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BAND ADDED 2005-08-07, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2010-09-08, 18:34
Band biography
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Souldrainer was born in the late 1998 in Östersund, Sweden a cold winter day. I took a studio engineer class in a local studio and needed a studio project to work with. So I though, what the hell, I should try do something with those evil songs of mine that has programmed synthesizers and stuff that didn't fit for my main band.

First I thought that I could do everything myself, but it didn't take too long before I realized that I couldn't do any vocals my own because it just sounded like crap - so I asked my very good friend Johan Klitkou if he was interested in singing for me. Johan liked the songs and he was in!

When it came to drumming I thought that I could go with programmed drums as well... well.. They sounded like crap too. So once again I asked another very good friend of mine. I asked Nils Fjellström because he is playing drums in a very tasteful and interesting way. He liked the songs too and felt that he could bring some more life (or pain and suffering if you want) to the songs.

I could do the rest myself, play guitar, bass and program the synthesizers.

Time passed and in August 2000 it was time to enter another studio and get some songs recorded more seriously. The promo Daemon II Daemon was recorded in a few weeks. One year later the songs got mixed in the studio and a couple of months more passed before the songs got released in the start of 2002.

In the early summer of 2003 I was at a party at Daniel Dlimis' when Daniel asked if I wanted to hear something he had made. I listened to it and felt directly that it had Souldrainer potential so I asked if I could finish that song. After a couple of days it was a complete song and got the name Black Thirteen.

It didn't take much thought nor time before I asked if Daniel was interested in joining Souldrainer as a second guitarist. A vision of having a Souldrainer concert suddenly felt more like a reality.

All we needed now was a bass player. I knew that Jocke Wassberg showed interest in the Souldrainer Music and I asked him carefully some times if he would be interested in playing bass with us. He didn't hesitate a second when I asked him to join.

Those four professional musicians was handpicked and carefully selected and has, before and during the Souldrainer time, proved highly musical skills and stage presence.

Keep your ears, eyes and soul open for more of the Souldrainer Music.

best regards
Marcus Edvardsson, Souldrainer.
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Current members Add - Fetch
Marcus Edvardsson1998-GuitarsSee also Chastisement
Daniel Dlimi2003-Guitars
Joakim Wassberg2003-Bass
Former members Add - Fetch
Johan Klitkou-1999-2007VocalsSee also Chastisement
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Unknown / none
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Official releases Add
2002Daemon II DaemonNo label
2005First Row In HellNo label
2007RebornMascot Records
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