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BAND ADDED 2005-12-12, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2009-08-17, 16:35
Band biography
Soilwork photo
Soilwork was originally formed in 1995 under the name Inferior Breed. After having released a demo tape they changed their name into Soilwork. In 1997 they recorded a demo tape called "In Dreams We Fall Into The Eternal Lake" which was more melodic and faster than their earlier works. The band contacted the Swedish label War Music who at that time was unable to help them record their first album. Instead they signed a deal with the French label Listenable Records who released their debut album "Steelbath Suicide" in 1998. The album was received very well all over the world by magazines and metal fans. Shortly after this release Ludvig Svartz and Jimmy Persson left the band due to different musical opinions.

New to the band came guitarist Ola Frenning who was playing metal of the Black Sabbath type and drummer Henry Ranta who met the band on a successful gig in Stockholm. Henry gave them his demo and Soilwork decided to make him a new band member. With this new line-up the band was given the chance to tour Europe with bands like Krisiun, Darkane and Naglfar. In the beginning of 1999 they recorded their second album which was released in October same year. Yet again the response was great all over the world and they toured with Defleshed, Cannibal Corpse and Marduk as well as a short tour in Japan with Dark Tranquility.

Soilwork had become well-known by this time and was offered deals with several major labels and decided to sign with the German Nuclear Blast. They now started working on their third album where Björn uses clean vocals for the first time. "A Predator's Portrait" was released on the 19th of February anno 2001. On March 21st, 2001, Carlos Holmberg announced that he was leaving soilwork to pursue a career as an artist. He had also come to the conclusion that touring wasn´t something for him.
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Current members Add - Fetch
Björn Strid1995-VocalsSee also Darkane, Terror 2000
Ola Flink1997-BassSee also Hatelight
Sven Karlsson2001-KeyboardsSee also Embraced, Evergrey, Misteltein
Dirk Verbeuren2005-DrumsSee also Aborted, Eostenem, Phazm, Scarve
Peter Wichers1995-2005, 2008-GuitarsSee also Killswitch Engage, Terror 2000
Former members Add - Fetch
Richard Evensand2003-2004DrumsSee also Chimaira, Demonoid, Dog Faced Gods, Ebony Tears, It\'s Alive, Lion's Share, Sorcerer, Therion
Ola Frenning1998-2008Guitars
Carlos Del Olmo Holmberg1995-2001Keyboards
Ludvig Svartz1995-1998Guitars, vocalsSee also Violet Elegy
Mattias Nilsson1995-1997GuitarsSee also A Deeds Pride, Kayser
Jimmy Persson1995-1998Drums
Henry Ranta1998-2003DrumsSee also Defaced, The, Terror 2000
Daniel Antonsson2007-2008GuitarsSee also Dark Tranquillity, Dimension Zero, Pathos
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Jens BromanVocalsOn Figure Number Five. See also Construcdead, Defaced, The, Hatelight
David AnderssonGuitarsOn tour 2008.
Sylvain CoudretGuitarsLive 2008. See also Scarve
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Official releases Add
1997In Dreams We Fall Into The Eternal LakeNo label
1998Steelbath SuicideListenable Records
1999The Chainheart MachineListenable Records
2002Natural Born ChaosNuclear Blast
2003Figure Number FiveNuclear Blast
2005Stabbing The DramaNuclear Blast
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