This interview with IT of 8th Sin was conducted electronically by Vincent Eldefors in February 2004.

IT was one of the front figures of the extreme metal scene in Sweden in the first half of the 90s and was active in bands like Ophthalamia, Vondur and Abruptum. After several unfortunate events, including threats to him and his family, he decided to disappear completely from the metal scene. Now, eight years later, he returns with his new band 8th Sin. He was kind enough to lend us some time to answer these questions.

Hello, how are you doing?
No-where near as fine as I could.

After eight years of silence you now return with a new band called 8th Sin, a band which also includes your former band mate from Brejn Dedd, Michael Bohlin. Can you tell us a little about this band? What kind of music will you present? When will the album surface? Who are the other members?
It's quite amusing that you mention Brejdedd, thought no one kept track of that nowdays. Those were times to remember though. When it comes to the idea and music behind 8thSin, it's quite difficult for me to describe it right now, but I can promise you it will be quite different from the stuff I made in the past. I believe the CD will be out during Q2 this year, so bear with me for a while and you'll hear it pretty soon. Regarding the other members, it is not of importance to reveal them at this moment but I promise we'll get back to that when the right time has come.

We all know about the seven deadly sins but what is really the 8th Sin?
The eight sin is the sin that sums up all of the sins into one. Humanity. The eight sin represents the sin of creating the sins.

As I understand Brejn Dedd was the first band you were in? How did you get in touch with Dan Swanö, Michael Bohlin and Anders Måreby? Did you know them from before? Why and when did the band break up?
Ah, Brejdedd again. No it was definitely not my first band as I started out when I was but twelve years old. Brejdedd was a project heavily based on a more hardcorish "fuck off" attitude with loads of humorous hints. Were talking way back in time and I really don't recall much of how things were born or why they died. I guess one of the reasons I quit was because my views of life dreastically started changing at that time. It's very important to remember that we should never stop changing and developing through our lives.

Dan Swanö has stated in an interview that he started using corpse paint when he met up with you, was it you who talked him into it? Have you had any contact with Dan since those days?
As for Mr Swanö it also does belong to my somewhat shady history. Can't remember talking him into anything at all, since he was always very much into his own ideas and thoughts. Besides that, I would never try to persuade anyone into something like that, especially since I do not believe that Corpse-paint and Dan really belong. I guess this was a time when he was experimenting with different things, as always. Dan was a curious guy and nothing stopped him from trying out his ideas, and I do respect him for that.

In 1989 you formed Ophthalamia which was lyrically and conceptually centered around the fantasy world created by yourself. When did you start working on this concept and what made you do it?
With all respect, past things aren't really that relevant for this interview or for the things that 8thSin stand for today.

How did you hook up with All (the first vocalist of Ophthalamia)? Was he the first member to join the band besides you? Why did it take until 1994 to release your debut album "A Journey In Darkness"?
I gladly answer things regarding the present and future of 8thSin. I do understand there are many things unanswered from the past and I do also know that there are many who are curious of these things. But I can't see what any of this has to do with what I am doing today.

Have you had any contact with Jon Nödtveidt since the time he spent in Ophthalamia around 1993? What do you think about his wish to continue Dissection in an even more extreme version?
Again, this is again totally irrelevant for 8thSin, sorry.

You and All also formed Abruptum in 1990. I know that you had plans to form this band even before Ophthalamia, what was so special about Abruptum that it had to be created in your opinion?
Again, this is something that I have left far behind in the history, it's of no interest to me at this point.

Morgan has continued releasing new Abruptum material on his own since you left the scene, have you had anything to do with these recordings? What do you think about them?
I have no knowledge of how these recordings sound.

You did also take part in the side projects Vondur and War in the mid-90s, what made you do this? Didn't you have enough on your plate already at this time?
Well, I'm a very ambitious person :)

The first 666 copies of the debut Vondur album is said to have come with a genuine razorblade and the imperative "Kill yourself!", is this true or just a rumour?
Sorry, think you got this all wrong. It was the first 666 copies of Abruptum's "Evil Genius" that came with a razorblade and the exhortation.

The second Vondur album had cover versions of Elvis Presley's "Love Me Tender" and Judas Priest's classic "Rocka Rolla". Are Elvis Presley and Judas Priest both big sources of inspiration for you or did you do this just for fun?
Come on, we just had loads of fun :)

Around this time some unfortunate events made you disappear completely from the metal scene, when and why did you make this decision? Was it hard leaving it all behind or did a happier period in your life start right then and there?
The "happier" period is when I discovered that a human brain is like a big muscle and that there is no excuse of stopping it's development.

What have you been doing during these years? Did you quit making music completely until recently or did you work on new material on your own? Have you been working with other musicians before 8th Sin?
I've been dealing with art in many different areas, including that of music. 8thSin has been a long-time project and it has consumed a lot of my thoughts.

Have you been following the metal scene as a spectator during these years? What do you think of the Swedish bands of today? Are there any that you like in particular?
Nope, since I haven't been around these parts of the world I have kept myself updated with more international bands.

Your former(?) girlfriend Axa was reportedly supposed to release an album of her own with piano music under the name Rhiannon, do you know why that never happened?
No idea. Heard she got a baby :)

Is there still the same reasons for using a nickname like 'IT': are you too evil to have a human name? In what does this evil reflect?
Well, I don't think it has ever been much about being to evil to be a human. I have always felt as a kind of an outsider, looking at the "norms" from a distant space. I am still IT the way I have always been, and let's face it, IT is a damn great name for an artist.

Does being evil mean that you stick to values other than those Satanic, e.g. Christian values, as Satanists don't usually use the word evil, but rather useful, or similar?
Today I belive in myself, totally irreligious.

Is music for you a channel to transmit evil to others, to spread the message, or a way to get rid of anger and hateful emotions?
No, anger, hate, evil are just few of those emotions I try to capture with 8thSin. 8thSin doesn't limit me with an eyes-wide-shut view.

What are the biggest differences between you as a person today and the IT from ten or fifteen years ago? What do you think happens to an individual who never develops or changes?
I would say there's very little left of the old IT, as I do belive that people who stops developing and changing are either afraid, stupid or quite satisfied with who they are (which is quite stupid too, since people who are satisfied have reached their full potentials). Those with narrowminded short-sights limit their lives to an endless loop of the same copy on another copy.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer this very long interview. Do you have any final words for our readers?
I'm really sorry if some replies seems a bit arrogant, that was definitely not my aim here. But I hope you all respect that the only thing I have in common with my past is the name IT and moving forward is the only direction that I accept. 8thSin is here and now and will constantly be challenging the borders of the unchallenged. You'll understand a lot more when you acquire your copy of "Sinners Inc."

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