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BAND ADDED 2003-09-28, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2009-12-04, 10:04
Band biography
Obscenity photo
1989 four young guys found each other to create german´s famous Death-Metal band OBSCENITY. Their first amazing tape "Age of Brutality" was released in January 1992 and was realy celebrated in the underground metal-scene and all relevant fanzines.The absoluteley positive reviews forced many record companies to get in touch with the band and so OBSCENITY recorded their debut album "Suffocated Truth" at West Virginia Records in Dezember 1992. Meanwhile West Virginia Records decayed, what forced OBSCENITY to record a new six-track tape called "Amputated Souls" wich was released in November 1993. It was the perfect play instinct, without brutality going down in value, what attracted the attantion in the complete Death Metal scene and so the following album "Perversion Mankind"was recorded at D&S Records. Because of unprofenssional work and lack of support from the label OBSCENITY split up their agreement with D&S Records in January 1996 to sign a new one in February 1996 at Morbid Records. In June 1996 OBSCENITY went back in the Studio, to record the"The 3rd Chapter" album. This masterpiece has exeed all expectations and is one of the most mercilessly Death-Metal releases ever. This CD was escorted from only fantastic reviews again. To bridge the time to the next Album OBSCENITY produced two Videoclips in Dezember 1996. The Video was titled "Whipped,raped...obscene" and contains the songs "SCHATTENSPIELE" and "Disgrace over you" and an interviev with the band and was released in April 1997. The Video was also broadcasted by many TV-shows. In June 1997 OBSCENITY renewed their agreement at Morbid Records and recorded their fourth album in August 1997. It´s was time for "HUMAN BARBECUE". Dear fans of these controlled fireworks of spund:Give your boxes what they need. Death Metal on the higherst technical level. Because of many requests from all over the world and the bands tenth anniversay OBSCENITY re-released their both demos "AGE OF BRUTALITY" and "AMPUTATED SOULS"on on CD. DEMO-NIAC was released in May 1999. In February 2000 the waiting was over. OBSCENITY´S "INTENSE" saw the light of day.The intelligent and reasoned art of songwriting sets pleasently apart from the wide public. OBSCENITY keeps going their own way and remain true to their roots and principals. Where other bands retire OBSCENITY keeps going on with their absolut intersity and uncompromissing brutaity what the international competition had to experience for themselves in many concerts. ( Cannibal Corpse, Benediction, Death, Sinister, Krabathor, Atrocity, Messiah, Aggressor, Schweisser and many more...) With the "INTENSE" album OBSCENITY set new standarts in the Death-Metal-World.Over 200 interviews in notable fanzines from all over the world and the present in over 80 radioshows speaks for itself. OBSCENITY are undoubtly on of the most promising and hopefullst and technical pretentiouses Death-Metal bands on this planet.
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Current members Add - Fetch
Marc-Andrée Dieken2000-DrumsSee also BK 49, Dew-Scented
Alexander Pahl-1999-BassSee also Dew-Scented
Hendrik Bruns1989-Guitars
Jens Finger1993-Guitars
Oliver Jauch1989-Vocals
Former members Add - Fetch
Jens Claussen-1998-Bass
Dirk Vogt1989-1993Guitars
Sascha Knust1989-2000Drums
Thimo Gerhardt-1993-1994-Bass
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Unknown / none
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Official releases Add
1991Age Of BrutalityNo label
1992Suffocated TruthWest Virginia
1993Amputated SoulsNo label
1994Perversion MankindD&S
1996The 3rd ChapterMorbid
1998Human BarbecueNo label
1999Demo-niacNo label
2000IntenseNo label
2002Cold Blooded MurderMorbid Records
2006Where Sinners BleedArmageddon Music
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