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BAND ADDED 2005-05-07, 00:00
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Band biography
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Hades was originally formed way back in January 1978 when Dan Lorenzo picked the name from mythology studies in 9th grades. In march the band started playing some shows in Paramus, NJ, with cover versions of Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, KISS, The Knack and Ted Nugent.

In 1982 Hades opened up for Twisted Sister at The Soap Factory. They also recorded and released a 7" named "Deliver Us From Evil", featuring the songs "Girls Will Be Girls" and "Social Disease". T. Coombs was now the man behind the drumkit.

In 1983 the band started playing the club scene in NJ and NY. In 1983/84 Hades made two compilation appearances on Metal Blade's Metal Massacre VI and Megaforce's Born To Metalize and in 1985 Tecchio, LePage and Schulman joined the band. In 1986 "The Cross / Widow´s Mite" 45 was released.

In 1987 Hades signed a deal with Torrid Records and their debut album "Resisting Success" was released same year. In 1988 their second album "If At First You Don´t Succeed" was released with their new member Ed Fuhrman on lead guitars. During May and June 1989 Hades went on a European tour that was not very satisfying for the band. They had to play at small venues and tension was building up. After playing live for a month the band breaks up.

In 1989 Alan Tecchio joined the Texas based band Watchtower and flew back to Europe to record with them. In 1989 Dan starts his own band Non-Fiction. In 1991 Hades recorded a live cd called "Live On Location" at a successful reunion show. In 1995 they released another reunion record called "Exist To Resist" and finally in 1998 the band regroups with new drummer Dave Lescinsky and recorded "SaviorSelf". The new album was released in January 1999 with two videos as they signed a deal with Metal Blade. In September and October same year the next album "The Downside" was recorded and released in 2000.

The official website www.hadesusa.com was also launched in the year 2000 and on the 30th of April 2001 their new album "DamNation" was released.
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Current members Add - Fetch
Ron Lipnicki2000-Drums
Jimmy Schulman1985-BassSee also Attacker
Ed Fuhrman1988-Guitars
Dan Lorenzo1978-Guitars
Alan Tecchio1985-Vocals
Former members Add - Fetch
Adam Kiefer2000-2000Drums
Dave Lescinsky1998-2000Drums
Scott LePage1985-1987, 1999Guitars
Tom Coombs-1998Drums
Lou Ciarlo BassSee also Attacker
John Smith1978-Vocals
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Unknown / none
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Official releases Add
1982Deliver Us From Evil (7")No label
1987Resisting SuccessTorrid
1991Live On Location (live)Grand Slamm
1992Deliver Us From Evil (7")Century Media
1995Exist To ResistBlack Pumpkin
1999SaviorSelfMetal Blade Records
2000The DownsideMetal Blade Records
2001DamNationMetal Blade Records
20021982-2002 (comp.)Exist To Resist
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