This interview with the Brazilian thrash metal band Attro was done by Luiz Teixeira through e-mail in July 2003.

1986: somewhere in Pelotas City, Brazil, the ephemeral project called Debil Metal rehearses raw songs. 1987: the singer Marivan Ugoski, after disbanded, took the bass guitar and formed other band called Attro (February 21th) to play Thrash Metal. With him there were founder members Decio Renck (d) and Luciano Petrucci (g). 1995: the band won the contest "Staner 21 Years", and they had been chosen among 3220 bands around Brazil; the prize was to record the debut album "Breaker". Now, with a new line-up since 2001, and they're now showing "Making Up For The Wasted Time", a CD that's simply METAL.

"Making Up For The Wasted Time" is a prize for 16 years dedicated to Metal. Tell us more about this album.
It's surely a premium! I ever wanted to release this CD since first album "Breaker". I right now had whole production in my hands to issue a CD by the real face of Attro. There are ten new songs and five bonuses to make up for the wasted time, songs from the 80s, re-edited with a new arrangement.

15 tracks, but five bonus. How did you choose these bonus? Why didn't you record the song "Ambição" again?
It's because we needed to recover the lost time. I previously selected those bonus tracks some years ago. The song "Ambição" did not take part in CD because of lack of time, but in the future it'll be recorded.

Attro has been changing its line-up since past times. How could you lead this situation of people jumping in and out the band? How did you find Alexandre and Rubens?
It's normal. It doesn't affect me anymore. I think the line-up is like an engine: if it's not working, we have to change the faulty pieces. Now this is stabilized: Rubens Hall has a lot of Attro blood in his veins, he had been our drummer in 1992, but he left us after. At 1996 he was back in the vocals, and subsequently he became our drummer again. The great guitar player Alexandre Fernandes is in Attro since two years ago; he already caught our purpose to Metal and has too much to offer for the music of Attro, mainly the new songs.

How is your label UGK Disccos going?
Well, the label has just released Attro's "Making Up For The Wasted Time". We're solving some internal problems and we'll soon release the tenth volume of Rock Soldiers, the company's compilation. And we are supporting Infects Humanity that recently released "Seven".

And about label's compilation "Rock Soldiers": how can a band participate on that?
On the contract signature the band pledges to purchase a share of CDs. the label UGK Disccos makes the executive production and a large exposure.

Can you say the best moments and the worst in the lifetime of Attro?
The best moments are the following: in 1994/95, when Attro won the first place in the contest "Staner 21 Years". 3220 bands from all the places around Brazil took part in that, and we were chosen as the best band. Through that prize we could record our first album "Breaker" (1996). Other great moment is this we live nowadays. The new CD is very good and we're preparing new stuff for the next album. The worst moments were the line-up changes. A little part of history I was alone into the band with my bass. (laughs)

What do you think about the piracy of CDs?
I support the CD-R piracy to CDs whose the stores sell more expensive than R$ 18,00 (about U$ 7.00, a high cost in Brazil). This is an absurd because of the economical crisis we have in Brazil. It's just that!

Define METAL and what you feel while you're playing this music style?
Metal is a lifestyle. I feel happy for can be doing what I most like in my life. METAL FOREVER!

For finishing, what would you say for a young who’s forming a band now?
Don't follow the trend. Don't make any music if you are just forced to. Be yourself everytime and express your real thoughts because the madness must go on... Thank you for the support.

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