This internet interview with the drummer Matt of All Shall Perish was done by Vincent Eldefors in January 2005.

The American band All Shall Perish was formed in Oakland, California, in 2001. Having recorded a demo they signed a deal with the small Japanese label Amputated Vein Records and released their debut album "Hate.Malice.Revenge" in 2003. In December 2004 the promising young orchestra became part of the Nuclear Blast family and their album is now being re-released worldwide. Expect a blasting, brutal and riff-happy death metal machine with slight hardcore tendencies.

Hello, how are you doing? What is your name?
HELLO!, my name is Matt and I play drums for All Shall Perish.

Congratulations on the new record deal and the album "Hate.Malice.Revenge", what do you expect from the cooperation with Nuclear Blast?
NOTHING LESS THAN THE ENTIRE WORLD. I mean it, Nuclear Blast US and Germany are just down right the nicest people around...they have been more than incredible to us and we expect them to do everything they can for us. So expect sick albums with even sicker promotion!

The label wishes to market your music as metalcore which to me seems a little strange as it has more in common with death metal, especially regarding the vocals which may not be appreciated by "ordinary" hardcore and metalcore fans. What do you think yourselves?
You know...this labeling stuff is lame and very scenester... It seems like we go play a show with Hate Eternal or Dying Fetus and everyone at the show goes "HEY!! you guys are awesome death metal!!!" BUT then we go play a show with Bleeding Through or As I lay Dying and everyone at the show says " wow thats some heavy metalcore!!!" so....its in the eye of the beholder i have to say.

What do you think about the current trend where all the major metal labels (Metal Blade, Century Media, Nuclear Blast) keep signing new metalcore bands?
I would say its the natural progression of labels and music. Some bands have put togeather a style that is ultra popular right now and labels who want to make cash and many of whom actually like the music want to support it. Some can call it trendy which it is but at times so was everything. Nuclear Blast does not seem to be signing a bunch of what i would call "Metalcore" unless u consider the godfathers of hardcore AGNOSTIC FRONT metalcore...which...i dont hahahah. The one thing i think that really sucks is that when one style of music dominates the minds of a label then alot of their other really good bands that dont fit into that box can get left behind and thats bullshit. Also it prevents some really great bands from getting signed just because they they dont fit exactly whats on MTV right now.

Do you feel that you're part of one big family or is there a competitive atmosphere between the bands?
If your talking about Nuclear Blast and the greater Century Family i would say its a two part answer. We feel at home at NB no question, and they have not made it seem like we are getting pushed behind while other bands take the spotlight but if i were the head of a label and one band sells over 100k records and another band sells 10k records....there is obvious priority in order to keep a label fucntioning and able to give those smaller bands a chance. I would say at some other labels the competition is felt ALOT more.

Speaking about the connection between death metal and hardcore, do you think that you have a similar social and musical background as bands from both genres?
Well the 5 of us are all very different people, between all of us im sure we share similar social struggles and musical opinions as people from both genres. Lyrically we try to keep ourselves varied because we feel we are diverse as a group and have alot on our minds. Musically we like a bunch of hardcore like blood for blood, madball, hatebreed, all out war and we like a bunch of death metal and black metal like Corpse, slayer, opeth, dissection, dying fetus and so on. We have all been through alot of bullshit in our lives be it jail, split families, abuse, drug problems, you name it. We can relate to alot of people socially and musically.

Is there any message you would like to spread with your music and lyrics or is that of less importance to you?
Lyrics are a huge deal to me personally because i write most of them and i like to keep myself fairly socially and politically aware. I like to express things i feel in the lyrics and show the world that just because the music is heavy or guttural does not mean that the people playing it have nothing to say other than "gore, kill, rape etc". At the same time our singer craig writes some of the more personal lyrics along with me and we get out some of the crap we feel that way. If anything we want to keep people aware of certain issues, express our personal struggles and be diverse lyrically.

"Hate.Malice.Revenge" was originally released through a Japanese label called Amputated Vein Records in 2003, what kind of label is that and how did you end up with them?
This is a perfect example of the whole vague genre thing. Amputated Vein as you might tell from the name is a Gutteral Death label that signs bands that sound like Devourment and Disgorge and so on. We were definitly the odd band out on that label and yet the owner loved us and so did the fans of the label. He heard us on the net, loved us, and threw some money at us to make an album and there ya have it...two years later Nuclear Blast thought it was good enough and under promoted enough to RE release world wide. Before Nuclear Blast i mean we got offers from straight up NY Hardcore Labels that put out bands like "Billy Club Sandwitch". Again its all up to the kids!!

How did you end up signing with Nuclear Blast? I guess it's a multi-album deal?
Nuclear Blast heard about us through word of mouth and came out to a few shows, and liked what they saw. Yea, its a multi-album deal and we could not be happier, i think we got one of the better deals bands these days are getting at our level and Nuclear Blast really believes in us...thats all you can want from a label. Because when they believe in you, money is never an issue.

Are there any differences between the Amputated Vein release and the Nuclear Blast re-release?
The RE release will contain a video for our song "Deconstruction" and it has some crazy moshin from Vegas, Salt lake City, and LA. Its fun and it shows the diversity of crowds we play infront of.

What has the response to the album been like so far from music fans and media respectively?
Fuckin incredible. We really never thought that music so devoid of clean singing would be so widely accepted. I think overall people like the diversity musically and lyrically, so far we are really happy at the response. New fans show up at the shows every time and New reviews keep popping up all over, the German Press office has me so busy with phone interviews we barely have time for our own lives!!!!!!

I assume that you have written some new material since then? If so, what is it like compared to the old songs? According to Nuclear Blast you will not release another album until early 2006?
Yea...we suck at rushing music. We have always taken super long to write our songs and its basically because we all have to agree on everything and when you have 5 completely different minded people trying to do takes a while and alot of re-writing. So 06' will see a new ASP album and the new stuff is...the next step i guess, we are using the two guitars alot more, with both guitars playing alot of different things to form a cohesive riff, some bass tapping, alot more varied vocals, and some more intricate drumming. You will have super melodic songs, or super death metal songs...everything has breakdowns of course and fuck i mean we are having alot of fun writing this new shit we cant wait to play it for people!!!

You have done some touring with Vehemence and Crematorium in the past, will you be out on the road during 2005 as well? What can people expect from an All Shall Perish show?
An ALL SHALL PERISH show.....hmmm...well you will see long hair, you will see pretty hair, you will see leather jackets, you will see go vegan shirts, you will see push-mosh/circle pits colliding with spin kicks/floorpunches ...basically you will see every stereotype from the underground music scene somewhere at an all shall perish show and you will see 5 dorks up on stage playing their hearts out and usually slamming each other in the face with a guitar at some point hahaha. For 05 we are going to hopfully tour the fuck out of the US, we are playing New England Hardcore MetalFest and doing a tour which will be announced shortely, and we will also hopfully be playing Hellfest and doing a tour to that as well...06' EUROPE BABY!!!

Any final words for the world to read?
We love you all!!! NOW GO FUCK SOMEONE'S SHIT UP IN THE PIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a lot for the interview and good luck with the band and everything else in the future!
Thank you so much and hopfully we will be destroying a stage near you soon!!!

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