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BAND ADDED 2006-03-21, 19:44
LAST UPDATE 2009-10-16, 12:35
Band biography
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Gorgoroth was founded in Norway by Hat (vocals), Goat (drums) and Infernus (guitars) in 1992. The name Gorgoroth is taken form the book Lord of The Rings, Gorgoroth is a dark and lifeless field where evil grows. In 1993 Gorgoroth released their first demo called "A Sorcery Written In Blood", Kjettar joined in on bass for that demo, but left right after.

After the demo, Gorgoroth signed to Embassy Rec. where they also released their first album, "Pentagram" in 1994. Samoth of Emperor did the bass on Pentagram. After the the release of Pentagram, Goat and Samoth left the band.

In 1996 Gorgoroth signed to Malicious Rec. which re-released Pentagram, the same year Gorgoroth released their second album Antichrist. On that album, Pest of Obtained Enslavement did the vocals and Frost of Satyricon did the drums, while Infernus played bass and guitar, and Hat did some vocals on track 2, 3 and 6. Later that year, Gorgoroth also released the MCD "The Last Tormentor", on that album Grim (Immortal, Borknagar etc.) replaced Frost on the drums while Ares of Aeternus joined on the bass.

In 1997, Gorgoroth released their last album on Malicious Rec. It was called "Under The Sign Of Hell". The same year Gorgoroth and the rest of the BM scene suffered a great loss when Grim died after drug abuse.

Late 1997, Gorgoroth signed to Nuclear Blast, and the following year they released the full-length album "Destroyer". The line-up for this album consisted of Infernus on bass and guitar, Tormentor on guitar, Gaahl from Trelldom on vocals, Vrolok of Aeternus on drums, Ares on bass, and T.Reaper on bass. Also contributing on this album was Pest on vocals, Frost on drums and Daimonion with some synth. In 1998, Gorgoroth also participated on the Darkthrone tribute "Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone", Gorgoroth covered Slottet I Det Fjerne, which also is an unlisted track on Destroyer. Much of the material on this album was recorded many years earlier, like track 3., which was recorded in 1994.

In 2000, the BM scene was once again amazed by maybe the best release of Gorgoroth ever, "Incipit Satan" hit the stores early 2000, the line-up for this album was Infernus (guitar and vocals), Tormentor (guitar), Gaahl (vocals), Sjt. Erichsen (drums) and King of Hell on bass. In early 2000, Sjt. Erichsen was replaced by a new drummer named Kvitrafn (ex-Det Hedenske Folk).

In late April 2004 Gorgoroth parted ways with their label Nuclear Blast. In late January 2005 they signed a new deal with the Swedish label Regain Records.
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Current members Add - Fetch
Pest1995-1997, 2008-VocalsSee also Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Obtained Enslavement
Roger Tiegs1992-Guitars, bass, vocals, drumsSee also Barathrum, Borknagar, Orcustus, Urn
Sykelig2007-GuitarsSee also Den Saakaldte
Nicholas Barker2007-DrumsSee also Atrocity, Benediction, Borknagar, Brujeria, Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Leaves\' Eyes, Lock Up, Old Man´s Child, Testament
Former members Add - Fetch
Kjetil Haraldstad-1996-DrumsSee also 1349, Furze, Keep Of Kalessin, Satyricon, Zyklon B
Einar Selvik2000-2004DrumsSee also Dead To This World, Det Hedenske Folk, Sahg
Erlend Erichsen-2000DrumsSee also Molested
Torgrim Řyre-1998-BassSee also Obtained Enslavement
Ronny Hovland1996-1998-BassSee also Aeternus, Immortal
Erik Brødreskift1996-1997DrumsSee also Borknagar, Immortal
Goat Pervertor1992-1994Drums
Tom Cato Visnes1999 - 2006, 2007-2007BassSee also Audrey Horne, Sahg
Kristian Eivind Espedal1998-2007VocalsSee also Gaahlskagg, Trelldom
Erik Heggernes-1998-DrumsSee also Aeternus, Bourbon Flame, Sulphur
Teloch2004 - 2005, 2007-2007GuitarsSee also 1349
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Ivar PeersenKeyboardsOn Destroyer. See also Borknagar, Enslaved, Phobia, Satyricon
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Official releases Add
1993A Sorcery Written In BloodNo label
1994PentagramEmbassy Productions
1997The Last TormentorScandinavian
1998DestroyerNuclear Blast
2000Incipit SatanNuclear Blast
2003Twilight Of The IdolsNuclear Blast
2005Ad Majorem Sathanas GloriamRegain Records
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