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STATUS Disbanded
BAND ADDED 2003-08-17, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2008-12-04, 01:20
Band biography
Mythic photo
Mythic is probably the best known all-female death metal act. The band history starts in early 1991 when guitarist Dana Duffey read about the female death metal band Derkéta in an underground fanzine. She contacted them and travelled from her hometown of Toledo, Ohio, to visit them in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. At that time Derkéta had actually broken up but she met up with the remaining members Mary Bielich (bass) and Terri Heggen (drums). Duffey relocated to Pittsburgh and the trio began writing new material. Duffey became the vocalist and main lyricist for the band for which the moniker Mythic was chosen. Within a montht hey had recorded a three song rehearsal tape on a four track recorder. The tracks were "The Destroyer", "Scarred For Life" and "Grande Grimoire". They also played several live shows on the East coast in Rhode Island, Cleveland, Detroit and Pittsburgh. Later that year they recorded an official live demo entitled "The Immortal Realm" which included the tracks "Thy Future Forecast", "The Destroyer", "The Oracle", "Taste Of The Grave", "Grande Grimoire" and "Lament Configuration". In 1992 they were offered an MCD deal from Pennsylvania based Relapse Records. "Mourning In The Winter Solstice" was released the same year on MCD, 7" (both traditional black and limited blue vinyl) and cassette. Soon after the mini album was released the band parted ways with Terri Heggen and they used a session drummer for their final performance at the Milwaukee Metalfest VI. For unknown reasons Mythic disbanded after the festival with Dana quickly forming the black metal act Demonic Christ. Bielich later on joined November's Doom, Em Sinfonia and finally Penance.
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Former members Add - Fetch
Terri Heggen1991-1992DrumsSee also Derkéta
Dana Duffey1991-1992Guitars, vocalsSee also Demonic Christ
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Unknown / none
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Official releases Add
1991The Immortal Realm (live demo)No label
1992Mourning In The Winter SolsticeRelapse Records
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