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BAND ADDED 2006-01-25, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2010-10-01, 11:18
Band biography
Samael photo
The band was founded in April 1987 by Vorphalack. It was formed by Vorphalack and Pat, both rooted from differents bands. In 1988 at the beginning of the summer, Pat - the first drummer - left Samael to form another band. He was replaced by Xytraguptor, from the same blood as Vorphalack. In October they recorded their 7" EP "Medieval Prophecy" with 3 tracks, including a cover of Hellhammer: "Third of The Storm". During 1989 the band did several gigs in Switzerland, France Germany and Poland. At the end of 1989 they went to a studio to record the demo tape: "From Dark to Black", which received a good response from the underground scene. In March 1990 they recorded in Geneva the master of their forthcoming album "Worship Him". All songs composed since the beginning of the band are included. At the end of the spring Masmiseîm joined the band as bass player. They did together a small tour in Eastern Europe during the summer. In June, 1991 they made a contract with the french record company Osmose Productions for their first full-length album: "Worship Him". A black metal album full of fast and slow heavy rythms from the drums and the bass, with a marvellous infernal guitar and some atmospheric effects from Xytras' keyboard. In December, 1992 the band released "Blood Ritual" for Century Media, their actual record company. An album similar to the previous one but with a lot more work associated. In 1993 a new artist joined the band: Rodolphe H. - keyboard and sampler. In early 1994 they launched "Ceremony of Opposites", an excellent album record in January of the same year, which showed more maturity in the band's writings and the skills of Rodolphe H. in the orquestral effects of his keyboard and sampler. In early 1995 they released the EP "Rebellion", recorded and mixed in February. A spectacular album due to Xy's programming. Vorphalack improved a lot his vocals, bringing out even more feelings, as one can hear in Alice Cooper's cover: I Love The Dead. I just love this album and recommend it even to the ones that usually don't like black metal. In 1996, the last opus "Passage" was released. This album is quite different from the previous ones, it's more melodic, and the only negative point in my conception was the usage of drum machines, which I don't like that much, but I have to admit that these were greatly programmed by the maestro Xytraguptor. It's important to tell that, once again, Xy made all the music and Vorph wrote all the lyrics, and yeah, Waldemar Sorychta (Grip Inc. 's axe-man) produced that symphony. To record Passage a new guitar man joined the band, Kaos, and obviously Rodolphe H. left the band, leaving the keyboard duties to grandmaster Xy (that worked hard as hell to get it done).

Samael signed a new deal with Sweden's Regain Records in April 2004.
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Current members Add - Fetch
Xy (aka Xytraguptor)1988-Drums, keyboards
Christophe Mermod1990-BassSee also Alastis
Vorph (aka Vorphalack)1987-Guitars, vocals
Former members Add - Fetch
Rodolphe H.1993-1996Keyboards
Pat Charvet1987-1988Drums
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Unknown / none
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Official releases Add
1987Into The Infernal Storm Of EvilNo label
1989From Dark To BlackNo label
1991Worship HimOsmose Productions
1992Blood RitualCentury Media
1994Ceremony Of OppositesCentury Media
1995RebellionCentury Media
1996PassageCentury Media
1998ExodusCentury Media
1999EternalCentury Media
2004Reign Of LightRegain Records
2005On Earth (CDs)Regain Records
2006Era One (2CD)Century Media
2007Solar SoulNuclear Blast
2009AboveNuclear Blast
2010AntigodNuclear Blast
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