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BAND ADDED 2005-10-27, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2009-03-25, 05:09
Band biography
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The Swedish band In Flames was formed in 1990 by Jesper Strömblad, Johan Larsson and Gleen Ljungström. At that time Jesper was part of a band called Ceremonial Oath but he left them since he wanted to make a different style of music. The three of them recorded a demo which they sent to Wrong Again records and immediately got themselves a record deal. They lied and told the owner of the record company that they already had 14 finished songs! Next day they sat down and wrote their first album Lunar Strain which was a big underground success. Since they were only three real members of the band they had to borrow musicians from other bands and therefore they have had a bunch of temporary members like Mikael Stanne and Anders Jivarp from Dark Tranquility and Anders Iwers from Tiamat, two other big Swedish metal bands. Next they recorded a mini-cd called Subterranean which got them out of the underground scene and led to the signing of a contract with Nuclear Blast where they have been since then. Some time after the release of Subterranean they finally found two other ordinary members for the band in Anders Fridén and Björn Gelotte.

Then they released a new record called The Jester Race which was a big success worldwide and they did a festival tour together with Samael, Grip Inc. and Kreator. After the release of their next album, Whoracle, in 1997 Gleen and Johan decided to leave the band and In Flames where back to three members again. However they managed to find two new members rather fast - Peter Iwers and Niklas Engelin - who both were good friends of the band. After having been on tour in Europe and Japan Niklas left the band again to focus on his other band Gardenian. Now the band decided to let Björn play guitar instead of drums and Daniel Svensson from Sacrilige joined the band to do the drumming henceforth. The new In Flames recorded a new album called Colony in 1999, which became their biggest success so far and they again went on tour in Europe, USA and Japan. Their album Clayman was released in the year 2000 and this time they toured all over the world.

In Flames is definitely one of the best metal bands in Sweden right now and also among the best in the world. They play melodic death metal - sometimes extremely fast and sometimes fairly slow. The vocals are mostly soft death metal growling and the lyrics are very complex and a little difficult to grasp. The music is very much based on heavy and melodic bass guitar riffs and aggressive drums. They play very fast music like most death metal bands but theirs is also very melodic with a slight touch of Iron Maiden.
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Current members Add - Fetch
Anders Fridén1995-VocalsSee also Ceremonial Oath, Dark Tranquillity, Misanthrope, Passenger
Jesper Strömblad1990-GuitarsSee also Ceremonial Oath, Dimension Zero, Exhumation, Misanthrope
Daniel Svensson1998-DrumsSee also Dimension Zero, Sacrilege
Björn Gelotte1995-GuitarsSee also All Ends
Peter Iwers1997-BassSee also Pain
Former members Add - Fetch
Mikael Stanne1994-1994VocalsSee also Dark Tranquillity, Hammerfall
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Kjell LövbomGuitarsOn "Colony" album. See also Easy Action, Europe, Joey Tafolla
Niklas EngelinGuitarsOn tour 1997-1998, 2006, 2009. See also Engel, Gardenian, Idiots Rule, Passenger, Sarcazm
Anders JivarpDrumsSee also Dark Tranquillity
Daniel ErlandssonDrumsSee also Arch Enemy, Armageddon, Diabolique, End, The, Eucharist, Liers In Wait, Revengia
Tobias KjellgrenDrumsOn tour 2005. See also Decameron, Dissection, Nifelheim, Nocrofobic, Satanized, Seventh One, Soulreaper, Swordmaster, Wolf
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Official releases Add
1994Lunar StrainWrong Again Records
1995SubterraneanWrong Again Records
1996The Jester RaceNuclear Blast
1997Black Ash InheritanceNuclear Blast
1997WhoracleNuclear Blast
1999ColonyNuclear Blast
2000ClaymanNuclear Blast
2001The Tokyo Showdown (live)Nuclear Blast
2002Reroute To RemainNuclear Blast
2003TriggerNuclear Blast
2004Soundtrack To Your EscapeNuclear Blast
2005Used & Abused - In Live We Trust (2DVD)Nuclear Blast
2006Come ClarityNuclear Blast
2008The Mirror’s TruthNuclear Blast
2008A Sense Of PurposeNuclear Blast
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