This interview with the vocalist Cam Pipes of the 80's power / heavy metal band 3 Inches Of Blood from Vancouver, Canada, was done face-to-face in May 2003 by Josh Ngolls.

Chatting with 3 Inches of Blood members Sunny, Bobby and Jamie on a stormy Winnipeg night took us to a Subway sandwich shop, where the road-weary metal warriors took their places in line. We discussed simple things: music, the weather and local demographics. I was struggling to sum up the city of Winnipeg in a few phrases and forge on with the interview when the Sandwich Artist on staff, who was old enough to have given birth to any of us, began furiously shaking pepper on the sub of the 3IOB roadie. "With wrist action like that, you'd think I had a boyfriend." she quipped. Well done. With that behind us, we made our way through the festering downtown streets to their hotel room, where the other members Cam, Geoff and Rich were relaxing with the hockey game. After the success of their 2001 5-song self titled debut and 2002's "Battlecry Under a Winter Sun", 3IOB is taking a very distinct style of traditional metal with them on the road.

Why did you decide to play this style of metal?
It just felt right. I've actually always wanted to sing in a band like this, and had moved over to Vancouver at the same time that the band had an opening. I was asked to join in on vocals and jumped at the opportunity.

You seem to target different media sources than most other underground metal acts, such as independent national awards contests and college type magazines. Why?
They're not necessarily targets; we just send our stuff out and like to see what happens. Basically, we are just looking for any possible way to get exposure.

Vancouver seems to me to be the only western Canadian city that could produce a band like Three Inches of Blood. What do you think?
Yeah, no one else seems to do traditional style metal outside of Quebec. I guess a bigger city like Vancouver might get you more exposure due to the larger number of people, but other than that, I don't really know how much it had to do with it.

Do you guys really listen to similar bands throughout the day?
Yeah, I live with Sunny and Bob and we love to throw on the old metal LP's!

Would you say that your target audience are those older people who lived through the heyday of 80's metal, or the younger people who would like to reenact that great time?
I guess it's a mix of both. There are definitely more younger people at the shows, but we do get quite a few older people coming up and expressing their appreciation and surprise for a band to be doing this type of metal. It seems that the older metal is becoming more prominent these days, and people's awareness of it is just growing and growing.

What's the 3 Inches of Blood writing process like?
Sunny writes most of the riffs and will bring them to practice. It seems that the musical aspect of the band is solely taken care of by Sunny, Bobby, Geoff and Rich, while Jamie and I work together to write and arrange the lyrics.

Do you find that a 6-piece line-up is too large?
Well, it can be hard to get organized. I mean, to schedule tour time for 6 guys is not easy, nor is the actual tour as far as bathroom breaks and what not go. With our roadie, we make 7 guys on tour, and therefore have to be sure to keep some of our opinions to ourselves at times. Decision making can be a challenge, as well, so I guess there's positives and negatives to it all.

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