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Belgium flagBLOODSHOT
ORIGIN Belgium
LABEL Scarlet Records
GENRE Hardcore; Metal
BAND ADDED 2005-12-30, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2005-12-30, 00:00
Band biography
Bloodshot photo
This Brussels based band specialises in a metal influenced style of hardcore and saw the light in 2000. From day one they started composing their own songs, resulting in a DEMO CD (Carnal assault upon a godless world) which was getting very positive reactions in the press and allowed the band to play lots of shows!

From there on, ambitions were growing and a first full CD (A pestilence called humanity) was released on CARTEL RECORDS (Finland)! Again reactions were outstanding and concerts even increased in number! This time also playing on some bigger festivals (Dourfestival, Streetlive festival, Maximum hardcore festival, Akkerpop and many more), allowing us to share the stage with wellknown hardcore and metal acts such as: Six Feet Under, Born From Pain, Angelcrew, Backfire, Gojira, Stamping Ground, Maximum Penalty, Fleshcrawl, Irate, Arkangel, Buzzcocks, Length Of Time, Real McKenzies, Deviate, Kickback, Settle The Score, Heaven Shall Burn and many more!

After 2 years of intensive live playing, hundreds of shows, BLOODSHOT decides to take a little break and starts composing songs for the second full CD which was recorded March/july 2005 at CCR studio's. The CD will contain 9 brand new, furious tracks: more agressive and powerful; more breaks, more mosh parts and far more efficient than ever before! Lyrics remaining influenced by yet another serial killer! This time: JEFFREY DAHMER and the title of the album will be ULTIMATE HATRED! The album was mastered at West West Side music (USA) and will be released on SCARLET RECORDS (www.scarletrecords.it) on the 20th of february. US release will be in april/may!

The band is ready to take their ambitions to the next level, playing and touring as much as possible, promoting the new CD in the most professional way! So if you wanna book us, write about us,... feel free to contact us (bloodshot_666@hotmail.com) and help us spreading the BLOODSHOT madness on crowds allover the world!!


In late December 2005 the band signed a contract with the Italian label Scarlet Records.
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