This interview with the guitarist Enrik Garcia of Dark Moor was done through e-mail in March 2002.

Hello, how are you doing?
Well, thank you, with a lot of work.

Dark Moor was originally formed in 1994 in Madrid but it wasn't until 1999 that you released your first album called "Shadowland". Did you release any demos prior to that?
Yes, three. The last two: “Dreams of Madness” and “Flying” with the up-to-date formation without Roberto, our keyboard player.

Your third album, "The Gates Of Oblivion", has just been released by Arise Records, could you tell us a little about the album and the music?
Well, with this third work the band has reached its musical maturity, we think we have got an own sound, something that we had initiated with our former album and was consolidated in this last one.

Do you think it's wrong to compare you with Rhapsody?
I think that saving the both bands use orchestration, we have not anything to do, mainly in the vocal lines.

You have a lot of classical music influences incorporated in your music, who is responsible for them?
Fundamentally, me. I am a classical music lover. I cannot avoid it in the composition.

Could you tell us a little bit about the band members, have you been involved with any other bands?
Anan played in other former band with me.
Albert came from bands of A.O.R. and blues.
Elisa was the singer in a famous band in Madrid called Sabatan.
Roberto was the keyboard player in the band Arwen which now have signed with Arise.
Jorge had not been in other bands before Dark Moor, he entered very young.

You are all still pretty young, what do you do when not playing metal?
Besides working, I love reading, playing role games and listen to very much music.

Metal, and then especially power / epic metal, have become increasingly big in Spain during the late 90's, is there a strong metal scene in Spain today?
Yes, there is, bands go on rising and getting more fans. Although we always have to realise that this music is not listened by the mass, unless for the moment.

As I understand Dan Keying from Cydonia appears on the new album, are you fans of their music?
We had listened to him with Cydonia and we like much his pitch of voice. As he lived near the studio where we recorded the record we proposed to him the participaton and he did not put an obstacle, more, he was pleased doing it, with no doubt he is a very good guy and a great singer.

The kind of music you play is very big in Japan these days, is that where you have most of your fans?
Yes it is, unless it is where we have sold the most. Besides, JVC has been interested on us and the album comes out there with them, for which we hope to get more popularity in Japan and all Asia in general.

Do you know what you will be doing for the rest of 2002?
For the moment we are preparing a tour around Spain, with Red Wine and Vhäldemar, both of our company of records. After summer we hope to play in the rest of Europe, but this is something not closed yet.

What are your top five bands ever?
Angra, Symphony X, Nightwish, Children of Bodom, Sinergy.

Do you think Spain is a good country for metal musicians?
No, it is not, disgracefully. In Spain, musicians have to pass very much hardships to be able to make their work, we have not any support in the part of the State, and living exclusively on music is almost impossible.

Any final words for the fans?
We want to send greetings, to thank truly for their support, and we hope to see everyone very soon in concert.

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