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BAND ADDED 2005-07-15, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2005-07-15, 00:00
Band biography
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The SKYLARK project started in 1994 following an idea of his leader Eddy Antonini who wanted to create a band where his favorite musical tastes, neo-classic and power metal, could combine together in a open-minded mix. After having chosen some of the most able musicians from the northern Italian underground scene (Fabio Dozzo- voice, Roberto “Brodo” Potenti- Bass, Nico Tordini- guitar and Federico Ria- drum)

Eddy started to write the material that some months later, in spring 1995, would appear in the first self-produced CD “The Horizon and the Storm”. This opera attracted the attention of some of the most famous metal magazines in Italy (Flash 85/100, Metal Shock 4/5…) and in Germany (Rock Hard 8,5/10…) and the Japanese audience also, so that the independent label UNDERGROUND SYMPHONY decided to offer a contract to them.

After the maxi-CD “Waiting for the Princess…” out in November 1996 including a cover of W.A. Mozart (Eine Kleine NachtMusik K525) the next step, the full-length concept album “Dragon’s Secrets” (April 1997), gave to Skylark the chance to join the real Heavy Metal world. The album got excellent reviews (Flash 100/100 Metal Shock 5/5 Rock Hard 9/10….) even if the production quality was not so brilliant and Eddy keeps on considering its composition among the best he have ever written up to now.

In May 1997 Skylark opened the Milan concert for the Danish band ROYAL HUNT and, after a quick tour in Italy, they took a period-off. This was the right moment for Eddy to prepare his first solo-project “When Water Became Ice” that would be published in March 1998 always under Underground Symphony. This record is very close to Skylark music but, obviously, a little bit more keyboards- oriented, and many musicians such as Olaf Thorsen and Folco Orlandini, besides the other Skylark members, play in. Anyway, in this period, Eddy found the right time to lead Skylark on the stage of “Italian Gods of Metal” in Milan where 1000 kids seemed to appreciate the show a lot. In this concert the band presented his new guitar player Fabrizio Romani. Three months later the album “Dragon’s Secrets” was printed in Japan by MELDAC while the band opened in Bergamo for the Portuguese band MOONSPELL.

After this concert Eddy and his Skylark started to write and arrange the double concept “The Divine Gates”, a fantasy story that was nothing more than the prelude of “Dragon’s Secrets” (!!!), telling about the same eternal fight between Good and Evil. The first chapter “Gate of Hell” came out in September 1999 for Underground Symphony, after Eddy played as a special guest in a progressive Italian band called TIME MACHINE in their tour supporting ANGRA in Greece and Italy, besides the Gods of Metal of the June 2000 in Milan ( It was exiting- says Eddy- playing on the same keys of the great Andre Matos but it was also quite hard to be engaged in a band that played a so different music from what I feel in my heart.).

“Gate of Hell”, where appear some guests like the super-technical guitar player Vic Mazzoni or the wonderful voice of Rob Tyrant, pushes Skylark ahead even in countries such as Chile, Taiwan or Spain, where Skylark, in July 2000, opened the first edition of “Rock Machina” with an exiting and powerful concert (with the new drummer Carlos who received many credits from the audience ) on the same stage of RUNNING WILD, VIRGIN STEELE, EDGUY and LABYRINTH...and about 10.000 copies of that record are sold.

In November 2000 the second part “Gate of Heaven” was published, becoming quickly the best seller of the band and the Taiwanese label Magnum Music licensed immediately this record as well. Now we can easily consider Skylark as one of the best and appreciated cult bands in the world and we are ready to listen to the final adventures of Princess of the Snow and White Warrior in the forthcoming album “The Princess’Day”.
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Current members Add - Fetch
Eddy Antonini1994-Piano, keyboardsSee also Eddy Antonini, Khali, Time Machine
Roberto Potenti1994-BassSee also Eddy Antonini
Fabio Dozzo1994-VocalsSee also Eddy Antonini
Former members Add - Fetch
Federico Ria1994-DrumsSee also Eddy Antonini
Folco OrlandiniVocalsSee also Eddy Antonini, Khali, Mesmerize, Time Machine, White Skull
Nico Tordini1994-1997GuitarsSee also Eddy Antonini
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Unknown / none
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Official releases Add
1995The Horizon & The StormNo label
1996Waiting For The PrincessUnderground Symphony
1998After The StormUnderground Symphony
1999BelzebùUnderground Symphony
1999The Divine Gates Part I: Gate Of HellUnderground Symphony
2000The Divine Gates Part II: Gate Of HeavenUnderground Symphony
2004WingsScarlet Records
2004In The Heart Of The Princess (2CD comp.)Scarlet Records
2005FairytalesScarlet Records
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