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BAND ADDED 2007-04-25, 02:23
LAST UPDATE 2009-02-12, 01:17
Band biography
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Fourteen years of band history quickly told? That’s impossible! But regarding the outstanding heavy rockers JADED HEART from Germany it’s worth giving it a try! In the year of 1990 shouter Michael Bormann and his brother Dirk Bormann (guitar) were in search of suitable companions. The following year Michael Müller (bass, ex THE SYGNET) and former MAD MAX drummer Axel Kruse joined the band, thus JADED HEART was born.
Jaded Heart 2005

Keyboarder Chris Ivo joined the band in 1994, just after the release of the first album "INSIDE OUT" (on Long Island Records). The band hit the road in 1992 as a support act for GLENN HUGHES and MOTHER'S FINEST and soon after Dirk Bormann left the band due to personal problems. From that moment on, JADED HEART started to work with studio musicians taking care for the guitar parts.

With their second album "SLAVES & MASTERS" (1997) the guys gained a worldwide reputation. This album stayed in the Japanese import charts TOP TEN for four months! In Germany the band was featured on several national TV appearances with RTL, PRO 7 and many more. After that JADED HEART went out on a big tour with AXXIS and HEAVEN'S GATE that staged more than 40 concerts throughout Europe.

Following their motto “be quick or be dead”, December 1997 saw the release of the third studio-output "MYSTERY EYES" on Teichiku Records in Japan. Three months later, the album was available for the German fans.

In June 1998, guitarist Barish Kepic joined the band. Shortly after JADED HEART signed a contract with MTM Music based in Munich, Germany. Their fourth album, simply called "IV", was produced in the summer of 1999 by BOBBY BARTH (AXE, GUILD OF AGES, BLACKFOOT) in his NEH Studios in Denver, Colorado. With the production of this album in the United States, JADED HEART pushed themselves to the extremes. "IV" is still nowadays regarded as one of the greatest masterpieces of Heavy Rock of all times.

In February 2001 they released their Best Of album "DIARY 1990-2000" and did a very successful tour with the Swiss Rock legend GOTTHARD all over Germany and Europe. After the tour, Chris Ivo left and was replaced by keyboarder, guitarist and singer Henning Wanner. In the same year JADED HEART performed the song "CHAMPION" for the Pay-TV station PREMIERE on the opening ceremony of the Ice-Hockey World Championships. In December the band started working with producer TOMMY NEWTON (VICTORY guitarist) on their fifth album "THE JOURNEY WILL NEVER END". The release took place in April 2002 with great acclaim from press and fans, notwithstanding the slight change in their own style and sound.

Autumn 2003 started with JADED HEART working on new songs for their new long player "TRUST" which in a way was a departure compared to the previous album. Mastering is done by Tom Müller in Berlin. "TRUST" sees its release in February 2004 with the new label-partner ulfTone Music. In April/May 2004 the band went on their first, big headlining tour throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium.

Just back from the road Michael Bormann and the rest of the band decided to part their ways. JADED HEART started their search of a new front-man. And the winner of the tough and seemingly never ending auditions was the Swede JOHAN FAHLBERG (ex-SCUDIERO) who not only beat all his opponents but suits the band vocally and personally the most.

Axel Kruse

October 10th is the D-Day: the new JADED HEART masterpiece "HELLUVA TIME" will be released worldwide by Frontiers Records (under license from ulfTone Music). Recorded in Duisburg, Rosenheim and Stockholm the long-player is produced by JADED HEART and co-produced by Chris Lausmann (ex-BONFIRE) in his studios in Munich. Mastering is done again by Tom Müller in Berlin. In December 2005 JADED HEART were supporting HELLOWEEN on their tour allover Spain. A headliner-tour of JADED HEART followed in April 2006 with Peter Östros on Guitar.

March 2006: The ways of guitar-player Barish Kepic and the remaining Jaded Heart musicians Axel Kruse, Henning Wanner, Michael Mueller and Johan Fahlberg are being separated. The extremely friendly "divorce" was agreed by both parties and therefore there will be no unqualified "media-massacre".

"We part ways with our longtime friend and guitarist, Barish Kepic. We're very thankful for the tremendous spirit and
talent that Barish has brought to JADED HEART. Our musical journey together has been amazing,
and we will all look back on the experiences we've shared as some of the best of our lives.
Simply put, we found ourselves moving in different directions musically and we all ( Barish as well ) felt it was
necessary for everyone involved to make this change. Good luck and see you soon bro´."

Barish, constant band-member, long time and co-songwriter since 1998, will soon return musically while the rest of the guys will continue with their long time friend PETER ÖSTROS on guitar.
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Current members Add - Fetch
Johan Fahlberg2004-VocalsSee also Scudiero
Peter Östros2006-Guitars, vocalsSee also Insania
Michael Müller1991-Bass, vocals
Henning Wanner2001-Keyboards, vocals
Axel Kruse1991-DrumsSee also Mad Max
Former members Add - Fetch
Michael Bormann1990-2004VocalsSee also Bloodbound, Bonfire, Letter X
Dirk Bormann1990-1992Guitars
Chris Ivo1994-2001Keyboards
Barish Kepic1998-2006GuitarsSee also Evidence One
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Unknown / none
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Official releases Add
1994Inside OutLong Island
1996Slaves And MastersSeagull International
1998Mystery EyesBMG
1999IVMTM Music
2002The Journey Will Never EndMTM Music
2004TrustUlftone Music
2005Helluva TimeFrontiers Records
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