This interview with the vocalist Cadaveria of the Italian occult metal band Cadaveria was done through e-mail in March 2002.

Hello, how are you doing?
Hi all and thanks for contacting us and being part of CADAVERIA shining delirium. I feel good as the wind blowing out of my home…

I just have to begin with this question, why did Opera IX actually break up?
One year ago some great incomprehensions started inside the band. Me and Flegias didn’t agree with the other members’ behaviours and with some decisions taken regarding the band. There were no other solutions except leaving the band and this is what we did.

Could you please introduce us to the band members, who are they and what have they been doing previously?
Ok. The line-up is me at the voice, Flegias ( Marcelo Santos) as drummer, Frank Booth (guitars), Killer Bob (bass) and Baron Harkonnen (keyboards). Frank Booth is a talented guitarist who plays since he was a child, but he is not well known in the scene ‘cause, as well as Baron Harkonnen, he has always played as tour man. He dedicated his life to music and he owns a recording studio too. Flegias, was Opera IX drummer, and he’s also Necrodeath singer. Killer Bob too comes from Necrodeath, as bassist. He is a versatile musician and a great sound engineer.

You have already recorded the first Cadaveria album, are you happy with the result?
Yes, absolutely. Nothing on The Shadows’ Madame has been left to the case. The fact to have Frank’s studio at our disposal with no time restrictions allowed us to do the work in total calm and to care about all details. The recordings started in September and finished in December, mixing included. Obviously we were not in studio all days, there was the time also to drink some beers and planning how to go on next day. The whole work was up to us, no people out of the band touched the mixer. This fact requested great attention and energy from us. We were ready to not leave the studio if all wasn’t perfect, and so we did. The result is a compact and powerful sound. We hope these seven tracks will capture listeners’ souls as they did with ours.

My first thought was that both the music and the vocals were more varied than that of Opera IX, was this intentional or don't you agree?
I agree but it wasn’t intentional. I mean, the composing process was strange and intense. Some songs have been built on some voice melodies I had worked on during the last year. My ideas have been transposed on guitar by Frank, who has enriched each tune, according with his personality. Every song is a mix of all members’ intentions and the variety of the sound is due to the fact all members have a different musical background. To compose with new people brought a new and fresh air in the songs. The relaxed and funny atmosphere there is in the band and the high level of mental concentration there was in studio helped me to find the right inspiration for the vocal parts and actually I’m sure the one on The Shadows’ Madame is the best performance I ever did. The voice is sure, present, vivacious and vigorous, it is more melodic then in the past, even if it preserves a great dose of aggressiveness and obscurity.

You signed a deal with the Italian label Scarlet Records, do you think they are the right label for you so far? Their financial situation seems to be stronger than Avantgarde's.
I don’t know if Scarlet has more economical possibilities then Avantgarde. What convinced us to sign with Scarlet was the fact that when we let them listen to the songs, they immediately liked the entire album and showed us to be ready to put CADAVERIA among the label priorities. We already knew Scarlet guys (also ‘cause Necrodeath is under the same label) and they knew us, they trust our potentialities and know we are professional and serious people. The fact we still have good relationships with them and this reciprocal confidence helped us to reach an agreement is a short time. Actually we are working well together and we hope all will continue in this direction.

Who is responsible for the song writing in Cadaveria?
As I told the music was composed by all the band, even if me, Frank and Flegias have had the main role in defining the basic songs’ structure. Keyboards arrangements too have been decided by all the members but they have been studied and added in a second time, when the tracks were already done. During the mixing some keyboards parts have been taken off to let the general sound be more immediate and strong. Killer Bob’s work was fundamental in studio ‘cause it is him who chose and built the sounds during recording and mixing. The work on the lyrics was completely different, in fact I am the only responsible of them. It has been an individual research into myself, among my memory, my interests, my believes and my credo. Experiences I lived in my life, energies around me, bad and good feelings of mine, personal considerations about existence, death and evil are the main themes.

Could you tell us a little about the lyrics for this album? What does the album title refer to?
Well, I can give you some explicit examples, talking about some songs in particular: Spell that opens the album, talks, through the poetry of Charles Baudelaire, the story of a witch who places trust in cosmic energies for her rituals. Declaration of spiritual Independence deals with the power of our own mind, it hymns to self confidence, to freedom and to action, while In memory of Shadows’ Madame is a sort of epitaph ante mortem, dedicated to a charismatic lady survived to the jokes of fate. This imaginary female entity is so strong and well rooted in my mind that I decided to extend this concept to the album title. The title, as well as the CD cover and artwork, suggests a general dark and obscure atmosphere, mystery and fascination, the same elements you can find in all the songs. The title and the cover are dedicated to this female figure who dominates the shadows. She is a complex entity, elegant and passionate, but with the claws to scratch and fight, she has the knowledge and the consciousness of the past, but she is also projected in the present and in the future, as our music is.

The Italian metal scene seems to be pretty strong at the moment, what do you think of it?
Yes, I agree with you. In the last period I saw many growing band playing good and personal music. The general quality of Italian extreme music is growing every day and is now more supported and considered then in the past.

Do you see Italy as a "free" country today?
I’m glad to be Italian and I can say to live in freedom in Italy. As in all countries there are some aspects to change and some things to improve. Perfection is an ideal condition we must aim, and total freedom is a goal not easy to reach, ‘cause every day we must accept little compromises, ‘cause individual idea of freedom sometimes collides with customs imposed by society.

What are your thoughts on the human society and the way we treat Mother Earth?
I trust human mind and I am not against progress, but I despise the fact that nowadays many human actions are conditioned by money. This led men to crush and stamp on the real values of life and to destroy the natural patrimony of Earth.

Have you been playing any live shows yet?
We will start on April 15, with a showcase at Transilvania in Milan, then we will play at some Italian metal events in Summer.

What does the nearest future look like for the band? Will you appear on any summer festivals?
During the next weeks we will start realizing a videoclip, in the meantime we will prepare the live acts. In June we’ll start thinking about the next album and the composition process will begin. Actually I don’t know if we will do any live date abroad, at festivals.

Any final words of eternal wisdom?
Just an invite to buy and enjoy The Shadows’ Madame and a great hail and thank you to all people who follow and support CADAVERIA. Metal forever!

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