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BAND ADDED 2005-02-09, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2009-09-28, 15:02
Band biography
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In the year of 1990 the sign of RUNEMAGICK started to take form. The first months it only existed as a one-man project formed by Nicklas "Terror" Rudolfsson inspired by bands like Bathory, Treblinka/Tiamat, Celtic Frost, Nihilist/Entombed, Candlemass… Some songs were recorded on an old Fostex 4-tracker machine and were only spread by tape trading. Then Robert "Reaper" Pehrsson joined as a permanent member on guitar and vocals. His vocals was more high-pitch so the material sounded quite Bathory inspired. With this 2 piece line up they recorded the first official demos during 1991-92. One demo called "Fullmoon Sodomy" was official released by the (rip off) label Chaos Productions (Swe). The band never received any copies but it got great response in the underground. The first gigs were made in 1992-93 with session members like Johan Norman (later in Dissection, Soulreaper) and Alex Losbäck (later in Cardinal Sin).

In 1993 the band almost signed a deal with an US label but suddenly the owner disappeared after rumours of being a rip off bastard. A bootleg demo and 7" vinyl of the "Fullmoon Sodomy" was released in Poland, no copies to the band. The rehearsal place was gone and there were hard problems to find permanent members. This was a year of total misery so Nicklas decided to put the band on ice for a while.

In 1997 it was time to resurrect the band again. After listening to the old tapes Nicklas decided to find new members and continue with RUNEMAGICK. The first new line up was Nicklas Rudolfsson - guitar/vocals, Fredrik Johnsson - guitar and Peter Palmdahl - bass (Dissection). A rehearsal demo with Nicklas on drums was recorded and sent to Century Media records since the band had to do so first because Nicklas already was signed as a person to the label via another band he played drums in during that time. A contract was signed and 3 albums were recorded for Century Media Records; "The Supreme Force of Eternity", "Enter the Realm of Death" and "Resurrection in Blood".

In 2000 after several line up changes and various problems RUNEMAGICK got a new line up: Nicklas Rudolfsson - guitar/vocals, Fredrik Johnsson - guitar, Emma Karlsson - bass and Daniel Moilanen on drums. The band parted ways with Century Media Records and in 2001 RUNEMAGICK released 2 vinyl's on new underground labels; "Dark Live Magick" LP (Bloodstone Entertainment) and "Ancient Incantations - old demo material" 7"EP (Aftermath Music). They also released a demo CDR called "Sepulchral Realms".

In the fall of 2001 RUNEMAGICK signed a deal with the Norwegian label Aftermath Music and started to record a new album called "Requiem of The Apocalypse". The album was unleashed in March 2002 and got great reviews all around the world. There are also several license versions of this album released in countries like Poland, Brazil, Russia, Thailand…

In the summer of 2002 the band jammed out some new songs and recorded them in the rehearsal room / Magick Sound Studio as a demo recording. But the final result was so good that Aftermath Music decided to release it as a strictly limited album called "Moon of The Chaos Eclipse". It was released in 1000 digi-pack CD and 300 10" pic-vinyl. The response on this release was also great even if no promo copies were sent out.

In the fall of 2002 Fredrik Johnsson left the band and RUNEMAGICK continued as a 3-piece line-up. The band recorded some new demo songs and one of them called "Doomed" was released on a split 7"EP with Lord Belial called "Doomed By Death" on Aftermath Music in December 2002.

In November 2002 the band started to record the 6th album "Darkness Death Doom" and the special song "The Pentagram". The album was released in March 2003 by Aftermath Music. Limited double CD in slipcase with the bonus CD "The Pentagram", limited digipack CD and regular jewelcase edition. It received lots of great response and was seen as the very best RUNEMAGICK album so far.

In early 2003 it was time for line-up changes again, Tomas Eriksson (ex Grotesque, Hymn To The Ancients) joined the band on 2nd guitar. He was only in the band for some months before he left because of personal reasons. He played live with the band at the Inferno Festival, Oslo in Norway and one gig more. Now Nicklas, Emma and Daniel decided that they will not search for a new 2nd guitarist. RUNEMAGICK will from now on be a 3-piece line-up. In the fall they went back to Oslo for the first gig with only 3 persons on stage and it went great. Now they sounded like a united force.

In the fall of 2003 Eternal Dark Productions released a RUNEMAGICK - "Darkness Death Doom / Pentagram" DVD in an ultra limited edition. The band started to record the 7th album "On Funeral Wings" in November at their own rehearsal place and the continued to record at Magick Sound Studio. Over 73 minutes of material was recorded.

2004 - Release date for "On Funeral Wings", February 25th (Aftermath Music), and the journey goes on…

The band was originally formed under the name Desiderius but changed their name quickly to Runemagic and then added an extra k in 1997 when the band was resurrected.
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Current members Add - Fetch
Emma Karlsson2000-BassSee also Dracena
Nicklas Rudolfsson1990-Guitars, vocalsSee also Deathwitch, Dracena, Lord Belial, Oderu, Sacramentum, Swordmaster
Daniel Moilanen2001-DrumsSee also Dracena, Engel, Grindnecks, Hymn, Lord Belial, Mnemonic, Myst, Netherbird, None, Notre Dame, Project Hate MCMXCIX, The, Relevant Few, Sandalinas, Slaughtercult
Former members Add - Fetch
Fredrik Johnsson1997-2003Guitars
Peter Palmdahl1997-1998BassSee also Deathwitch, Dissection
Johan Bäckman1993-1993BassSee also Tears Of Sahara
Robert Pehrsson1991-1993Guitars, vocalsSee also Death Breath
Jonas Blom1998-1999DrumsSee also Grief Of Emerald
Alexander Losbäck1992-1993BassSee also Cardinal Sin, Decameron, Despite, Oderu
Tomas Eriksson-2003-GuitarsSee also Grotesque, Rusty Souls
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Unknown / none
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Official releases Add
1991Promo DemonNo label
1991Alcoholic RehearsalNo label
1992Fullmoon SodomyNo label
1992NecroliveNo label
1997Dark Magick PromoNo label
1998The Supreme Force Of EternityCentury Media
1999Enter The Realm Of DeathCentury Media
2000Resurrection In BloodCentury Media
2001Ancient Incantations (7 " EP)Aftermath Music
2001Dark Live Magick (live)Bloodstone Entertainment
2002Requiem Of The ApocalypseAftermath Music
2002Moon Of The Chaos EclipseAftermath Music
2002Doomed By Death (split w/ Lord Belial)Aftermath Music
2003Darkness Death DoomAftermath Music
2004On Funeral WingsAftermath Music
2005EnvenomAftermath Music
2007Dawn Of The EndAftermath Music
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