This interview with the bass player / vocalist Jamie Bailey of Brodequin, was done through e-mail by Sherrie Zemla in September 2003.

It wasn't until they toured eastern Canada with brutal death metal band Serrated Scalpel from my home city of Winnipeg that I had heard anything from Brodequin. It was reccomended that I check them out, and man did I get pummeled with grinding intensity! If you're one seeking a torturous death metal onslaught, I think Brodequin is more than capable of delivering.

Can you give me a brief bio on how the band came together?
Brodequin was formed in 98 up until now we have released 2 albums "Instruments of Torture" and "Festival of Death" we did a couple of small tours in the U.S. one with Vomit Remnants(Japan) and one with Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition(France) we also just finished up a small tour of eastern Canada with Serrated Scalpel(Canada) we had a great time and had the chance to play in places that were new to us, plus we met a lot of cool people up there. And we just released a 2 song promo called "Prelude to Execution".

Were there any other bands/projects prior to Brodequin any of you were, or are still involved in?
No, none that were worth mentioning, they were nothing serious and we never released any material.

As for song writing who takes care of the lyrics, and where do you draw inspiration from?
I write the lyrics, and most of my inspiration comes from reading history books on midievil torture/execution techniques. It's really an endless source of inspiration, studying the ways "criminals" and "heretics" were treated in court, the torture chamber, and finally the site of their execution, its amazing to me all of the ways people invented devices to inflict massive damage and death, and as the technology increased so did the punishment, the only difference was they found ways to keep the victims alive for longer periods of time, drawing out the pain.

What bands are you listening to currently?
At the moment I have been listening to Severe Torture, Pyaemia, Inhume, Dead Infection, Malignancy, Aborted, and Cerebral Effusion, plus many more

What's next after the "Prelude to Execution" ep? Have you guys got anything coming up that people should know about?
We will be recording the full length this winter so it should be available before or shortly after the new year. Then next spring we plan on touring the US, Canada, and Europe. So hopefully we will see everyone on the road!

Thanks for doing the interview Jamie! Is there anything you want to add?
Thanks a lot for the interview, we really appreciate it Sherrie! Be sure to stop by the websites for updates on merchandise and the new CD.

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