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BAND ADDED 2003-11-17, 00:00
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Band biography
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Brothers Francis and Moyses Howard formed the band Incubus in Louisiana around 1986. The two are from Brazil, and were influenced by Brazilian contemporaries Sepultura. In 1987, the first demo was recorded with Francis on guitars, Moyses on drums, and Scott Latour on bass and vocals. Entitled Supernatural Death, the demo contained 4 songs of intense thrash metal with borderline death vocals. The production isn’t that great, but this was true of most demos of the period. The first full-length album Serpent Temptation was released in 1988. All of the songs from the demo appear on this record, and the production is greatly improved. Francis, the main songwriter of the band, produces many catchy thrash metal speed-riffs, particularly on the tracks “Sadistic Sinner” and “Underground Killers”. Although rather difficult to hear, Moyses is able to play fast and brutal double-bass drumming on nearly every track. Scott Latour’s vocals have improved since the demo, but he still doesn’t really fit in with the sound of the other musicians.

By 1990, the band had experienced numerous changes. Scott Latour was kicked out of the band shortly after the release of Serpent Temptation supposedly for making arrogant/inappropriate comments during a press conference or interview. Mark Lavenia, later a member of Equinox and Abhorred Existence was brought in as a replacement on bass. At this time, Francis decided to become the band’s singer while still playing guitars. Finally, the band had moved to Florida most likely because of the larger death/thrash metal scene in the area. The 1990 album Beyond the Unknown is the band’s best album, due to a progression in songwriting and musicianship. The production is rather flat, but much better than the last two releases. Moyses has improved on his double-bass skills and also greatly increased the speed of his thrash beats. Francis again proves himself as a great metal guitarist with his unique style of lead guitar and varied rhythms/melodies. The vocals are also enjoyable, with a more dominant death style this time around. Although Francis sounds inexperienced as a death metal singer, his voice fits perfectly with the music. Tracks such as “Curse of the Damned Cities” and “The Deceived Ones” show off the musical skills of the Howard brothers as well as define their death-thrash style.

Francis has been quoted as saying he was unsatisfied with distribution of Beyond the Unknown, as well as other aspects of the music industry, so he put Incubus to rest in 1991. This is a shame, because with an album as powerful as the 1990 offering, the band could have easily developed into one of the top death-thrash bands of the 90s. For a time around 1994, Francis began talking with Nuclear Blast records seeing if he could work out a deal to re-record the vocals from Serpent Temptation with his own voice, and then re-release the album. Had this plan gone through, the band probably would have been back in the metal scene for good. However, Nuclear Blast didn’t agree with the plan so nothing ever materialized. In 1997, Francis and Moyses decided to get back into the music business. Incubus was officially back together and searching for new musicians to fill the rhythm guitar and bass spots. Luiz Carlos and Andre Luiz were those musicians, respectively. Unfortunately for the brothers, the MTV Incubus had copyrighted the name by this point. A new name, Incubus Rage, was created and then signed once again to Nuclear Blast records. This name was soon scrapped in favor of Opprobrium, which is the name of the group to this day. In 2000, after 10 years of inactivity, Francis and Moyses recorded and put out Discerning Forces, with Francis performing all guitars and bass as well. The rhythm guitar work on this album sounds like a mixture of stuff from their 1988 and 1990 releases, and the lead guitar is toned way down to the point of being rather disappointing. The frantic soloing style Francis had on Beyond the Unknown is gone. Moyses must have lost his touch more so than his brother, as his drumming is slow and basically just lame (though this may be more the result of poor songwriting from Francis). Also in 2000, Nuclear Blast reissued the two albums by Incubus on one CD. Apparently released without permission/involvement from the Howards, the vocals on the Serpent Temptation tracks are those of Francis, which means the songs are now officially death metal and therefore tremendously improved.

Current information on Opprobrium is hard to come by, and it seems the band has disappeared much like it did after the break-up in 1991. An email to Nuclear Blast concluded that the band is no longer associated with them, which leaves fans hoping that the absence of the Howard brothers is due to a search for a new record label and writing of new material.

One final note about the band, they are Christian-oriented, making Australian religious thrash band Mortification a close match. Opprobrium/Incubus lyrics aren’t preachy, but do make numerous favorable references to Christianity and God.
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Current members Add - Fetch
Moyses Howard1986-Drums
Andre Luiz1997-Bass
Luiz Carlos1997-Guitars
Former members Add - Fetch
Scott Latour1986-1989Bass, vocalsSee also Sepultura
Mark Lavenia1989-1991BassSee also Abhorred Existence, Equinox
Pete Slate1989-1989GuitarsSee also Abhorred Existence, Acheron, Equinox
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Unknown / none
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Official releases Add
1987Supernatural DeathNo label
1988Serpent TemptationBrutal
1990Beyond The UnknownNuclear Blast
2000Beyond The Unknown / Serpent TemptationNuclear Blast
2000Discerning ForcesNuclear Blast
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