This interview with Beseech was done through e-mail in May 2002.

Hello, how are you doing?
Iīm ok, thank you. Finally the season in green has arrived... no more dark days in a while.

Your third album "Souls Highway" has recently been released by Napalm Records, are you happy with the result and the response so far?
Yeah! The response has been really good so far, and Napalm Rec has done a great job with fixing interviews and reviews. If you compare this release with our two previous "...from a bleeding heart" and "Black Emotions" everything is much more professional. The new material is also much better and interesting. Itīs more wellwritten and mature. So far we have only played two shows with the new material, something that both we and the audience enjoyed.

What do you think has changed since the last album?
The main difference is the sound. For "Souls Highway" we had more than twice as much time in the studio, and therefore also the opportunity to develop a warm sound. The bass and drums were recorded with old analog equipment, and the guitars, the vocals and keyboards digitally. For "Black Emotions" we wanted to create a more electronic sound, so therefore we decided to record everything with computers. We also decided to line everything direct into the computers, to give it an extra touch of electricity. I also believe that Erik's voice is very different compared with Jörgens, something that took our songs to a completely different level.

Do you see Beseech as a typical gothic metal band?
I donīt know. Itīs up to people like you to decide. Since no one in the band listen to this kind of music itīs quite hard to say that we play gothic metal. I donīt know why we sound like this, itīs just our natural way to write music.

Who made the album cover? Is it meant to represent the journey of souls?
The cover is once again made by the artist Travis Smith, and since we really liked his work for "Black Emotions" we decided to contact him again. We basically gave him a couple of songs, and then he translated our music and lyrics into this most beautiful piece of art. I believe that itīs really important to have a good recordcover, it should say something about the music. If it doesnīt, then maybe the record will loose some of the attention that natural comes with a good record cover.

Gothic metal (it is a loose term but I choose to label you as one...) bands tend to write mostly deep emotional lyrics, why do you think this is?
This is something that is individual for each songwriter. I find it more easy to write depressive music and lyrics, probably because I have to many "up and downs" in my life. Sometimes my life sucks and sometimes it is great. For me songwriting has become a way for me to deal with my life and to find answers. The main thing is that I love music, offcourse! For "Souls Highway" me and Robert decided to give 100% true lyrics and music. All the lyrics can be related to mine or Roberts personal experiences, if this is common among other songwriters in the gothicscene I donīt know.

You have included a wonderful cover version of the old Abba classic "Gimme Gimme Gimme" as a bonus track, whose idea was this? Are you big fans of the band?
It was mine or Robert's idea... we have always talked about making a cover, but it was hard to find a song that we could rearrange into our sound. The thing we did with Gimme, gimme, gimme was totally unexpected for our fans, and somehow we succeeded very well to give this old discosong a "Beseech-sound" I think. In general I think that ABBA is a really great band, but we are not big fans of them.

The band was formed in 1992 but your first album wasn't released until 1998, was it a difficult time for you, playing for so long without being given the chance to spread the music throughout the world?
Yeah, actually all the material for our first album "...from a bleeding heart" was written between 1994-1996. The reason why we couldnīt release the album in 1996 was because serious problems with our first recordlabel We bite rec, that in the end couldnīt pay for the studio. At that time we were lucky to have good musicpublisher that helped us to deal with with these problems.

You have changed record label with each new release, do you think you have found the right one in Napalm?
Hopefully, so far they have done a great job. This was also the first time we got enough time to spend in the studio. They have also done a great job concerning the promotion. They have fixed many interviews and reviews and therefore helped us get recognized in many countries. This was something that was really hard with Pavement, that didnīt do so much promotion. We know that 1200 promos has been sent in Europe and 1800 will be sent out in the USA.

You are a band with many members, is it hard to write music that everyone is satisfied with?
Sometimes... we are all different. If someone comes up with a song that any bandmember dislike we will probably not use it. Then I think that we all have our favorites on the album.

Where do you find inspiration when writing music and lyrics and who does what in the band?
It depends who writes... For "Souls Highway" I have found a lot of inspiration from what Iīve been through the last two years. A good friend died, a long relationship died, I happened to get riped of by someone that I decided to trust etc. Therefore the lyrics have become much more important to me when I write songs. For some of the songs I have written both the lyric and the music at the same time. Perhaps itīs easier to get in the right mood then? Then I have also discovered a lot of interesting music from the late 60īs and 70īs, that might have effected me. Robert has done a lot of thinking about death, since a relative to his family slowly faded away. I guess that the things in real life effects us most of all, even if it deals with things that everyone goes through.

Most of the members of Beseech are pretty unknown to most people in the world, have you been involved with other bands before?
No... well, everyone has been involved into smaller local bands, but no one has ever been involved into a band with a recorddeal.

What are your top five albums ever?
This is so hard... it could even be changed next week.

1, Kiss - Love Gun (or Destroyer, or Hotter than hell)
2, Black Sabbath - Sabotage
3, the Soundtrack of our lives - Welcome to infant freebase
4, Nick Cave - Boatman's call
5, The Velvet underground - Andy Warhol

What do you think of the metal scene in Sweden today, are there any bands you like in particular?
The Swedish metal scene is really good I think. We have many great bands. To mention a few Entombed, Spiritual Beggars, Abramis Brahma, the Crown etc. Then there are also a lot of Powermetal bands that I canīt figure out why they are so good as people says.

Now to my own and brand new right or wrong section. You are just going to tell us whether you think the following acts would be right or wrong:

a) If someone killed Hitler prior to his mass murder campaigns.
To sentence someone to death is wrong. The best thing would have been to convince the media and the people that his way to act is wrong.

b) To burn down a church because it's "evil".
It is evil!!!

c) To burn down a church because it represents oppression.
If it represent oppression itīs ok, but all religions are for weak people that must relay to something else than real life. I guess that we all have to accept that. People are different!

d) Sado-masochism.
Does it hurt???

e) Death penalty.

f) To lie if it will be of benefit to yourself.
This is so very fucking wrong. I used to know a girl/bitch that did everything to get what she wanted, a 100% true rip-off!

g) Censorship.

h) Religion.
WRONG. This is the main reason to all problems in the world.

i) Communism.
WRONG. This is also a big problem! Take a look at the former Soviet Union? They had so many great movies, records, rockclubs, books, different cultures... actually it must have been like hell to live there in the 70īs.

Any final words for the world to admire?
Check out our new album "Souls highway" and visit our homepage at for more info and downloads.

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