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BAND ADDED 2005-09-06, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2009-07-22, 06:17
Band biography
Construcdead photo
In the beginning of May 1999 the drummer Erik, and the guitarists Christian and Rickard started an unnamed project influensed by old school metal, and a couple of songs were made without vocalist or bassplayer.

Since Joakim was a close friend and his last band, Face Down recently had split up because their lead singer Marco Aro had joined the Haunted and their drummer Peter Stjärnvind joined Entombed, Joakim decided to join the band as bassplayer. However a singer was still to be found.

A friend of Joakim, Daniel, singer of SoulQuake System wanted to sing with the band but turned out to be to busy with SoulQuake´s new album.

Henrik Svegsjö of Thyrfing sang with the band for a short while but didn´t quite fit in (the band). During search for a new singer, Joakim came up with a logo and the band name Construcdead.

In mid September things began to change, Jonas Sandberg, lead singer of Embodiment and a friend of Henrik, had heard that Construcdead were looking for a singer, and after only one rehersal... Jonas was a member of Construcdead.

Shortly there after "The new constitution" was recorded.A mini CD containing three songs of pure Swedish metal. This CD was noticed by labels like Music for nations, Listenable records and several radio stations around Europe.

In the end of March another CD called "Turn" was completed. This CD shows that the group has grown big as a band.It also features a good friend of Construcdead, Peter Wichers of Soilwork.

Construcdead played at the "Stonhenge Festival" in Holland among other bands like Gospel of the horns, Absorbed, Deadhead, Inhume, Hammerhawk, Houwitser and Enthroned. Construcdead were very well received by the Dutch crowd.

Radio stations that recived "The new constitution" have been screaming for more and "Turn" has made Construcdead a well known name around Europe.

After the great success with "Turn" the band kept pounding out new killer material, and completed another crushing cd..."As Time Bleeds".
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Current members Add - Fetch
Jens Broman2005-VocalsSee also Defaced, The, Hatelight, Soilwork
Christian Ericson1999-Guitars
Rickard Dahlberg1999-Guitars
Thomas Fällgren2007-BassSee also Sins Of Omission
Former members Add - Fetch
Peter Tuthill2002-2005VocalsSee also Carnal Forge, Dog Faced Gods, Ebony Tears
Victor Hemgren2005-2007BassSee also Maze Of Torment, Sorg
Erik Thyselius1999-2007DrumsSee also Face Down, General Surgery, Terror 2000
Henrik Svegsjö1999-1999VocalsSee also Thyrfing
Jonas Sandberg1999-2002Vocals
Daniel Regefelt2002-2002Vocals
Joakim Harjus1999-2004BassSee also Face Down
Johan Magnusson2004-2005BassSee also Carnal Forge
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Unknown / none
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Official releases Add
1999The New ConstitutionNo label
2000TurnNo label
2001As Time BleedsNo label
2002RepentCold Records
2004VioladeadBlack Lodge Records
2005The Grand MachineryBlack Lodge Records
2009Endless EchoBlack Lodge Records
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