This interview with the guitarists Captor and Necrosadick of the American black metal band Bloodthrone was done by e-mail in August 2003 by Phillip Almaraz.

Here is Bloodthrone. They are from the vast, dark, cold region of NEW JERSEY??!!!.. Yeah thats right .. From "JOISEY" (the car jacking capital) but whether they are from Hobokin, Walla Walla, Harlem, or Fucking Baghdad who cares because these evil clones (yeah clones) can play some interesting technical black metal. Keyless, and sometimes as fast as all hell. I interviewed the guitarists "Captor" and "Necrosadick" on the latest with B.T. So without further due I'll skip the formalities and get right to it.

Why is Bloodthrone necessary this day and age? and what is your main goal in the crowded conditions in the scene?
NECROSADIST: If I were to give credence into "Necessary in this day and age" , and actually answer with Bloodthrone as the primary focus, I feel that I'd be among the many pompous egomaniacs that are so rampant amongst the realm of the "underground". I make a point to stress "underground" because it seems as if people tend to forget what this music is and is all about, They make it into something much bigger than what it is, and use it as a mechanism to inflate egos and pursue personal agendas. We are fans of the music bottom line. Metal in general is the most important thing for us as a band. If there is one main goal amidst the crowded conditions, I would say it would be to cut through the bullshit, and lies, and bring our music to people that honestly appreciate and enjoy it. Of course to survive and persevere as a band amidst the realm of assassins is our goal as well.

American Black metal has been known to be portrayed in the media as half-assed stuff. Is there any justification for this?
NECROSADIST: As a person in the media field, I can honestly say "FUCK THE MEDIA". TV, news, newspapers, zines, whatever. All they do is feed you what they want you to believe. It's all about profit and what the can stick down your throat to make money. Being exposed to it, it's your job to seek through all the lies and decipher what the reality is. Media is a dangerous weapon. I live like a fucking hermit, I don't watch TV, or current movies, or read much outside of documented fact, science, and philosophy. For example I just found out who Avril Levine was from my sister a few minutes ago. I think disconnection is key to survival as an individual in this day and age. A majority of the time metal media doesn't know what they're talking about if it's printed in a big magazine. They are not fans of the music; they are bloodthirsty parasites wanting to rape you of your dollar. In the big mags, it's all about the money, but in the smaller zines, the heart is either in the right place, or they have their own agenda. Not alot of people know what they're talking about in reference to the music. As an example I've seen our music be compared to Beherit a few times, and most recently Possessed. Those bands both rule, and while it's a compliment, the same time it's totally way out of line in comparison. If someone picks up our album wanting to hear something sounding similar to "Seven Churches" or "Drawing down the moon" they're in for a disappointment. When I was younger, I bought to many bands with the preconceived notion that I was buying something that would sound something reminiscent to a review I had read. American soil has bred some great bands. People can complain about US bands as much as they want, but you'll be hard pressed to find bands like BloodStorm, or Black Witchery that play with as much conviction outside the states. I can name alot of bands that would stick the "half assed" criticizing metal publics words down their throat upon listening to their music. Listen to the opening track to "Shield of Hate", Pagan Holocaust, or the title track and tell me that's half assed. USA FOR USA!!!

Has the Black metal scene been too diluted that maybe Bloodthrone could be overlooked?
NECROSADIST: There is so much diluting the scene that at times I'm surprised the music itself isn't overlooked. I think the people that actually have a passion for the music is far and few between, For alot of others, it's no longer about the music, it's about the money, greed, pussy, ass kissing, bullshit regimes, fashion, or only a luke warm passion for the music and observing it from a distance. Exploiting and raping, condemning and condoning all in one breath. This music is what it is. The die hards have it etched in our hearts. Everyone else, piss of! As far as BLOODTHRONE being overlooked, I'm sure it's possible. I see alot of the "everyone trying to be something" mentality. No one is content just being a fan anymore. Whether it's doing labels, zines, websites, lame bands, distros, whatever. HAILS TO THOSE THAT TAKE THAT PATH WITH HONESTY AND INTEGRITY! It seems to me that in the states unless you're a diehard, your metal knowledge doesn't extend past the dm/bm top 10 list. The diehards will always make an extra effort and dig through the dirt to find new bands, but unfortunately, there aren't many, and most people's knowledge of extreme metal in the states doesn't transcend Dimmu or Cannibal Corpse.

How is Bloodthrone going to be different from the average assembly line band?
NECROSADIST: "Going to", insinuates a path of premeditated venture, We don't plan on "going to", do anything musically, We are comprised of individuals who each contribute individually. The end result is what you hear. We let our music speak for itself, If you like it, great! If you don't like it, who cares. We don't go out to cater to a certain crowd or style. There are to many bands that do that. "Evil Clones ", fuck you!

You Captor have been in the scene for a while now instead of asking Blodthrones influences, I would like to dig further and ask the root of your personal convictions. what was the one band, Album, song, that changed your life as a pinnacle point that turned you over from a regular human being to the dark Figure that you are now in this scene?
CAPTOR: There wasn't one band or song that did any sort of changing me into some dark figure that you mention. I didn't change into anything. I wasn't your ordinary kid growing up who followed any kind of trends. I was an outcast and a freak of the society around me. I became who I am through the experiences of my life. My parents were both into the "dark" media and I grew up amidst horror movies and Stephen King novels. There are a lot of influences that stem outside of music, which has influenced me to the dark side more than one band, or song could ever create, which include countless hours of dungeons and dragons and ghost hunting in haunted cemeteries. I was a dark figure before the music. Then I can acclaim such bands not the one but the many. Iron Maiden, Slayer, King Diamond/Mercyful Fate, Death, Morbid Angel, old Mayhem, and Emperor which music and lyrics have had a great effect on my mind and soul.

It seems difficult these days with musicians and loyalty. It always stumps progress with the flakes, the jobless, egos, Idiot Yoko Ono Girl friends in the way, progress in a band. What do you do to keep morale up in this band?
CAPTOR: I have always tried to keep the direction of the band moving forward and further to bigger and better things. If there's progress then everyone is kept busy working on new music and preparing for future live shows. That keeps the members focused and striving for more. All of us as musicians are improving our skills and each new album becomes a challenge. It's dedication that is the real stability factor. If they aren't 100% willing to give themselves to the band then they always seem to fail down the road. As being the band manager also I have made it my mission to keep this band together through all the bullshit, backstabbing, and struggle. It's been a real war for me that I embrace and would never regret. Our music is now immortal and we cannot be defeated.

I heard about your live shows but if I go spend my hard earned money to see you play.. what am I expected to see and what is in the future of your live act?
CAPTOR: You will see Bloodthrone play the songs, which we are proud of the most. Don't expect corpse paint and a fire breathing monster cause that's buried in the past. You can expect shredding guitars and solos, thunderous non-distorted bass, fast and technical drumming, and well-executed elite screaming vocals. A full force live energy set of great music, adrenalin, and hate.

I have Heard your new Cd (Shield of hate) and reviewed it. I was critical on it yet I liked it. Do you listen much when a fan or the media offers constructive criticism?
NECROSADIST: I feel as if I needed to make a stance in your aforementioned comment calling us "evil clones". If you are going to review us and interview us and then make a comment that isn't very accurate I am going to say something .I don't want the fans to be mislead by your comment. It goes back as to what I said about media being a dangerous tool. I would like to believe that people have a mind of their own to discriminate music according to their own taste though, but then again I have no faith in human nature. I really don't care personally; words blow in the wind.

As far as writing the music is concerned who is the brainchild for all this? and who writes the lyrics? and what are they about? and what is in the future as to recording more songs?
NECROSADIST: Captor writes most of the music, and then collaborates with Pope and Zephon. When I joined the band, half the songs had already had lyrics and vocal patterns. For the title track, War Will never End, and Betrayed By Blood, I wrote the majority of the lyrics. If you read them, they are alot more straight forward, hateful, and nihilistic. Hate is no doubt the theme of the new album. Shield of hate represents the part of human nature when you are so fed up with life and filled with hate, that you basically shut down and put up a big shield to protect yourself, by hating everything. Not every aspect of life is living; life destroys as much as it creates. I think alot of people can relate to that. We are currently in the process of organizing written material for our 3rd album tentative titled "Revelations". We're going to take our time while moving at a progressive pace on this one. This is going to be the third album and realistically its do or die time. So far we have 8 songs written, with titles such as, Dying World, Omega Black, Commander Genocide, Destroyer Of the Gods, The Final Eclipse, and Behind The Devil's Mask. On the upcoming album "Revelations" I will be doing most of the lyric writing. I feel I have a unique vocal approach, and am capable of doing alot more than was shown on "Shield". The new lyrics so far are very venomous and wrathful. My only message is fuck you, fuck your beliefs, fuck the liars and the whores, and fuck the world in every hole! That is my war cry!

The guitar work on your cd is excellent. Yeah Im jealous and I want to kick you for that (heh-heh). Shred city is what I like Captor, you do it well. I notice you also put a few solos in there. Tell me, is soloing something that B.Metal needs a little more of or has it become a fallen art?
CAPTOR: I think it just depends on the bands direction and the guitarist making the music. If the band wants to come out of the darkthrone closet it's a great way to make the music more memorable and add something melodic. If the guitarist can play a solo that's real and not just running his fingers over strings and frets then yes! But we need some talent here otherwise we are doomed. If the music is made to be more primitive and savage then it might not need a guitar solo and is better without it. The art of the solo is something that if used effectively can bring more feeling, emotion, and dimension to a song. I didn't use a solo on every song of the new album "Shield of Hate". I just followed my gut feelings and instinct using them where I felt was best.

With your lineup I see you have only you as the lone guitarist. Why one guitar instead of two? and what is your take on the big debate between one guitar verses a band with two guitars? such as the pros and cons?
CAPTOR: The band had used two guitarists up to this point. After former guitarist Machine's demise from lack of dedication I really didn't want to have to deal with anyone else. I have been the roots and primary writing force behind the bands music from the beginning and feel it's really not necessary to have to deal with someone new and try to keep the bands original sound. As far as playing live gigs I feel that two guitars are always better than one. The sound becomes much more fuller for us and we can play our harmonies and solo rhythms. I have recruited someone for second live guitar exactly for that purpose. If your guitarists can double solo and compliment each other then fuck yeah you got a deadly weapon. If you're a band with a guitar prodigy that can shred everyone to pieces then good enough!

People will get Curious about your band . and at the same time If they see a Nile or a Dark Funeral cd right next to yours .. why should they pick Bloodthrone instead of them?
NECROSADIST: Though I am not a fan of the aforementioned bands, I respect them for all that they have accomplished. I would suggest a fan to pick up "Shield Of Hate", because you are buying a piece of metal that is the product of a creative collaboration created in the very blood, sweat grit and conviction it took to record this album. Prior to joining and as well as being a current member, Bloodthrone has persevered during periods where many would perish, and we will continue to persevere. Metal fans should broaden their horizons and seek beyond the top 10 popular bands, they might find something new. That is one way how a music genre thrives, prospers, and expands.

Every band changes with time. Either with the music or the image. (Behemoth, Graveland, C.O.F., Dimmu). There are some exceptions though. And of course they always start off as saying "We'll never change!!" Yet they do! Why do these bands change? And would you care to comment if bloodthrone would be open to change? If not how can you reassure us?
CAPTOR: I think change is inevitable and its part of life. Everything on this earth goes through change and it's a natural process. People and music cannot escape this process. Nothing stays the same everything is decaying and at the same time growing. We as musicians need to grow. We need a challenge and playing the same music and never creating anything different doesn't satisfy us. It's a cycle look at so many bands. Many times bands are accused of selling out cause they change. I think most of them do sell out cause they need to make a career and sell albums. If that's what's putting food on the table then you need to survive. It's always sad when your favorite band changes and becomes more popular and doesn't feel so close to the heart. But then there are some bands that just need a new challenge and want to experiment. It could be selling out not to change cause what about if the bands want to change but they don't cause they know their fans are going to send them to the gallows if they do. With Bloodthrone we are open to change there isn't anyone with a gun to my head making me write music. We don't survive off of selling albums or anything so we can do whatever the fuck we want. We have started out making our music the way we wanted and we want to stay within our style. But we make the parameters and we can change them. With the new music I have written I am using different chords and patterns to give the next album a different feel and presence. I strive to make the next album darker, more technical, and full of hate than the last. I don't want each album to sound the same. I want each one to be better than the last.

And finally is there any gear that you wish to praise or Condemn?
CAPTOR: I have some great gear that's gotten me through the years. I have been playing my Gibson V 89' series for the last 13 years. It's the best guitar I have ever played and I have no desire to use anything else. I made some modifications to the single hum bucker pickup. I installed a Dimarzio Super Distortion and it's an incredible sound. It's also got a built in movable knee stand for sit down playing. I never changed the bridge so it's still a classic standard tremolo with no Floyd Rose or tremolo bar. I would also like to praise Laney for their GH-100 L guitar head. This thing blows away any Marshall and has such a great tube sound.

O.K Captor I thank you and give you a most respectful hail to you for this interview.. Farewell for now

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