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BAND ADDED 2007-12-14, 02:13
LAST UPDATE 2007-12-25, 10:48
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Maelstrom was formed in 2004 by school friends Wull Hay and Scott Simpson. In it's early stages, Maelstrom took the form of a 2-man project that was never intended for live performance. Wull was mainly interested in underground black metal, while Scott wanted to experiment with a more avant-garde form of metal. The final result was the first Maelstrom track entitled "Fear Inaudible Form". The song had a black metal vocal at it's heart but displayed the use of disjointed guitar phrases usually found in death and thrash metal.

This progressive streak developed further, as the pair began including singing vocals, acoustic guitar parts and keyboards.

During 2004, the pair recorded their first self-titled demo on a shoestring budget, using only a 4-track recording unit at Scott's home near Glasgow. On the strength of these recordings alone, the project started to attract attention within the Glasgow metal community.

In 2005, the prospect of live performances came into question and it was decided that a full line-up would need to be found to progress any further. A few line-ups came and went, but eventually though a mutual friend, Scott was introduced to drummer Donnie Temple, and 7-string bassist Chris Cameron.

Throughout 2006 the band existed as a 4-piece, and now under the name Maelstrom, began writing and rehearsing new material. As the music started to develop, it became apparent that a keyboard player was needed. Linzi Brown came to their attention at a drunken party, playing "The Entertainer" and an old keyboard. Not a typical audition but nonetheless, Wull and Scott asked Linzi to join as a fifth member.

With this new line-up, Maelstrom played their live debut on 24th May 2006 @ 13th Note in Glasgow.

In 2007, the band are currently in the process of creating a full-length release entitled "The Shores At Dawn".
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Current members Add - Fetch
Scott Simpson-2007-Guitars, vocals, programming
Wull Hay-2007-Vocals, guitars
Chris Cameron-2007-Bass
Donnie Temple-2007-Drums
Linzi Brown-2007-Keyboards
Former members Add - Fetch
Unknown / none
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Carine TinneyViolin
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