This live interview with Nattefrost of the Norwegian black metal band Carpathian Forest was done by Boris Van Berlo at the No Mercy festival show at the 013 in The Netherlands on April 12th, 2004.

Carpathian Forest is a band that hardly needs any introduction no longer. They have established themselves as one of the leading forces on the Norwegian black metal scene despite only having released a few albums in their career. Nattefrost took some time off to discuss the future of the band and other things with our own Boris Van Berlo. [The Editor]

You are part of this years No Mercy Tour. So how is it going so far?
Itís not going too well because I have a broken collarbone.

How did this happen?
It happened just before I left for this tour, so the band had to play a couple of gigs without me. Now itís going better and today and yesterday have been the best gigs so far. Of course the pain has been as hell, itís ok, but maybe I should not have gone on this tour at all.

And besides this, how are the shows and the crowds?
We had a fucking great response so far, the kids at our gigs are really total maniacs.

Iím asking this because in this mainly death metal package you stand out a little bit.
Yeah maybe, I think so. Of course all the bands are all right, but I think it wouldnít have hurt if there would be one more black metal band. Today was the tamest audience so far on this tour, but normally it is quite ok to play with death metal bands.

I actually heard a rumour that this is going to be some kind of a farewell tour for Carpathian Forest?
We donít know yet, some members might leave the band but we will continue to play.

So it will not be the end of Carpathian Forest, but maybe more difficult to do live shows, but the studio albums will continue?
Yeah yeah, sure. There will be some live shows here and there. But I also have my solo project Nattefrost and I am focusing a bit more on that one right now.

Are there already plans for a future CF release?
There will be two CDís recorded and released in the near future. One of them is with old material from the early 90ís which I thought at the time wouldnít fit into Carpathian Forest.

How do you see CF in the modern scene?
I feel most people misunderstand us anyway. I am only doing my shit and I am a very egocentrically person, and if people understand us itís great. But if they donít then thatís not my problem.

I saw CF last year at Wacken. My impression was that the show then was more chaotic than today. Was this because of the bigger audience, or are you now more routines?
Oh yeah. Wacken last year was a pretty ok audience. But I was used to play the guitar and now I am only doing the vocals. At Wacken last year it was maybe the first or second show without me doing both guitar and vocals.

And CF never toured extensively in itís history.
Right. Before we only did small gigs, one off shows and some festivals.

Do you think that the concept of CF has changed over the last fourteen years? Do you still have the same energy and ideas as when you started?

Or did this change?
No, no, it totally is the same because I am the only original member left and I am the one who is making most of the music. I do listen to what the other members have to say but I decide. I have my own formula and I donít want to fuck things up too much. Today is the end of the tour and we are all pretty drunk, but I think we still have the best line-up ever.

Why did you then had the urge to record a solo album? The concept is quite similar to CF and Ö
Ö but the music isnít the same. Sometimes I get pretty tired of Carpathian Forest so I see Nattefrost as my main project right now. I am giving one of the guitarist and the bass player space to do their shit because they are really into it. And I see Carpathian Forest more as a band and not as a project and the differences between them will be more obvious on the next two Nattefrost albums. I donít think I could ever use the Nattefrost songs in Carpathian Forest.

And do you plan some other projects?
I do not have any definite project plans, but I might do some music with some other artists on a 7Ē or something. But for now Carpathian Forest and also my solo project Nattefrost are my main occupations. I also did vocals on The Bloodline album but it was not my project. They also offered me to go on tour but I had no time.

So how do you see the near future?
I donít have any direct plans, I just want to either do Carpathian as a band or kick out all of them. With some of them it works, with others it doesnít. I am not rushing, I take the problems one at a time.

All the Carpathian Forest albums and also the Nattefrost album are released on CD but also on vinyl. Is this something you personally look after?
Yeah, I am a fan of LPs, my personal LP-player is fucked up nowÖ but if they are not out on LP or something... I have very good deals with both of the bands when it comes to distribution. I have never been interested in stuff like T-shirts but the fans want them so we do have them and they are also my concepts. Of course there are bootleg T-shirts out there but they will always be there.

To finish up. Do you have some final words for the readers of Tartarean Desire?
I am very bad with this. The next album will be called ĎFuck You Allí and it is very different compared with ĎDefending The Throne Of Evilí. The sound is still the same but it is older and more thrashy like the first albums.

Thank you.
Thank you for the support man.

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