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STATUS Disbanded
BAND ADDED 2002-07-22, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2011-04-15, 17:52
Band biography
Diabolique photo
In 1995, Diabolique convened for the first time. At the time their churning brand of doomy death metal focused on writing slow, depressive material, which would lend itself to expressing the band’s growing tendencies towards horror-movie and goth rock oriented arrangements. Though the ensuing musical growth was not necessarily apparent in their earliest material, songs like “Stealing the Fire From Heaven” still stand as powerful testaments of metallic melancholia. Later that year the band’s first line-up solidified, consisting of Kristian Wåhlin (vocals/guitar), Johan Österberg (guitar), Alf Svensson (bass, ex-AT THE GATES) and Daniel Erlandsson (drums, Eucharist), but by the beginning of the following year both Daniel and Alf would depart due to other pressing commitments. After a few months of inactivity, the band resurfaced with a powerful new line-up consisting of Kristian, Johan and new blood Bino Carlsson (bass) and Hans Nilsson (drums). That July, the band made their first proper recording, a self-titled MCD for France’s Listenable records. Soon after, work was completed on their nine song debut full-length, “Wedding the Grotesque”, this time under contract with Sweden’s Black Sun Records. Though still firmly rooted in the doom/death tradition, the band’s sound had already started to mutate as influences that ranged from a broader spectrum of metal bands such as Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus, to Gothic Rock acts like The Sisters of Mercy and The Fields of the Nephilim crept in to the bands dense and frightening sound.

Their sophomore opus, “The Black Flower” showcased a period of extreme growth for the band. While still unmistakably heavy, Diabolique’s sound was moving light years beyond the “metal” category. Musically they had progressed to a sound rooted in goth rock and inspired by artists like The Cure, Joy Division, and the Cocteau Twins. This was the the first taste of the dreamy, melancholic music the band performs today. “The Black Flower” featured dark, expressive songs built around surging verses and explosive choruses. The band had truly eclipsed the confines of the metal genre to create their own niche in the gothic rock scene. It was this remarkable transition was what attracted the attention of Necropolis Records, who eagerly enlisted the band’s considerable talents. The result of their first venture into the studio is the incredible new MCD, “Butterflies”.

It’s worth mentioning that mainman Kristian’s artwork is nearly legendary in the international underground scene. His incredible paintings have graced albums from King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, At the Gates, Dissection, Witchery, and a host of other noteworthy releases, but we believe that his work on “Butterflies” is his most incredible to date. Mr. Wahlin has truly outdone himself for the artwork and design of this EP. Aesthetically, stylistically and perhaps most importantly, conceptually, this is Mr. Wahlin’s most mature artwork to date. The theme of transformation is symbolized on the cover by presence of both a metamorphosing butterfly and a skin-shedding chameleon. Perhaps even more indicative of the emotions Diabolique portrays is the untouchable, aloof beauty of the female face on the cover - entrancingly beautiful, yet eternally out of reach, the perfect visual companion piece for the passionate music of this incredibly talented and daring outfit.

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Former members Add - Fetch
Hans Nilsson1996-DrumsSee also Crystal Age, Dimension Zero, Liers In Wait, Luciferion
Bino Carlsson1996-BassSee also Seance, Total Death
Daniel Erlandsson1995-1996DrumsSee also Arch Enemy, Armageddon, End, The, Eucharist, In Flames, Liers In Wait, Revengia
Alf Svensson1995-1996BassSee also At The Gates, Grotesque
Johan Österberg1995-GuitarsSee also Decollation, Liers In Wait
Kristian Wåhlin1995-Guitars, vocalsSee also Decollation, Grotesque, Liers In Wait
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Unknown / none
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Official releases Add
1997Wedding the GrotesqueBlack Sun Records
1998DiaboliqueListenable Records
1999The Black FlowerBlack Sun Records
1999ButterfliesNecropolis Records
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