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Sweden flag
STATUS Disbanded (since 1998)
BAND ADDED 2003-05-12, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2008-05-14, 05:43
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Gates Of Ishtar was formed in late 1992 by four young musicians in Luleå in the north of Sweden. The drummer Andreas Johansson designed their logo and they started rehearsing for a demo. In early May 1995 they recorded "Seasons Of Frost" in the Lucichrist Studio. The response was very good so they signed for one full-length album on the Finnish label Spinefarm Records. After a year of writing and arranging they released their debut album "A Bloodred Path" which was recorded in the Finnish studio Tico-Tico in early 1996. It was released in June that very year with a very good response from the metal community. Offers came from many labels and since they weren't very happy with the promotion from Spinefarm they signed a new deal with the German label Invasion Records for two full-length albums. In early 1997 they entered the Unisound studio in Örebro together with the well-known producer and musician Dan Swanö to record their second album "The Dawn Of Flames". On the 25th of March 1997 the album "The Dawn Of Flames" was released worldwide. After the release of their third album their label Invasion Records went out of business and the band probably broke up soon after this.
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Former members Add - Fetch
Tomas Jutenfält-1996-1997-Guitars
Urban Carlsson-1998-GuitarsSee also Duskfall, The
Henrik Åberg1997-1998DrumsSee also Incinerator
Oskar Karlsson-1996, 1998-1998DrumsSee also Decortication, Defleshed, Duskfall, The, Everdawn, The, Helltrain, Raised Fist, Sarcasm, Scheitan
Andreas Johansson1992-1997Drums
Niklas Svensson-1996BassSee also Decortication, Everdawn, The, Moaning, The
Harald Åberg1992-Bass
Stefan Nilsson1992-Guitars
Mikael Sandorf1992-1998Bass, guitars, vocalsSee also Duskfall, The
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Daniel RöhrBassOn The Dawn.
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Official releases Add
1995Seasons Of FrostNo label
1996A Bloodred PathSpinefarm Records
1997The Dawn Of FlamesInvasion
1998At Dusk And ForeverInvasion
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