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STATUS Disbanded (since 2002)
BAND ADDED 2005-01-13, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2007-04-28, 02:24
Band biography
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Originating in 1992 on the southwest side of Chicago, CORPSEVOMIT was formed by Garrett Scanlan [drums], Pat Clancy [guitar/bass], and Matt McClelland [guitar/vocals] as a three piece, writing six originals for a debut studio demo aptly entitled Demo #1. After the first recording, long-time friend of the band (and founder of the moniker) Brice Dalzell joined CORPSEVOMIT on bass and vocal duties as well as being a key part of songwriting.

In 1994 Gathering Chemical Children was released, being listed as their "official" first demo and gaining credibility for the band through positive reviews in many underground magazines and international trading. Gathering Chemical Children opened the floodgates for playing with national bands that influenced CORPSEVOMIT early on such as Incantation, Macabre, Gorguts and more.

Their third demo cd, Bastards of Foreverfilth, was released in 1996 through licensing agreements with WILDRAGS in the US and Immortal Records in Poland, making this the most well-known and widespread CORPSEVOMIT release at the time. Bastards of Foreverfilth provided the band with many opportunities for regional and national shows, festivals, as well as a couple of mini-tours with the legendary band DECEASED.

After conflicts of interest occurred in 1998, Brice Dalzell departed and CORPSEVOMIT was without a bassist and had to drop several of their songs. However, the band continued on, playing once again as a three-piece until they met fellow southside Chicagoan, Mike Dooley, to fill the bass position, learning songs despite having a cast on his arm. CORPSEVOMIT played their first show with Mike at the 2000 March Metal Meltdown and haven't let up since.

In October 2000, Blackened Moon and CORPSEVOMIT joined forces to release CORPSEVOMIT's first full-length, Raping the Ears of Those Above. Already into the second pressing of the full-length, CORPSEVOMIT continues to spread the filth throughout the US and are arranging songs for their next cd.

The band officially split up in 2002.
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Former members Add - Fetch
Matt McClelland1992-2002Guitars, vocalsSee also Summon
Brice Dalzell1993-1998Bass, vocals
Pat Clancy1992-2002Bass, guitars
Mike Dooley1999-2002Bass
Garrett Scanlan1992-2002DrumsSee also Evil Incarnate, Kommandant
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Unknown / none
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Official releases Add
1993Demo #1No label
1994Gathering Chemical ChildrenNo label
1996Bastards Of ForeverfilthNo label
1997Dirty Journey RehearsalNo label
2001Raping The Ears Of Those AboveBlackened Moon Productions
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