This is an old interview with Chris Volcano from the Australian death metal band Abominator which was conducted by Bruno Zamora.

With regards to your “Damnations Prophecy” , are you satisfied of how the production went out? Who did the mastering? How many days/months did ABOMINATOR takes upon completing its material?
The sound on “Damnations…” turned out okey, but the mastering could have been bigger. I think this is due to the inexperienced masterers who don’t know Metal. The guy who mastered our CD did Jimmy Barnes CD for fucks sake! But we got the sound we were looking for, anyhow. I think we’ll use the same studio again, it has a certain rawness that suits our brutal style. It took us about 3 to 4 months to complete the album from recording to mastering. It was just waiting for the mastering guy to be available. Next time things will be different.

There’s WARHEAD, MODERN INVASION in Australia, but why did you choose to be on such a distant NECROPOLIS RECORDS? Is there any sponsored tour the label put up for the band?
The NECROPOLIS deal came about after the release of our 2nd demo “The Conqueror’s Possessed”! Damon(Bloodstorm) has been a friend of theirs for a long time, and they appreciated our style of assault. Overseas labels are better for promotion in general than Australian labels. There could have been more promotion, but the word is starting to get around. I think there’s talk of Necropolis touring us once our next album comes out, but that is a few months away.

I should say that during the 70s, the controversial issue were attached to Heavy Metal of how bands are putting “summoned” evil spirits on vinyl that will hopefully came out (or sing) when the record is played. But there’s no demon singing whatsoever. Do you think if “Damnations Prophecy” was played back on the 70s, and people hearing this goat vocals on one of your songs, you will be making history to be the most banned combo in the entire world?
This is the most unusual question, but I’m sure our music would have caused an uproar in the 70s if it was around back then. Sure enough, it would have freaked a few people out back then. It could have led to our music being banned and of course, absolute persecution; but we’d be legends, mate!!!

If you can put a tag on your own music, how will you define your style? How would you make your opinion about DAVE SLAVE biting the hands of PROSCRIPTOR? Do you smash bottles on someone that gives you a bad review?
Abominator plays what we call “Carnage Metal” but it’s just our own form of Black/War Metal! The way it was before Scandinavian Black Metal came along. I know about the crazy antics of S.E. members, they are just insane! They even punch on with each other, from what I hear! None of us care if we get a bad review! If they (the zine eds) ever had a guts to read his bad review to my face in the hope he could provoke me, and I had a bottle in hand, then we might just see what happens!

What can you say about garbage zines (dirty lay out mostly called as “kult” or even 16 copies only printed!)? What can you say about the inferior melodic bullshit spoiling the entire scene now???
Same thing happen as what always happens, the true survive, the crap fades into the anals of obscurity, you know! All the dishrag zines and bullshit bands will fade with time. Of course, you can always face a situation like that…

How do you get the reaction when people will compare you to MORBID ANGEL or ANGELCORPSE? Can you maintain the intensity even you reach about 5 albums? Will you still be doing your mails if your sale reach millions?
I would say that our style is a lot rawer than Morbid Angel or Angelcorpse, they’re both slightly different than us. We’re Australian, so our music must be classified as such, because of the harsh Australian rawness mixed with a certain clean. I hope that we’re still as intense as ever in 5 albums. I’ve no idea if people will still write me if our sale reach millions!

Don’t you think about making a concept album? Do you put emphasis of how your lyrics went out? What about the marching intro on “The Conqueror’s Possessed”? Do you agree that WAR METAL IS AUSTRALIA???
Some of our lyrix are merely based on different things than merely war. Previously, we’ve also written about Occult practices and summonings and the darkside of human nature. Does the song “Conqueror…” makes you feel like joing the frontline of armageddon? If so, then it works! I’m sure you’ll see plenty of War Metal bands worldwide soon, but hopefully for now, it’s an Aussie thing!

What can you say about AC/DC for inspiring a lot of demented Satanic criminals? If someone ask you if you know SAVAGE GARDEN (hey… from Australia too), what will be your reaction?
Hail AC/DC, they’re an inspiration!!! As for SAVAGE GARDEN, we pay no attention to it or anything else commercial, but that’s all part of a different scene & there’s a small chance of anyone asking me things like that. Thanks BRUNO for the interview!!!

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