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BAND ADDED 2005-05-28, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2005-05-28, 00:00
Band biography
Skunk D.F. photo
Skunk D.F. were born in 1995 as Skunk and, later, when it started to appear a lot of bands copying their name, they decided to add "D.F." and to register it. From this time started the history of this band. Their first published work was the E.P "Telebasura" (Zero Records) produced by Luis Tarraga(Hamlet) but promptly they left Zero Records when the producer requested Skunk DF a "hit" of the kind of the Top 40. Meantime they were acting in Denmark (Copenhagen) and later they published their first album "Equilibrio" in 1999 with Goldtrack Records and then they started their international career, collecting very good critiques in Europe, arriving to equalize in punctuation to bands like Slipknot in prestigious specialized Metal magazines; this happened in Belgium and Germany (Spin City and Legacy).

And in the year 2001 was put in sale "Dentro" with the great notice of be the first national band to sign up with a foreign record company extranjero (Apocalypse-Snapper) and the sale returned to grow spectacularly. In the firt month Skunk D.F. sold more albums than in 2 years with "Equilibrio", reaching the Top 5 in the "Tipo" shops....

¿What will become now that the launch of the album will be mundial?. Whatever happens Skunk D.F. will take their music to all the world, even though to a lot of people fuck this

The brand new album from Spain´s finest alternative metal act. "Neo" is about to be served straight from the oven for you to taste the delights these guys can prepare. Formed in 1996, Skunk D.F. released the "Tele Basura" ep through indie leading label Zero Records, paving the way for what they would become some time later. "Equilibrio", their first full length album was published in 1999 by Goldtrack Records, receiving a positive response from both the media and the fans of metal and alternative music that helped create a faithfull fanbase that has not ceased to expand since then.

In 2000, the band released the critically acclaimed "Dentro", whose top quality songwriting attracted the attention of British label Apocalypse-Snapper, who distributed the album through Europe and South Africa with astounding results for a band singing in Spanish.

The time has come to set new standards. "Neo" shows a band that has achieved a considerable level of maturity, a band that has learnt how to make songs sound better through progression. Tracks like "En 5 Minutos", "Carpe Diem" or "Cirkus" are fine examples of how they have perfected their style. The inclusion of the guitarrist David Obelleiro (Superskunk) in the band and the laudable production carried out by Dani Alcover (Dover, Superkunk, Sindicato Del Crimen, Sugarless...) have enriched the riff laden sound of Skunk D.F. The smashing bass lines, blastbeating drums, clever programming and the melodic approach by singer Germán González are traits that will make you rock like hell on a glorious ascend to heaven.

The cover artwork has been designed by "Metal Planet" and has been chosen among hundreds of amateur designers that sent their ideas to www.skunkdf.com "Neo" will be released in March through Zero Records. The enhanced CD will include a multimedia track with videos and photogalleries. A Spanish tour to back up the release will follow in short till June, when the band will play the most important festivals in Spain. Also, an European tour is being currently planned.

2003, the year of "Neo". The year of Skunk D.F.
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Current members Add - Fetch
Álvaro García-2001-Drums, percussionSee also Inner Sanctum
Alberto Marín2003-GuitarsSee also Avulsed, Kaothic
Fernando Lamoneda-2001-Guitars
Germán González-2001-Percussion, vocals
Pepe Arriols-2001-Bass, vocals
Former members Add - Fetch
David Obelleiro-2001-2003Guitars
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Unknown / none
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Official releases Add
1997Tele-BasuraZero Records
2000Todo Sobre Mis PadresGoldtrack
2001DentroSnapper Music
2003NeoZero Records
2005El Año Del DragonZero Records
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