This interview with of Continuo Renacer was done by e-mail by Fjordi in July 2005.

Continuo Renacer (Spanish for “Continuous Rebirth”) is a new technical death metal band from Beasain, a town located in the Basque Country, Spain. They combine riffs that are meanders leading the songs along with mellow parts, jazzy drum beats, bass slaps and millions of things, giving life to a monster able to cause unique effects on the listener. Instrumental their music is, that´s right, but honestly that thing becomes a simple detail, for music speaks for itself. Those are their notes´s impressions. Here are their words...

Some time ago –several years ago, certainly- there was released a split CD consisting of 3 technical death metal bands from Galicia, Spain. Your style has instantly reminded me of one of them, the most twisted one: Absorbed. Could you tell us if you know that band and you liked their music? If so, what happened to that band? Is it still active?
Is strange to hear that, we totally lost the track of them until some weeks ago, one of the old members got in touch with us. We think they where really advanced for those years, specially in spain. We think that the band is call Unreal Overflow now, but we don't know how many of them are in the new band. We hope we can play soon with them.

The scene in Spain seems to be less active than in other countries. Tell us the difficulties you have found in your way so far.
We don't know how is the underground scene in other countries, but we think that there is a nice one going on here. We didn't have any hard time at all, even in some concerts, we got surprised about the feedback of the audience. Maybe the problems comes when you look for a big record deal or when you try to put together a nice tour, but there are more and more shows going on lately (specially of the local bands) , and we think that's because the people is realizing that there are bands doing a really good job.

I must ask you about the vocals stuff, why don´t you have a singer in your line-up, and I´d like to know if the fact of being an instrumental band is something incidental or intentional.
Both of them. We just to have a singer but he ended up leaving the band because of the job, even we plan to record the album with different singers like Nabarro of Numen and Aston of Suffering Down, but we had personal problems with the old drummer which was the lyrics writer and we didn't had the time to do it, any way, the 80% of the music we hear is instrumental and a lot of our friends told us to don't put vocals on it. We love the idea of making an instrumental album as a first one to.

Explain us something about the band´s name. Is its meaning linked to the whole concept you try to achieve through the music?
The old drummer put the name of Continuo Renacer and even we know is one of the worst names in the world, we ended up leaving it because of the drummers personality, the truth is that we don't care that much about names. Any way have somebody realize about the names of a lot of the main bands, like Pantera, Sepultura, Mega-death ............ ? They sound horrible in spanish.

To make music is often the need to do something really new, music which the creator thinks hasn´t been done yet. What is the empty space that Continuo Renacer fill? What distinguishes your music from the rest of bands, in your opinion?
We don't think we made some thing new, there where bands like Cynic doing it way back in the 90'. If somebody says that, is because are music is more oriented to the brutal scene, we simple enjoy putting things together and because of are different tastes we ended up with a strange result.

Easily noticeable is the influence of grand masters of technical death metal Cynic. Who are the other artists that have left their traces on your songs, as your favourite artists or so called “influences”?
Like we say before we have different tastes, maybe Javi has the closest taste to what the people compare us to, bands like Suffocation, Cynic or Pestilence. Imanol likes bands like Frank Zappa, Strapping Young Lad or Dave Matthews Band. Or Arkaitz likes Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, Tribaltech or Cosmosquad.

Educated musicians as you seem to be, I´d like to know your vision on how to blend feeling and technicality, that often is the most difficult thing when we have skilled musicians in the spotlight.
I hope we can answer to that question, but, feel free to call us if you figure out how to do it......... That, and if you find out the secrets of live, you know, like where we come from, where are we going, why the toast always folds down from the side of the butter and all that stuff. Maybe (I like to think) we separate are point of view when we are hearing some thing really technical to when we hear a more feeling cain of music, to blend both it will be perfect but I don't think people need to look for it all the time. Is like trying to compare oranges with apples.

Jazz and prog rock are some topics which shouldn´t be understated. Tell us something about these ones, and their touch on your songs.
Jazz is a really popular in are area, in summer we have 4 of the world most famous festivals, so if some one don't understand it is because they don't want to. I think we can apply the same thing to Prog-Rock, if you look closely , there are rich bands that they play sins the 60' and they still doing world tours. Maybe we have some influences of that cain of music, but, we think is not a predetermined thing, it just happens that way.

As bass player as I am –an awful bass player, by the way...- I´ve enjoyed the tremendously groovy bass lines here and there, but besides this highlight all the instruments are highly twisted. Let´s attack the composition of the songs. Is the whole band behind the song making? Do the songs start from a single riff, or they are born of loose ideas brought by everyone to the rehearsal room?
Both ways, but most of the times, Javi brings an idea of how to start a song and we go from there on, I'm not really good doing metal riff from scratch but I'm much better elaborating or fitting the other instruments to some thing that is all ready created. This is the way it seams to work best for us, but some times, we have a couple songs going on at the same time, or we put some thing that it whose created 10 years ago when we don't even know each other. We never have a working plan at all.

A scoop about the new things to come in the Continuo Renacer camp should be pretty welcome, so go ahead if you wish to hint possible ways and paths to be explored by the band in the forthcoming times... do you have some stuff to be put on the next album?
We have some ideas written down but we down know how they gonna ended up. Some things still in the same "stile", other ones are totally different to what we did before, maybe it has to do with the fact that we always try to challenge are self a little bit, so some times we don't find ideas in the stiles that we are just to.

Are gigs and tours important for you? Do you have difficulties to tour because of your daily jobs?
Important? Thats the most important thing to us! I'm talking about gigs because we don't have any touring experience at all, that's are main priority now. We are looking for gigs specially outside Spain, we love to play even in really small places for the costs of dinner, but we don't know how to put a tour together, we don't have any manager or booking agency so is being a pain in the ass. If some body knows how to doit please fill free to contact us. About the second question, I hope I can answer you soon.

Now it´s time for something completely different. Please tell us 1) the name of the worst death metal band ever heard by your ears; 2) your favourite beer; 3) the most ridiculous band name ever; 5) the question you hate to answer in interviews; and 6) your opinion on the mp3 topic and music downloads (speak as much as you want...).
1) I don't know for sure, but probably it has to be one with the -ation ending. 2) Keler, San Miguel and Guiness. No even in that we have the same taste. 3) Continuo Renacer. 5) The ones that we can't answer, like the number 4), the one you didn't make. 6) It's really helpful, we can hear bands that we couldn't find in other ways, we are hearing a lot of interesting stuff that we buy if we really like them. But most of time, or you don't like it or is not your taste, so, you ended up don't hearing to it any more. We don't think you have to pay for music that you gonna hear to it just ones, you can try cars or shoes, why not music.

Elvis has just left the building, and we must leave too, so rant about this myriad of questions or tell whatever you wish to the readers. Heartfelt thanks for your attention and kindness answering these lines.
Hey men, thanks to you! And for the readers....... We hope we can play soon next to each and every one, at least for the ones they want to se us (and for the ones that don't wanna it to). And are best hopes for the scene, let's see if we can make a bigger and unify one. P.L.U.R and keep METAL flowing.

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