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Norway flagTRISTANIA
ORIGIN Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway
LABEL Napalm Records
GENRE Doom metal; Gothic metal
BAND ADDED 2005-05-31, 00:00
LAST UPDATE 2010-09-12, 04:31
Band biography
Tristania photo
Tristania is one of the leading gothic doom metal bands from Norway and was formed in late 1996. They have often been compared to Theatre Of Tragedy and The Sins Of Thy Beloved but since neither of these bands sounds anywhere near the other that is a bit of a weird comparison. Tristania do have a connection to the old Theatre Of Tragedy though since their former guitarist Tommy Olsson (Elusive) is a brother of Tristania´s drummer Kenneth Olsson. The band has so far released two full-length albums on the Austrian Napalm Records and is currently working on their third. In February or March 2001 the lead vocalist Morten Veland left the band due to musical differences which was officially confirmed on May 7th. In 2004 they signed a new contract with Germany's veteran metal label SPV.
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Current members Add - Fetch
Kenneth Olsson1996-Drums
Anders Høyvik Hidle1996-Guitars
Einar Moen1996-Keyboards, programming
Mariangela Demurtas2007-Vocals
Former members Add - Fetch
Østen Bergøy2001-2010Vocals
Morten Veland1996-2001Guitars, vocalsSee also Elusive, Sirenia
Rune Østerhus1996-2009Bass
Svein Terje Solvang2005-2008GuitarsSee also Ulvhedner
Kjetil Ingebrigtsen2001-2006Vocals
Vibeke Stene1996-2007VocalsSee also Green Carnation
Session musicians Add - Fetch
Marita HerikstadVocalsOn Widow´s Weed.
Hilde EgelandVocalsOn Widow´s Weed.
Rino A.VocalsOn Beyond The Veil.
Jeanett JohannessenVocalsOn Beyond The Veil.
Sissel B.VocalsOn Beyond The Veil.
Maiken SteneVocalsOn Beyond The Veil.
Hilde T.VocalsOn both albums.
Hubert PiazzolaVocalsOn World.
Damien SurianVocalsOn World.
Johanna GiraudVocalsOn World.
Emile LesbrosVocalsOn World.
Sandrine LachapelleVocalsOn World.
Ronny ThorsenVocalsOn World. See also Blood Red Throne, Scariot, Trail Of Tears
Pete JohansenViolinSee also Morgul, Scarr, The, Sins Of Thy Beloved, The, Sirenia
Jan Kenneth BarkvedVocalsOn Beyond The Veil, World. See also Elusive, Forlorn, Morendoes, Sirenia
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Official releases Add
1997TristaniaNapalm Records
1998Widow´s WeedsNapalm Records
1999AnginaNapalm Records
1999Beyond The VeilNapalm Records
2001World Of Glass 1 2Napalm Records
2005AshesSteamhammer Records
2007IlluminationSteamhammer Records
2010RubiconNapalm Records

Tristania - Equilibrium on MUZU.

Song: Equilibrium

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