This e-mail interview with the vocalist Dav of After Feed-back was done by Cseke Róbert in early February 2004.

After Feed-back is a band from Barcelona, Spain, that formed in 1994. Starting out mainly as a thrash metal act they began their journey through alternative rock / nu-metal ground with the addition of a DJ. A couple of album releases into their career they have become one of the most prominent European bands in the genre. Vocalist Dav took some time off to answer our questions.

How long has AF-B been around and what were the reasons that stood behind it's birth?
We made our first concert nine years ago. We didnīt have nothing released but we were making gigs all around Spain. Our reasons were our love for the music. We found something in what to believe while our friends and people like us were taking drugs and losing their time. We felt really different, and really proud about it.

Besides the latest addition to the band (your new bass player I mean) were there many changes in the formation since you guys first got together?
Yes, many changes!! We started as AF-B with a singer from our town arround the year 95. After about two years we found Toni, who recorded our first mini-cd " your toy is broken", and our first album "The first emotion". Actually, itīs me whoīs singing and Rutx is the new bass player for our last album "After feed-back".

Do you feel that changing bass players was a benefic act as far as the band is concerned?
No, itīs not because of the bass player that the band changed. With our old singer, we couldnīt get so many ways of singing that we needed. As me was playing the bass before, and doing backing vocals at the same time that i was composing vocals too, I decided to choose this responsability, and Rutx, who was a bass player and a friend of the band, started as a bass player for AF-B.Itīs true that Rutx influenced on AF-Bīs music.

How did crowds react to your first album and what kind of reactions do you expect from the new one? Was it more difficult to record songs for your new record than the previous one?
Well, with the first album, people reacted so well.That was a good beginning for us, and a lot of doors were opened in front of us.People started to come to the shows, and enjoy our music from inside.We composed the songs for the first cd during all the life of the band, so itīs a reflect of our growing process.For the new album it was diferent.Fresher than the first, cos we composed it in one year at the same time we did many gigs. Itīs more mature, weīve learnt how to explore other ways without think about the influences.You can see a big diferent between both albums.This one is more......AF-B.

People was waiting for the new release with a big expectation, and i think we didnīt disapointed them.

Why did you pick a german producer (and studio) to help you lay down your compositions? Isn't Germany a little far from your home?
Yes, itīs far, but we didnīt have choice.In Spain nobody takes risks.No companies sign with young bands, paying the studio, trip, food......Anyway we donīt like the way of working in Spain.They threat you as a shit, you pay the studio, and they release you the album, without any money for you.Shit contracts!

We sent demos around Europe, and Shark records was the only response.We hearded about them cos they discovered Sepultura in Europe and also Stratovarius, and other bands.They created a sub-label called Nu-metal recordz to release bands like us.

They trusted us all the time, and we worked without problems.About the studio, we wanted to record in Germany, far from home, to be concentrated on the compositions.Otherwise, we knew the studios cos Kreator recorded one of their firts albums right there.About the producer, we really didnīt use a producer, he was only the studio engineer.We had total freedom to record our own songs, without any kind of rules and stuff like this. Itīs true that he helped us in some ideas and in our sound.Itīs always good to have a second opinion from outside of the band.

How do you cope with touring, recording in Germany and at the same time trying to be as much of a part of your families as time lets you? How are obligations towards both "families" kept in balance?
Well, for the moment, all of the members of the band are working. We donīt get money enough to live by the band.

We play in week-ends and sometimes during the week. We donīt have a normal job, we have to take temporal works to be able to play. Itīs true that we donīt have a lot of time to be with our families, but is our choice. They understand, sometimes better that others, but they know that weīve been working-hard for the music.

How did the media react to your new material? Are you getting much support on your new project?
Yes the media reacted so well. We are really surprised about it. We have a big support from some magazines and radios. Our last album has been recognised second best album of the year in Spain (Rocksound). With the new album we really opened a lot of new doors for the band. It remains a big work to do still now, but we walk straight-ahead, step by step.

Are you planning any major tours in the near future and are they going to include other countries from Europe than the ones your record will be distribuited in (because, if I'm not mistaking, there's only three countries your label is promoting in - Spain, Germany and France)?
Yes thatīs true.The problem are the distributors of each country.With the first album we were distributed in many countries of Europe, but, as we are in a litte company, the promotion was so poor.

For the new album, we are distributed only in Germany, Spain, and France.

We are planning to play in Germany but we donīt have a big support from the company.We finished our contract and we have to find a new company. We are working about a tour in France and Switzerland with a promoting company of France for next summer. And in Spain we are playing all around to present the new album.

Do you feel that After Feed-Back has become a stable, respect-worthy band with not much more to learn from the music industry? Do you consider that your success is slowly reaching it's peak, or do you expect much more to happen in the future?
Well, AF-B is not a big known band yet. Itīs true that we have many fans in Europe that follows the band, above all with the last album, but we wonīt have a big recognisement from the people untill weīll be with a major company because that means to be distributed in many countries and to get a big promotion. We expect much more from the future sincerelly, but as i told you, step by step, and we gotta learn much more from the music.You never stop learning when you are in a band, we found many problems in our path, and we know wich mistakes we donīt have to do again.

Why did you guys choose to play this genre of rock with so many others being available? Is it because it has more money making potential?
We started the band listening to R.A.T.M, Downset, Biohazard, Industrial music many rap bands. We really never thought about money being in a band. We spend almost all the money we earn from our jobs in the band. We keep investing all the time.Music is in evolution all the time, and we evolutionated at the same time with the new genres.

What bands/artists do you guys enjoy listening to more often and who are your "heroes" from the music bizz?
We donīt have really heroes in the music, but we listen to diferend kinds of music. Many bands of many diferent styles,hip-hop, grunge, rock, pop, death metal, hard-core. Personally, my fauvorite band is Strapping young lad, but I love other kind of bands. Mike Olfield, Dire Straits, A perfect Circle, Tool, Jean Michel Jarre, Kitaro, Sevendust, Flaw, Blind side.......and music from the radio, commercial and all this kind of stuff. We are really open to listen to all of different music.

When we got the mail to Tartarean to consider reviewing your material, there was a lot of commercial attitude behind it. One expression I clearly remember went something like " of the best metal bands in Europe of the past years so you get the chance to know this great band which have nothing to envy of biggest american bands...". I've listened to your stuff, and although I do like it, I have to say that this expression I quoted previously from your promoter's letter kind of makes me turn red. It's a little bit too much attitude, and -no offense- I don't consider you to be one of the best metal bands of Europe - nor the Euro-American scene. How do you comment all this?
How do you sell your products??? Normally you think you got the best, isnīt it?

Promoters stuff you know.... ,we really know were we are, and what we are, we must work hard to get what we want, and we know there are so many great bands out there.

You have a very nicely done promo package: very much attention, and information on there to get to know AF-B very well. How come you payed so much attention to just a promo?
These cdīs are made by us, cover desing, and package. Itīs paid by us. We invested a lot of money as I told you, cos we are in a small company, so thatīs the way to make you known. The same with all the albums we made.From the mini-cd until the last album. Cover designs, and video stuff is produced, filmed and edited by us. This is a big work for a band. Besides we have to rehearse for the new songs and gigs, to play live and work in our jobs, but this effort is paid by our own satisfaction and by the crowd.

Did the members of the band previously play in other bands (maybe other styles) or was this project going on right from the start?
This is our first serious project. We fit fastly between us since the first time we started to play together. We knew what we wanted from the music: have fun, making feel our music to the others, and live by music.

How long do you guys plan on playing music? Is this the dream-job you've always wanted, or is it something you planned on doing maybe only for a few years?
It's our dream-job thatīs sure, this is what we wanted since the beginnings of the band. But you never know, life changes fastly so, weīll see.....we believe in our music.

Ok. Thanks guys for taking the time to answer my questions, and before I let you go on with your lives, is there anything you want to share with your fans and visitors of Tartarean?
Thank you very much for all the support given to us. Weīd like to share our music on stage in your country. Weīve heard that Sweden kicks asses, many good bands!!! Best regards to all of you, and thank you very much for the interview and the opportunity to be in your webzine... Thank you very much, keep feeling!!

Thanks again guys. I wish you loads of luck in the future, many great gigs, many great recordings, and many more glamorous years in the music industry.

Bye and all the best,


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