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BAND ADDED 2007-05-04, 23:54
LAST UPDATE 2007-05-05, 00:32
Band biography
Ninja Dolls photo
Ninja Dolls was formed summer of 2001 by two very bored girls. Emma Norling on bass and Jenny Forsberg on drums. The young Victoria Holden (fourteen going on fifteen) joined the band soon after and Ninja Dolls had now a voice. Jonas Asplind played the guitar while they were looking for a girl guitarist, no girl guitarist was found and Jonas was asked to join the band on permanent bases. Jenny F lost interest and was replaced by another Jenny, Jenny Juhlin. By now Ninja Dolls were in full swing with a bunch of own produced materials. Their first demo CD De e hårdrock det was recorded in March 2002 followed in June the same year by the second demo CD Go were the action is. Ninja Dolls did now a string of live performances in and around their hometown Falun in Sweden. After all this time with a bunch of people on second guitar, they felt that they needed to add a permanent guitarist. Martin Djuse became a member in Ninja Dolls in the autumn of 2002. In March 2003 Jenny left the band and now followed a time of various stand in drummers until May the same year when Sara Klingstedt picked up the drumsticks. In October 2003 Ninja Dolls went in to the studio and recorded their first full length CD Drive In and in December a music video was made. Unfortunately Sara left the band in the beginning of 2004, and once again Ninja Dolls was one member short.

But in April they found their savior, Gustav Bergkvist who started to play with the Ninjas. Unfortunately he as well lost interest (how hard could it be to have a permanent drummer?) in December of 2004 and soon after Martin Djuse quit the band.

In February of 2005 the Ninjas enter Studio Secured with their new guitarist, Martin Bäck and a session drummer called Robban Bäck to record their first album to be released by a label. The studio session lasted for about six months with studio work during the weeks and live gigs during the weekends. In November the album was finally finished with the mastering.

but a new drummer then? well in 2005 Ninja Dolls became a complete band with a new drummer (again) called Peter Bergman.

Ninja Dolls started to record a new record 2006, and due to be released Autumn 2007.

They've also (2006) been on tour in Germany hoping to come back soon! Stay tuned for more info.
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Current members Add - Fetch
Victoria Holden2001-Vocals
Jonas Asplind2001-Guitars
Martin Bäck2005-Guitars
Emma Norling2001-Bass
Peter Bergman2005-Drums
Former members Add - Fetch
Jenny Forsberg2001-2001Drums
Jenny Juhlin2001-2003Drums
Sara Klingstedt2003-2004Drums
Gustav Bergkvist2004-2004Drums
Martin Djuse2002-2004Guitars
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Robert BäckDrumsOn Cheap Tricks.
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Official releases Add
2002De E Hårdrock DeNo label
2002Go Where The Action IsNo label
2004Drive InNo label
2006Cheap Tricks And LiesRebel Nation Records
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