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STATUS Disbanded
BAND ADDED 2005-07-10, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2009-01-14, 21:25
Band biography
Hawaii photo
The American heavy metal band Hawaii originally came to life as Vixen in Hawaii in 1981. In November they recorded a 5-track demo tape consisting of the songs "Angels From The Dust", "Secret Of The Stars", "Lady Savage", "Living In Sin" and The Anima's cover "House Of The Rising Sun". A second demo was recorded in April of 1982 with "Angels From The Dust" and "Escape The Night" on it. In that year Mike Varney from Shrapnel Records also selected the second demo version of "Angels From The Dust" to appear on his compilation album "US Metal II". A third demo was recorded with "Angels From The Dust", "Living In Sin", "Beg For Mercy" and "Escape The Night". Now Paul Escorpeso also departed to be replaced by a guy called Kimo. In 1982 the 5-track mini album "Made In Hawaii" was also recorded and released by Azra Records in 1983. Before the official release Kim left the band to be replaced by another female vocalist called Lisa Ruiz. Vixen now changed their name into Aloha.

Under the name Aloha they recorded a new demo tape containing "Secret Of The Stars" and the fastest drummed song of that time: "The Pit And The Pendulum". With "Heavy Metal Virgin" they appeared on "Metal Massacre II". Lisa and Kimo were soon out of the band and replaced by bass player / vocalist Gary St. Pierre. Another name changed took place and they were from now on known as Hawaii (quite creative, don't you think?). Two albums and one EP were recorded. The band was dissolved by Marty Friedman around 1986 as he moved to San Francisco.
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Former members Add - Fetch
Lisa Ruiz1982-1983Vocals
Paul Escorpeso1981-1982Bass
Gary St.1983-1986Bass, vocalsSee also Vicious Rumors
Joey Galisa-1984-1986Bass
Tom Azevedo-1985-1986Guitars
Eddie Day-1984-1986VocalsSee also Tension
Jeff Graves1981-1986Drums
Marty Friedman1981-1986GuitarsSee also Cacophony, Marty Friedman, Megadeth, Tension, Tourniquet
Kim La1981-1982Vocals
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Rana RossBassOn tour 1997. See also Phantom Blue
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Official releases Add
1981[demo]No label
1982[demo]No label
1982[demo]No label
1983Made In HawaiiAzra
1983One Nation UndergroundShrapnel Records
1984Loud, Wild And HeavyNo label
1985The Natives Are RestlessSteamhammer Records
2000[demo]No label
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