This interview with the vocalist Cadaveria of the Italian thrash metal band Cadaveria was done through e-mail in late December 2003 by Cseke Róbert and Vincent Eldefors.

When the Italian occult metal band Opera IX lost their female vocalist Cadaveria a couple of years back I was personally worried about the future of that band. Little did I know that she would be just as successful with her new venture simply titled Cadaveria. Her new band will release their second album "Far Away From Conformity" on January 12th, 2004, and the lady herself took some time off to answer our questions.

Cadaveria is composed of musicians with experience in the domain of metal, some members having a history with well known bands from Italy. Did the fact that peole somehow knew of you before help a lot when Cadaveria first got together? Did you form on solid ground, or were things unstable despite the fact that you were known in Italian metal?
Well, the situation helped and damaged us at the same time. The fact to have a background lived in other band was for someone a guarantee of professionalism and seriousness but on the other hand some people were led to always compare CADAVERIA band with the previous band of the former members. Actually I can say many fans followed us not for my name but for the real interest in our music and I can say in there last year the band has reached an individual personality that cannot be compared to any other.

Cadaveria is a band that is not afraid to play whatever it feels like playing. How come you move around so much (musically) in the field of metal? ('cos not many bands play extreme and heavy at the same time). How do people cope with this?
The secret is to dare and to let your true inspiration be free to flow and to explore new meanders of music. We like to experiment and the way of experimentation is facilitated by the fact we are four different people with different music preferences. Many artistic ideas circulate in the band and no one is discarded. This makes the composition process extremely interesting and amusing. I think you can play good music till when you enjoy what you are doing. The fact to mix different genres like death metal and classical heavy metal is a natural aspect of our style; at the same time I hope this will open us new market frontiers. Till now fans and critics reactions have been positive.

Why are all your lyrics about magic, evil, other worlds, nature etc.? Many bands choose to write about society stuff, or ceremonial or whatever. Do you feel guided towards your themes by a certain fascination, or is it just something you like to sing about?
I’m the unique responsible of the lyrics. Personally I don’t feel the need to write about politics or society. Maybe I’m a bit egocentric, but I prefer to write about my interior universe. In the lyrics of Far Away From Conformity magic and evil left the space to personal meditations about existence, explosions of joy, atypical stories about my complex memory… It is like a diary written during the last year, influenced by personal experiences and personal interests like books, cinemas, art in general.

Let's talk about the album! Please tell us a little about the new album.
Well, if we compare FAFC to The Shadows’ Madame album we can say the sound changed a lot, and not only ‘cause there are no more keyboards (B. Harkonnen left the band one year ago do dedicate to his musical project DyNAbyte), but above all ‘cause the songs’ structure and the general music approach is different. The new songs are a mix of different atmospheres coming from Iron Maiden, Tool, death and NU metal; guitar riffs are uncommon, melodic and aggressive at the same time, drum rhythms change continually, the voice itself is very eclectic and variegated. I think the listener could be astonished by the album and can find it a bit chaotic, but this is exactly the result we wanted to reach, by twisting the songs’ structure and by removing all point of reference. The album contains 8 unreleased songs and a cover of Call Me by Blondie. The choice of the cover itself is an example of the fact this album is totally “far away from conformity”!

Any big plans for the New Year? (musically or otherwise)
The album will be in music shops on January 12 and this is the best way to start a new year. 2004 will se the light also of DyNAbyte (line up: Cadaveria, John, LJ Dusk) debut CD so nothing could be better. We will promote the album, relax a bit and then we will start thinking about the future.

Your latest album, as I've heard, was done in a much more professional studio than the first one. You obviously had big plans concerning that at least. Was the process long, was it frustrating, were there many ideas popping up during the recording process?
The new album was recorded in the same studio where The Shadows’ Madame was recorded, that is in the personal recording studio of Frank Booth (guitar), but in fact the production of Far Away From Conformity is surely better, ‘cause now the studio has new machines and we used a different method then the last time. We recorded drum and voice in analogic, then we put drum and voice on the PC, and, using the last release of the Logic program, we recorded guitar and bass directly on the computer. The mix was done on the PC too, thank to the magic touch of John (Killer Bob) and Frank Booth, who are really ok in using new technologies. Also this time we did all by ourselves and I think the result is really good, qualitatively high. When we entered studio for the pre-production we just have 8 lyrics and about 40/50 riffs recorded on a portable recorder… we can say the songs were born in studio. The process was not so long and absolutely not frustrating, on the contrary we had a good time.

Do you consider this year being a successful one for Cadaveria, or did you expect it to be better and more fruitful?
2003 was a good year, but I expect even more from 2004.

Who's the number one band in the World right now?
It’s hard to say, I don’t know.

Does Italy offer you the possibilities you would naturally expect as a band, or do you consider traveling abroad a necessity?
Italian market is growing and gave us good satisfactions with The Shadows’ Madame, but obviously the rest of the world is fundamental to promote an album in the right way. The bigger sales and the best live dates are out of Italian frontiers.

When can people catch any of your shows in the near future?
We will start playing live after February. Just check our website after January to be updated about it.

What do you think about the local metal scene today in your city and Italy in general? Are there any bands that you support in particular?
In my city? I live in a place of 1000 souls…. About Italy the scene is good, there are more good bands and professional labels than in the past. I support Necrodeath, Raza de Odio and DyNAbyte and, of course, our label Scarlet Records. [Editor: I actually meant bands other than those that you are related to or involved with...]

Any final words for the readers of Tartarean Desire?
Thank you. Support CADAVERIA and don’t forget to buy "Far Away From Conformity"!

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