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BAND ADDED 2005-03-05, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2009-06-12, 08:53
Band biography
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Praying Mantis started back in 1977 when Spanish-Greek brothers Tino and Chris Troy, founded the band and recorded a demo which received great acclaim in the heavy metal scene in the UK. The famous DJ Neal Kay often played their songs and thanks to his support, three of the demo tracks were finally published in 1979 as a maxi-single entitled "The Soundhouse Tapes". Another demo song was later included in the "Metal For Muthas" compilation, the same one which launched Iron Maiden to the stardom! Praying Mantis were therefore able to support the first Iron Maiden UK tour and later went on to record their debut album with Dave Potts (ex Ten Years After) on drums and Steve Carroll on guitars and vocals. The resulting album "Time Tells No Lies" is still considered as one of the best expressions of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal phenomenon, even though it did not have much commercial fortune. The band decided then to add a new singer (ex Grand Prix and later Uriah Heep, Bernie Shaw) and a keyboard player in order to give more depth to their sound. With this line up, Praying Mantis recorded a single "Turn The Tables" and again appeared on the bill of the Reading Festival. A new line-up change (ex Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr entered the band) brought later also a name change: as STRATUS, the band toured the UK and released the album "Throwing Shapes" in 1985. In 1990 Praying Mantis finally reformed with a new line-up featuring two further ex-Iron Maiden cohorts: Paul Di'Anno (on vocals) and Dennis Stratton (on guitar), with Bruce Bisland on drums, thanks to the interest of some Japanese promoters. They also released a live album ("Live At Last") in 1990 recorded during that tour. The success gained in the Eastern lands, convinced the band about the possibility of a permanent reunion and with a renewed line-up (the band featured in this time ex MSG singer Gary Barden, then Mark Thompson-Smith and later Tony O'Hora on vocals) they released four studio and one live album. In the year 2000 Praying Mantis recorded their best studio album ever, "Nowhere To Hide" which landed them to a European-wide multi album deal with Frontiers Records. The excellent critical response, followed by an acclaimed performance at the Gods festival in November 2000 created the biggest success ever in the band's recent history. The year 2003 finally sees the band coming back with a brand new studio cd entitled: "The Journey Goes On". The line-up on the album includes as permanent members brothers Chris Troy (on bass, lead and background vocals and keyboards), Dennis Stratton (ex Iron Maiden on guitars, lead and background vocals), Tino Troy (on guitars, lead and background vocals and keyboards) with special guests John Sloman (ex Lone Star, Gary Moore) and Dougie White (ex Rainbow, Malmsteen) on vocals and Martin Johnson on drums. "The album sounds definitely more melodic than before", says Chris Troy, "we really think this could be our most successful release ever! We have also gained a lot with our decision to use different singers as we have added more variety and depth to the songwriting".
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Current members Add - Fetch
Chris Troy1974-1982, 1990-Bass, keyboards, vocals
Tino Troy1974-1982, 1990-Guitars, keyboards, vocals
Former members Add - Fetch
Dennis Stratton1990-2005Guitars, vocalsSee also Iron Maiden, Lionheart
Peter Moore1974-1978Guitars
Chris Hudson1974-1978Drums
Robert "Angelo"1978-1980GuitarsSee also Weapon
Mick Ransome1978-1980Drums
Steve Carroll1980-1981Guitars, vocals
Dave Potts1980-1982Drums
Bernie Shaw1982-1982VocalsSee also Grand Prix, Uriah Heep
Jon Bavin1982-1982Keyboards
Bruce Bisland1990-DrumsSee also Statetrooper, Tank, Weapon, Weapon, Wildfire
Colin Peel1991-1993VocalsSee also Cannes, Scarlet
Mark Thompson-Smith1993-1995VocalsSee also Idol Rich
Gary Barden1995-1996VocalsSee also Michael Schenker Group, Statetrooper, Weapon
Session musicians Add - Fetch
John SlomanVocalsOn Journey.
Dougie WhiteVocalsOn Journey.
Martin JohnsonDrumsOn Journey.
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Official releases Add
2009SanctuaryFrontiers Records
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