This interview with Øystein G. Brun of Borknagar was done through e-mail in December 2001.

Hello, how are you doing?
I am perfectly fine! Nothing more nothing less...

You have recently released your new long awaited album "Empiricism". Could you tell us a little about it? Are you happy with the result and the response so far?
Well, the album has been out in Europe for a month now and the response have been great so far! It seems to continue in the tradition of our previous albums........he, he... I am really satisfied with the new album in every aspect, to be honastly. Musically and lyrically it is a great and interesting album. I think I can speak for the rest of the guy's as well here. Beside I am very satisfied with the production this time, it just suits the music perfectly this time.

Who did the artwork for the new album and what is it supposed to mean?
Our drummer, Asgeir Mickelson, did the artwork for the album. He also did the artwork for our previous "Quintessence" album. The cover dosen't really have any direct meaning or so, it's more kind of abstract statement. Though, the intention with the cover was to follow up the wibe we had on the "Quintessence" cover and most importantly to create an visual framework for he musical and lyrical content.

You have been signed by perhaps the biggest metal label in the world for a while now. What do you think of the work Century Media has done for you so far?
Quite desent! They do good promotion and have a great distribution network..

The new album features the first disc appearances from your new members Tyr and Vintersorg. What have these line-up changes meant for the band as a whole?
Primarly the fact that we have got an very enjoyable and creative line-up. The circle is completed, so to speak. Both Vintersorg and Tyr are first class musicians and have contributed to expand our musical sphere.

Vintersorg is involved with several other bands - Otyg, Havayoth and of course Vintersorg - do you think he will be able to focus on each one of these and still do his best for Borknagar which is not exactly a tiny underground band anymore? I myself would be very disappointed if Otyg was laid to rest...
Yes, that's no problem! I mean, I know Vintersorg is capable to focus on more than one band!

Are any of the other band members, except for Lars and Asgeir, involved with other bands at the moment?
Yes, Jens is involved in Dødheimsgard(DHG) and Tyr has a project going with Asgeir and Lars. Progressive stuff called Grail...beware!

How does it work being a band with six members? Do you argue a lot when writing new material?
Well, it is certainly a challenge being in a band with six members but things are running very smoothly these days as we are dynamic bunch of guy's. We haven't much to argue about really...

What do you think about playing live? What can you expect from a Borknagar show?
Doing live-shows are great! Especially when the response is nice...he, he.. Hopefully you can expect a great show!

What do you about the metal scene in Norway today? Are there any new acts you think deserves more attention?
To be honast, I don't have too much contact with the metal scene these days. But the scene seem s healthier than ever, according to my judgement. Sorry, can't come up with any new act from Norway at the moment. Well, there is some but dosen't have anything with metal to do...

What plans or goals to you have for the nearest future?
Just now I writing new material for the next album, so just now that's the most concrete plan.. Though, we'll ofcourse do some gigs/festivals and we are planning major touring in Europe and Usa next spring/summer! But at the moment we don't have any concret plans regarding liveshows..

Any final words you would like to tell the world?
Stay on course folks! Take care and thanx for the attention!

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