This interview with drummer Fredrik Jansson of Abramis Brama was done electronically by Vincent Eldefors in late February 2004.

The Swedish stoner rock band Abramis Brama has been one of a few heavy rock bands from country who have written lyrics in Swedish since the start back in 1997. Now they are working on finishing their 3rd full-length albums and are getting ready to perform at the Sweden Rock Festival in June this summer. Drummer Fredrik Jansson took some time off to answer our questions.

Hello, how are you doing?

I believe that you are now putting the final touches on your third full-length album, what can you tell us about this release? Do you feel that you have improved since the two first albums?
Itīs gonna be heavier, bluesier, doomier(is that a word?)than anything weīve done so far.

Bigger labels often push their bands to release one album each year, do you think that it's more reasonable to release one album each 2nd or 3rd year the way you do?
I donīt think it matters if you release one or ten albums a year, as long as you are happy with the final result.

Last year you released the album "Nothing Changes" which was made up of new versions of your older songs with English lyrics, why did you decide to release this album? Was it only the record companies' decision?
Our recordcompany begged us for several years to record something with swedish lyrics, and we finally gave in. At first we thought that we should call it "We sold our souls to Record Heaven".

Which album are you most satisfied with so far and why? Do you how many copies you have sold of each album?
I like them all for different reasons. I thinkīwe have sold about 1000 of each album or so. The english one came out in November and has already sold more than 1000 copys so weīre happy.

You have found musical inspiration in bands like Kebnekaise, Mountain and November; bands that at least I do not know very much about, what made you listen to these bands?
If itīs good you listen to it. Thats it.

How did you get into music in the first place? Was music in your family from an early age? When did you start playing?
Iīve started listening to Kiss when i was seven, it all went downhill from there. At thirteen i started playing drums.

Do you listen to the younger generation of metal bands in Sweden today like Soilwork, In Flames, Dark Funeral, Marduk, Hammerfall etc., or is it just good ol' heavy rock music that fits your taste?
I havenīt listend to any of those bands you mentioned. I prefer music from the 60īs and the 70īs, or newer bands that is influenced by bands from that time.

Talking about your musical history, does any of the band members except for Ulf have any past band experiences?
I have played with a lot of punk and hardcorebands over the years. Peo used to play in a band called Why. They toured a bit in Russia. Dennis hadnīt played in a band for six years before Abramis started.

You have stated in interviews that Abramis Brama is so much more musically speaking than just stoner rock, could you elaborate a little on this subject?
Most of the so called stoner bands sounds the same to me. Kyuss riffs with Montgomery Burns on vocals. Crap. Abramis combines all kinds of music, everything from blues-jazz,70īs hardrock,to doom and swedish folkmusic. I canīt think of another band that sounds like us.

You have always wanted to write your lyrics in Swedish because it feels much more closer to the heart and it means more to you that way but don't you think that it's important to reach people outside Sweden as well? After all, we are a very small country.
Thats why we did an album with english lyrics.

Abramis brama is the latin species name for a common freshwater fish called 'bream', what made you decide on using that as a band name? Are you all keen on fishing?
We needed a name for our first gig so Dennis suggested Abramis brama. Before we could change it to something else a demo had been recorded and some of the songs had been played on the radio. Dennis enjoys fishing 300 days a year, the rest of us is a bit more normal.

You have been confirmed to play at the well-known Swedish Rock Festival in the summer alongside bands like Judas Priest, Hawkwind, Scorpions and Nightwish. I witnessed your show here in Linköping but that was a very small stage, why should people go see you at the festival?
Because we are a killer liveband with great songs that were ment to be performed live. If you miss it, thatīs your loss.

Any final words for our readers?
Thank you for the interwiew. If anyone is intressted in Abramis, please visit our website www.abramisbrama.com. Jansson...

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