This interview with the Norwegian black metal band Bloodthorn was done by Andres Castro through e-mail in July 2003.

First of all why don't you tell us what's been going on with BLOODTHORN lately?
Well, basically we're just down at the rehearsalplace working on the material for the next album, and we pretty much got the basics ready for that. At this moment we got about 45 minutes worth of music but I'm not sure if we're gonna use it all for the album cause we were originally set for a playing time of no more than 40 minutes - but we'll see. The times before Tom (guitars) left the band a year and half ago, and also the first months after his departure was a bit of a mess and the band was at a really low point, but now with Ihizahg who replaced him, it's good to work on the new material and he's a good guitarplayer and got lots of good ideas so songwriting runs smoothly.

I understand you have a new album coming pretty soon, what can we expect from this one?
As I said, Ihizahg is really involved in the songwriting for this one and he's written about half of the new material so it's gonna be a bit different than the “Under the Reign of Terror” album, but I can assure it's not gonna be less brutal. It's gonna be more technical but were careful not to loose the edge and the aggression so at the same time it will be dirtier and rawer. There's more, and more varied influences on this album so I think it'll turn out good.

What are the reason for which you left SEASON OF MIST? How are the realtions with RED STREAM?
Red Stream has done a tremendous job and we're nothing but grateful for what they've done. Obviously being a small label they have their limitations, but they do their best, and then some, and we're thankful for all the effort they've put into the band and the release of the album. Season of Mist is a long closed chapter so there' no point in dwelling on that period. Signing to Red Stream and releasing “Under the Reign of Terror” was like second birth for the band, and now we're only looking ahead.

I've felt the band coming from a totally black oriented mood to a blend of this with more death metal elemets, what can we expect from the new stuff?
For us the first albums weren't that black metal oriented as many people want it to be. There were a lot of different influences and the material was very versatile, so there was just as much doom to it. But that's a matter of personal opinion anyway so not much point in discussing it. Anyway, this album will be overall faster and more aggressive and as said more technical. I think we're just taking things another step further from “Under the Reign of Terror”. For us Bloodthorn offers a lot of creative freedom as we haven't got any rules set in stone saying it has to sound like this and this, if a riff sounds good in our ears we'll use it no matter what it sounds like. So again, it'll be a crossing of several genres and I can say with great certainty that it'll be the rawest album coming from us yet.

What are you into lyrically now?
It's pretty much the same stuff. I just write some short stories - either horror stuff or something related to war and other equally fitting subjects. Some lyrics will be really simple (well most actually) while some are a little more thought through - but don't go looking for any deeper meaning cause you ain't gonna find it. I guess the vocals are more important as an instrument than as a media to express some particular message.

Obviously, war seems to be a topic that attracts you a lot, what are your thoughts about war?
I think in this world we live in now war is a necessity and often the only solution to a problem. I don't think people understand the extent of the extremity of the Islamic and muslim fanatics, neither how different their ideals, morals and laws are compared to the western ways. You simply won't find a solution by sitting down down and talk about the problem cause they're on a totally different mental level than us. Sometimes it's scary only watching those fuckers on TV - they seem to have totally lost it.

I personally think BLOODTHORN is one of those underrated bands, do you think you'll finally reach a broader audience with your new album?
At least when you say so it means that you appreciate what we're doing so we thank you for that, but I can't really say if this album will broaden our audience. That's impossible to predict but we feel we got material for a very strong album and if you're into extreme metal I don't see why you shouldn't get into it. We surely wouldn't mind selling some more records and getting on a decent tour but we just have to wait and see what'll happen.

Finally, thanx for your time and anything you wanna add?
I really don't have that much to add at this point, but thanx a fuckin' lot for this interview and for spreading the word and keeping the name alive. We've been lying pretty low lately, but I can say with 100% certainty that you'll be hearing more metallic aggression from Bloodthorn pretty soon.

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