bass, guitars, keyboards, pianoSee also Epica
Peter Meynckens1998-2008VocalsSee also Finnugor
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Unknown / none
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Official releases Add
1995EchoesNo label
1997Into A Dream...No label
2000Nox Draconis ArgentiNo label
2002Codex BarathriThe LSP Company
2004IncognationNo label
2006Ever-Arch-I-Tech-TureShiver Records
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