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BAND ADDED 2004-02-19, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2004-02-19, 00:00
Band biography
Siissisoq photo
SIISSISOQ is the name of a young Greenlandic heavy metal group, that put out their debut-CD Siissisoq (ulocd141) in 1998 - leading to two month as no.1 on the Greenlandic TOP20. They played their way directly into the hearts of young Greenlanders - presenting new hard rock - grunge - punk -like music - with surprising lyrics (in Greenlandic) - telling strange stories about animals and people. SIISSISOQ means "The Rhino" in Greenlandic. A Rhino in the Arctic? How come? The explanation is simple! The group-leader and songwriter - 20 years old KARL ENOK MATHIASSEN - went to Africa some years ago to participate in a wellfare-project - building a school in Zimbabwe. In his freetime - he went to see all the African animals that he never met in cold and icy Greenland. And when he came back to the Northgreenlandic town of Uummannaq (where Santa Claus also lives!) his friends started to call him "siissisoq" - "rhino". That made it easy for him to choose a name for his own group - and! while he was at it - why not also write songs about some of the other animals he met while he was away from Greenland? This is why you meet a lot of non-Greenlandic animals in the songs: Zebras - hippopotamus - snakes - pigs - horses - and rhinos. Synonyms for different people in Uummannaq - and creating an absurd lyrical universe which young Greenlanders loves - while the grown-ups are upset! Basic elements for a big hit!

To non-Greenlanders a lot of the lyrical universe is hard to capture - but still you can enjoy the freshness and aggression of the music - presenting a singer - JENS SAMUELSEN - 21 years old, 25 years old drummer VILLADS KRISTIANSEN, and of course guitarist KARL ENOK.
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Current members Add - Fetch
Hans Villads1998-Drums
Knud Mathiassen1999-Bass, guitars
Karl Enok1998-Guitars
Jens Samuelsen1998-Vocals
Former members Add - Fetch
Hans Therkildsen1998-1999Bass
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Unknown / none
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Official releases Add
1998SiissisoqULO Music
2001Aammarlussuillu - LiveULO Music
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