This e-mail interview with the bassist / vocalist Vincent Crowley of Acheron was done by Everburning in March 2004.

Acheron has been one of the most infamous metal bands from the late 80s Florida scene. Formed in 1988 the band has always centered around the front man Vincent Crowley who has made his voice heard as a preacher for Satanism. He was kind enough to take some time and answer our questions.

hat can you tell us about your new album? Are you satisfied with the way it turned out? Is Black Lotus the label you were looking for?
It is entitled “REBIRTH: Metamorphosing into Godhood” and is our first full length original album since 1998’s “Those Who Have Risen” album. It is one of our most aggressive and guitar driven albums. We have forfeited using the keyboard element and went for a more brutal, yet melodic, sound. We are very pleased on how the album turned out. BLACK LOTUS RECORDS has been treating us very well. We hope the label grows and are able to continue working with them.

If I got all right, some songs are not brand new, but rather already published. Why have you decided to publish these songs, written long ago?
They are not “old” songs, but songs like “Xomaly” and “The Kindred” were recorded previously on a demo version featured on the “XOMALY” mlp/mcd. But the newer versions are much different than the demo version. Every song featured on this album was written after the reformation of the band.

The artwork for the album seems very interesting, who was the artist behind it?
It was an artist by the name of Timo Wuerz. George from BLACK LOTUS RECORDS introduced him to us. He also did the THOU ART LORD cover. I gave BLR the concept for the cover and layout art and Timo sent me his rough drafts. They looked great. He produced the exact artwork I asked for. We hop to use him in the future also. He also did the ACHERON “Tribute to the Devil’s Music” artwork.

Will this change of labels and members, by which Acheron is also famous, be over any time soon?
Who knows? (Ha, Ha) Actually, our guitarist Michael Estes is no longer with the band. His living in Orlando, Florida just wasn’t working out. He did a great job on the new album and I will miss his work on future releases, but living 1000 miles away is too far. We are presently working with another guitar player and will add a second guitarist in the near future. As for record labels, we will just have to see how this album does. I’d like to work with BLACK LOTUS RECORDS again, but we will have to see what happens. !

Once you said that you write lyrics in a state of darkened mind (or something very similar). Is this still true and what does this mean? Do you use drugs or some other more psychic method to get into this condition? In what condition do you write music?
Indeed! I have to write lyrics when I am in the mood. I must feel that dark feelings or extreme hatred. Emotions must influence my words. I don’t need drugs to take me into this realm. When I do indulge in drug use, which isn’t that often, it is usually to mellow out or enhance sexual pleasures. The music just comes to me whenever it wants. I can’t just sit down and write something, I have to feel it.

In one interview you said Acheron is about misanthropy. What does it (misanthropy) look like when speaking of one-self and its closest friends? Is there any way to correct this problem (whatever) in the world we live in?
I think most people practice the art of misanthropy. Not as the literal dictionary term, but just meaning the hatred for mankind. Humans need to quit being so fucking fake and to be more honest about themselves. We all need to embrace our true nature. Respecting each other’s circles is very important. Too many people try and dictate what people should be like. We must bring back the beauty of “individuality”. Until that time comes, fuck this disease ridden planet!

Back to music, you did tours with Acheron and with Incantation, were there any others? Which ones do you think of as best ones? How important are live appearances to you?
No. Those have been the only ones. And ACHERON never really did any lengthy tours. Past labels never gave us tour support, so we never got to do any World Tours. We have played in various places, but not a lot. I fucking love playing live shows. The energy is excellent! But we only play shows that are worth while. Would ACHERON ever tour? Hell yeah! But it would have to be a good tour and we would have to get tour support from our label. As for the INCANTATION tour I did with them, it was great. Those guys are total Metalheads!

What are your favorite bands? Any new good bands from your area you’d like to mention here?

Acheron has been through different phases through its existence. Which album/period do you like the most?
I like where I am at now. To me, I know what I like and what I want to play. And my beliefs are very well rooted now. Experience does lead to satisfaction. I can’t wait to do the next album!

What is going on with Wolfen Society? How does it feel to work with people from such great bands?
We are looking to start writing a new full length album. All of our members have been very busy with our other bands, so we have been putting off this project. We recently spoke with each other and agreed we need to get to work on the WOLFEN SOCIETY stuff. It is great to work with so many talented people. They are true brothers of Metal!

Do you still feel as part of the Black Metal underground movement/scene? Does it look better now or was the Metal underground better in the late 80s?
We will always be a part of the underground. That is our roots! Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, fuck, it is all Metal to me! Yeah, the late 80’s was a lot better, because people were more open minded about Metal music. These “labels” didn’t really matter. The same people who listened to Venom and Bathory listened to Metallica and Anthrax. I personally like ALL kinds of metal.

BM today has no obvious, easily definable, common point. Bands differ a lot from each other in ideology, beliefs and such. Do you think BM should get common values and therefore be somehow defined as a movement that has a religious/political/social aim and strength?
It doesn’t really matter to me. This whole “Black Metal” label pisses me off. Back in the day, Black Metal meant you had Dark Satanic/Occultic lyrics. Makes sense! But now it is how the person sings or the guitar sound. Whatever! Just call it Metal!

It seems like you got more interested in magick than it was visible in mid 90s. Why is that and how does it get along with Satanism?
Magick is a very personal thing for me. It is a special connection one can obtain from being one with darkness. It doesn’t take belief, it takes practice and study. It goes quite well with my Satanic beliefs.

Your debates with Mr. Larson are now almost famous. Do you think these events had a positive turnout for Satanist or Metal community/people? What do you think of them now and would you repeat them? Also, you said Bob is very different off stage than in front of the camera?
He is a true Christian showman. He uses his ego to promote himself to the holy sheep. That sounds sort of “evil” to me. (Ha, Ha) We used each other. He feeds off the weakness of his listeners. Even though I hate the guy, I have to admire how he cares only about himself and his own interests. (Ha, Ha) Perhaps he is a closet Satanist? (Ha, Ha)

Do you find peaceful co-existing with Christians possible, or does it have to come to getting wiped-out for one side at the end?
We all could co-exist, as long as we both could leave each other alone. Christians have yet to be able to do that. They have to always get into everyone else’s business. They are a pain in our ass! So until that day comes, they are our ememy.

‘Chaos and madness are slowly taking over’ you said. But, many people will tell you, and people with ideas like your’s, are the embodiment of madness. Is there any truth in this observation?
Indeed. One man’s madness is another man’s sanity. I’m not saying “my way is the only way.” I just mean it works for me. The world is a madhouse and we are all the inmates.

Do you find any single one, at least, of the Ten Commandments to be worthy in your system of values?
Many things are worth in selective parts. But to look at these 10 laws as they are written in the Holy Rule Book, make no sense to me.

Are there any dogmas for Satanists?
Anton LaVey has written some manifestos entitled “The Nine Satanic Statements” and “The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth”, but those are pretty basic Satanic ideas. But in reality, Satanists follow their own ways or ones that they agree on. “Do What Thou Wilt” is the true creed.

You left COS some time ago. Are you now a member of any religious organization? There is a widespread suspicion that many of these organizations are in there just for money. Even COS places paying 100 US$ above (I think, correct me if I’m wrong) any other condition for joining. So, is this suspicion justified?
Yes, I resigned from the CHURCH OF SATAN several years ago. I am not a member of any other religious group or organization. I have no interest in any organized religions of any sorts. When I was in the COS, it was more of a Satanic Think Tank. Sure, there are many organizations into the Satanic Thing to make money, most people can sense the ones that are insincere about it. At one time I understood the membership application fee, but I no longer agree with that anymore. I don’t n! eed a membership card to be a Satanist. But to each their own.

Which is a greater challenge to you, since you seem to be a person with many interests, to satisfy all your earthly desires, or to feed your intellectual needs?
Both. Each one plays a big role in my personal satisfaction.

As I understand you’re for restricting the right of entry to USA for immigrants. What are the reasons and how will it affect a country founded and fueled by immigrants? I ask this because several of my great friends left Serbia for USA and I think this is a great loss in terms of human resources for Serbia and a nice gain for USA.
That is right. There are already too many fucking people in this country. We spend too much time taking care of others. Fuck them! We have foreign people coming to our land, taking our jobs and not paying taxes. That is not right. They get foreign aid, yet we get nothing but taxes! We are an over populated place. Sure, some foreign people could aid this country, but too many abuse it. I’d rather deal with the ones we have in it now. You would have to live here to understand what I am saying.

OK, what can we expect from Acheron next after the album is out?
BLACK LOTUS RECORDS is talking about releasing a ACHERON double history cd called “Decade Infernus 1988-1998”, which will have 34 songs featured from everything from “Rites of the Black Mass” until “Those Who Have Risen”. Other than that, we hope to do some select shows this year and finish working on music for the next ACHERON release. We plan to keep busy.

Any last words? Thank you for your time and dedication!
Many thanks to you and our fans! This band was created to be a Satanic way to express my ideas and thoughts. I plan on doing this as long as I can. We hope you all check out our new album and web-site at . Until next time…..Ad Maiorem Satanae Gloriam!

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