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BAND ADDED 2003-11-10, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2009-08-17, 16:35
Band biography
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Dimension zero were first formed in mid 1996, as a sideproject from Jesper Strömblad and Glenn Ljungström, who then both played in IN FLAMES. They wanted to create something that had the same intensity as IN FLAMES, but with a different approach- they wanted to make it more brutal and faster. At first the name ”Dimension Zero” wasn´t at the two young men´s tongue, as they had chosen another name for their project-Agent Orange. This name was active for a while, but unfortunately, they found out that another band carried the same name, and to their disappointment it was impossible to make them change their name, so Glenn and C/O made a new name- and Dimension Zero, was formed.

The line-up consisted in: Hans Nilsson (Luciferion , Crystal Age, and his most current band : Diabolique), on the drums, Jocke Göthberg (ex. Marduk) on Vocals, Fredrik Johansson - MR Guitar himself on lead, Glenn Ljungström on Guitar and Jesper Strömblad (In Flames) on Guitar and Bass

This line-up was the one featured on the mini-Ep that was released in 1997 on War-music: ”Penetrations of the lost world”.

One thing that needs to be cleared up is the fact that Fredrik is NOT the same Fredrik as the former guitarist of Dark tranquillity. He is a very talented musician studying at the music school of Stockholm, Sweden. But then, he was in a band called Chameleon together with Peter from In Flames.

Penetrations.. was released and it did very well across the world, especially in Japan, where there might be a live performance sometime in the future. But other than that, not much happened with the band for a long time- due to many various reasons.

One year after the release of ”Penetrations…”, the band got together to make a tribute song on a compilation album to Sepultura - Troops of Doom, which featured Daniel from In Flames on Vocals (he was then in Sacriliege), and Jeppe, Glenn and Hasse-(Fredrik wasn´t a part of this recording). They also made a Mercyful Fate cover: My Demon, which was featured on another compilation- for M:F:

Another year passed by and nothing happened in the life of Dimension Zero, but in the private world there were as always tons of activities, of which I can mention nothing due to the specific witness protection program they are all a part of…. But they did, however manage to record another song ”They are waiting to take us” for the 1998 WAR-DANCE Compilation, which once again featured Jocke on Vocals. After this the band decided to BREAK UP, for good. A lot of stuff had happened that made them take to this drastic solution, including Touring, Children, Fylla, Sex and tons of unmentional stuff. Sad but true- Dimension Zero was no more…

But then in the beginning of the new Millennium- year 2000- the band decides to put their differences aside and once again start working together as a team. The line-up has changed, but some members remain the same: Jesper and Glenn are back, Joined by Jocke on Vocals, but added to the new line-up is Daniel Antonsson from Pathos on Guitar. Glenn handles the other part and jesper has yielded , and takes the bass. Who will fullfill Hasses old stuff on drums is yet to be seen, but a few names are waiting to be announced. The new album will be released sometime this year, and will apart from a lot of new stuff feature two old songs: ” Through the virgin sky” and ” They are waiting to take us.”

Maybe then , and only then the band will perform for the very first time EVER, somewhere in this world, so .. keep your eyes open.
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Current members Add - Fetch
Hans Nilsson1996-DrumsSee also Crystal Age, Diabolique, Liers In Wait, Luciferion
Daniel Antonsson2000-GuitarsSee also Dark Tranquillity, Pathos, Soilwork
Jesper Strömblad1996-Bass, guitarsSee also Ceremonial Oath, Exhumation, In Flames, Misanthrope
Joakim Göthberg1996-VocalsSee also Defaced Creation, Equinox Ov The Gods, Marduk, Miscreant
Former members Add - Fetch
Glenn Ljungström1996-2003Guitars
Fredrik Johansson1996-1998Guitars
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Daniel SvenssonDrumsIn 1998. See also In Flames, Sacrilege
Nicklas AnderssonBassLive 2007. See also Lord Belial, Sacramentum, Vassago
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Official releases Add
1997Penetrations Of The Lost WorldWAR Music
2002Silent Night FeverRegain Records
2003This Is HellRegain Records
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