This live interview with Nattefrost of the Norwegian black metal band Carpathian Forest was done by Everburning in Belgrade, Serbia, on February 28th, 2005.

I got my opportunity to talk to Nattefrost of Carpathian Forest after their gig in Belgrade. It was pretty twisted experience, as interview didnít go at all in the direction I planned, but we rather focused on pornography, or Nattefrosts own bizarre behavior. It all started with Carpathian Forest mastermind throwing various shocking, perverted, unexpected and sick answers and claims into my dictaphone, with lots of senseless noise, or audio sex simulations, very hard to understand and follow. But, as we were nearing the end talk was getting more normal and about music. I donít know if thatís because I act like a sedative or because interview was too long and boring. After I introduced myself as Ďcontributor of Tartaean Desire, Swedish webzineí he immediately replied with ĎReally? I hate Swedes cause they are gay!í

So why are Swedish people gay?
Theyíre not, they are very cool! Hehe, no they are gay! Well, people in Gothenburg can fuck themselves in the ass. You know, Sweden is In Flames, Dark Tranquility and fuckin girls singing gospel shit, and I would like to see her uhhmm with a dick in her, you know, ahhhÖ (plenty of nasty noise follows) So, Swedish people can fuck off!

Does this include the editor of this zine youíre giving the interview to, cause heís from Sweden too?
I donít know him, but in general Swedish people are so utterly gay!

The first question I actually wanted to ask you is when your bass player is going to lose some weight?
Yes, he has lost 25 kilos, he is not in tip-top shape, but heís getting better. You know, before he had only one speed he could move in and now he has two speeds, so thatís improvement!

Your new album is supposed to be out more or less soon.
In autumn actually, but new Nattefrost will be out in April, and that is much more better than Carpathian Forest as CF is gay! Theyíre shitty, shitty band.

Like Swedish people?
No, not like that, more like happy gay.

Is it true that title will be ĎFuck you all and put your head in the ass!í
In Latin, yes and itís more metal than before, more retrospective, much more thrash, more nasty with no keyboards and shit.

At your website it is stated that you are ĎAnti human and anti lifeí, so besides words how does it look in real life?
Like I told in other interview today, I hate all races equally. I hate Serbian, haha, I hate Somalia people, Norwegians, all of them equally, and so this doesnít make me racist, I just hate mankind. I just behave the way I always behaved. I want to vomit on life (belches), I donít like to see people smiling, or eating, I donít like to see these social gatherings, like Christmas. I fuckiní hate it! I want to vomit!

Do you like anything that has to do with people or socializing?
I donít like socializing too much either. When people socialize they tend to eat, and I donít like to hear them eating chips, tortilla, or similar, I fuckin hate it. So, donít eat chips near me! HahahaÖ

I think you are very serious right nowÖ
Yeah, I am very serious!

What was the reason for you to masturbate in the back stage after the gig?
I didnít masturbate I shit on floor, squirting from the ass, like this (Nattefrost now tries to create the audio reprisal with his mouth, sickÖ) very controlled, I donít know where I got strength from, but today I had total ass control. Like a fire commander, let loose the cannon!

So, you have not masturbated?
No, I havenít, at least not in front of people I do that privately. But, yea, I had masturbated and he (points at a roadie) disturbed me! He asked if I had tissues, and I told him not, but I had lots of them since I was masturbating to this SM magazine.

Now I want to ask you a question. How much are little girls here, how much is it for me to buy a little girl here?

I donít know. I know how much in jail sentence, but donít know how much in money. It can be considered pretty cheap, since for rape you will get only few years, so maybe itís worth a try?

I recently read that you received some threats or so from a feminist group.
That was some years ago on a concert. It is kind of funny when suddenly thereís this 200 kilos lady on the stage and she starts to punch me. You donít hit girls normally, but if they kick you, you must fight back and again. I also kicked my ex girlfriend a lot, yeahÖ

Thatís why sheís an ex?
No, I kicked her cause she was fat and with a child.

The interview is definitely not going the way I planned, so letís find some more bizarre questions. Is it true that you were receiving and sending death threats some years ago?
As a hobbyÖ I was recently at a TV station in Norway cause I death-threaten certain goth musician! I called him from regular telephone boot and I told him ĎI know where you live, where you work, I know in which kindergarten your children are! I will snap your fuckin childrenís neck!í But itís his problem cause heís gay. I donít have a problem with goth music, just with those skirts and gay make-up. Actually, I have gay make-up myself so thatís not a problem.

Since you love goth music is there some other kind of music you like?
I love 80s shit, like Bauhaus, The Cure, I love Blondie, but goth punk movement of New York in 70s. Thatís cool.

What about the current Black or Death Metal scene?
I donít follow it; I donít care much about it. I just know a few bands from Norway, or soÖ But I donít like to mention other bands even if I like them. Orcustus, if you want.

In this tour you will do a special East European part during this summer. Whyís that?
This is just a part of the tour; after this part we will do East Europe, South America and possibly USA. East Europe tour meaning Poland, Baltic states, Russia and maybe some otherÖ

Did you love the gig in Belgrade tonight?
Fuckin great audience. I love it; I would love to come back. True black metal people, great. So much different than in Sweden.

Swedeís suck, right?
A bit, but I guess Swedes suck as much as Norwegians, just some more, I think.

I heard you saying little ago about your appreciation of war in Bosnia and on Balkans, so do you have an opinion about ethnic wars.
I followed this part of history few years ago, but itís hard to comment, as I havenít felt it on my back like you have. Itís definitely a hard question to answer. If thereís new September 11th, or new tsunami I donít have time to care. Even if it hits Norway too. So, anyway, I was not able to see things in Belgrade.

If you were invited to fight in a war for one of the sides, would you accept it?
This is very hard to answer. I could give you an answer but it wouldnít help. A person must be here to experience the shit and to be able to give precise answers. I guess answer wouldnít be no, since I hate Norwegians, Americans, Serbs, MuslimsÖ

Well, I learnt that you also hate yourself and in the past you attempted few times suicide?
Yeah, done some suicide attempts, but nowadays I found some sort of equilibrium. Instead of thinking negative I go and masturbate, do something positive, like fuck. I donít know, take a line of cocaine. I donít know, that was some time ago when I was 19-20 and much more angrier. Now I have this kind of equilibrium, soÖ

Since you are speaking of masturbation again.
Masturbation, yeah, yeahÖ

Do you have some favorite kind of porn?
Oh yeah! Sure! I have this fetish in shitting movie. Like, if you come with a plate and you shit on it and are not allowed to go from the table before you eat itÖ Anyway, I donít like normal sex; itís not for me.

I have a complaint from a girl sitting next to us that we should talk a bit more about the spiritual side of Black metal, about religion or so, since pornography is not the essence of Metal?
I donít agree, for me Black Metal is to represent a beast inside a man and to have a freedom to say what I want. If I like SM shit I will tell as it is part of me. I like to be open and personal and if people misunderstand me itís not mine but theirs problem. I just like to behave they way I want! And also if somebody would have a gun and shoot you in the head I would die for this (wow, you are really enthusiastic about this interview! ĖEverburning)! To some it may be extreme, provocative or super silly, but for me it works.

You gave an interview to TD also in July 2004 where you said that Carpathian Forest would be more silent in favor of your personal project Nattefrost?
No, we had like big problems in the band and we always have communication problems within the band. Nowadays situation is much better, we have solved problems and have good communication we have pretty good line up. But anyway when situation is bad I tend to focus more on solo shit. But, feeling in band is now good and we will work.

Do you have any other side projects except Nattefrost?
Yes, I have a band called Helvete with Nocturno Culto on vocals and Bard Faust on drums but itís not BM directly, more like punk, rínír like Turbo Negro. Vocals are Black Metal a bit, but music is oldfashioned punk.

So, do you have plans to record and release some stuff with Helvete?
I plan to go to studio when I come home from this tour, end of February. We just had some rehearsals.

Ok, finally this is the end, thank you very much and if you have any final words?
You too, and I got no problems with Swedish people, except they are homosexualsÖ

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