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STATUS Disbanded (since 1989)
BAND ADDED 2003-12-11, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2008-03-03, 01:28
Band biography
Kublai Khan photo
Gregory L. Handevidt was born in the Bay Area, in Concord, by his parents moved back to a small rural town in Minnesota after about a year. There he met Dave Ellefson when they were about ten years old and they became friends. The two friends went together to Hollywood two days after having graduated high school where they were hoping to make their fortunes as musicians. The two friends ended up living next door to Dave Mustaine and eventually both of them joined his new band Megadeth in June or July of 1983. Greg was in Megadeth for three or four months and recorded one demo with them. He had a different vision of where he wanted to go musically and also had a child back in Minnesota. He left Megadeth, moved back home and went back to school. He wrote some music on his own and wanted to form a new band. He answered an ad in a music store in Marshall, Minnesota, put out by a guy called Kevin Idso. The two started jamming together and this was the beginning of the band Kublai Khan. They recorded two demos and one full-length album. The album "Annihilation" was produced by Jonathan Akre at Paisley Park, a guy who also worked for Prince. The cover art was done by Dan Kalal and Sanchez Oblongata. In 1989 the band broke up, Greg went into the military for a while before becoming a lawyer. John Fedde got a job as a manager at an oil refinery. The "Annihilation" album was remastered and re-released by Exit Only Records in mid-July 2003 and about that time the band began pre-production for a new album. The line-up now consisted of original members Handevidt and Idso along with new members Clint Burton on bass and Jason Weber on drums. This line-up also make up the band Kronk.
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Former members Add - Fetch
John Fedde1984-1989Drums
Mike Liska1984-1989Bass
Kevin T. Idso1984-1989Guitars
Gregory L. Handevidt1984-1989Guitars, vocalsSee also Megadeth
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Unknown / none
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Official releases Add
1987AnnihilationNew Renaissance Records
2000[demo]No label
2000Clash Of The SwordsNo label
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