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BAND ADDED 2004-06-14, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2004-06-14, 00:00
Band biography
Hatework photo
Formed in the summer of 97 by the Engman brothers (Johan and Mattias) Hatework (under the name Soulgrinder) arose from the ashes of Cease to exist and Anchorhead which had booth been but to sleep. Later that year they were joined by longtime friend and drummer of Berserk Markel Månson on vocals. The line-up was completed by Fredrik Sjöstedt on bass.

After a while the need for a second guitarist became to obvious and Mia Karlsson joined to fill the empty spot. Due to some problems between members Fredrik quit the band in the spring of 1998 and a replacer was quickly found in Mauri Jofré. Later that year Mia quit the band and the band continued with only one guitarist.

The empty spot was filled again in 1999 when Henke Ekeroth joined. For a couple of months there was now a stabil line-up and Hatework performed a couple of great gigs with amongst other Sins of omission, Thyrfing and Raise Hell. In early 2000 Henke choose to leave the ship. Once again Hatework was left a four piece band and this time the decision was taken to stay that way.

In 2001 Mauri left the band for some personal reasons ,but the search for a replacer was short and painless since Kimmy Sjölund was more than happy to become part of the Hatework rythm section.

For a couple of years things went kind of slow, a couple of gigs were played (with amongst others Satanic slaughter, Defleshed, Meldrum and at the Linköping Metal Festival) but nothing was recorded and the productivity was way beoynd acceptable, but in 2003 the creativity sudden took a turn into a more possitive direction and a couple of new songs were composed and resulted in the brand new 4-track cd "Come down cold".
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Current members Add - Fetch
Mattias Engman1997-Drums
Kimmy Sjölund2001-BassSee also Thyrfing
Johan Engman1997-Guitars
Markel Månson1997-VocalsSee also Berserk
Former members Add - Fetch
Mia Karlsson1997-1999Guitars
Henrik Ekeroth1999-2000GuitarsSee also Dark Funeral, Funeral Mist, Infernal
Mauri Jofré1998-2001Bass
Fredrik Sjöstedt1997-1998Bass
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Unknown / none
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Official releases Add
1991Acts Of FerocityNo label
2000Creating A MonsterNo label
2004Come Down ColdNo label
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