This interview with the guitarist Enrik Garcia of Dark Moor was done through e-mail in May 2003 by Sam Chronic.

Hello, how is everything going for you and the band?
Very well, thanks you.

I want to start off by talking about the new album "Between Light and Darkness". Tell us a little bit about the album and the meanings behind the songs?
We wanted to record an acoustic mini-album. It is a new side of Dark Moor that the people donít know. In Madrid we played acoustic gigs sometimes, but out of Madrid our fans have never listened our acoustic side. We wanted to record the new tracks with real quartet, flute and harp, not with samplers like usually. The album is completed with bonus tracks of Japan and Korea, an orchestral version of our song Dies Irae, and the song The fall of Melnibonť, released in our previous ep. Which was only released in Spain.

Are you happy with the album and how has the response been?
Yes, I like it very much. The fans have responded very well. For us it is a little gift for them.

There are some tracks on the album with a string quartet included. Was this something you have wanted to do for a long time?
Yes, my dream is the recording of an album with real orchestra, but at the moment Iím satisfied with this. It was a very good experience.

How do you feel that the band has changed musically since the last album, ``The Gates Of Oblivionīī?
A little, I think. In the next album we want to turn to more heavy and dark sound. Some Death, some gothic, some doom but over the style of Dark Moor.

You have seen a few line-up changes over the years. What is the current line-up for the band?
We have a new singe now. His name is Alfred Romero. He is very good for Dark Moor, I like his voice very much and I think that our fans will accept him very well.

If you don't mind me asking what was the reason for Robert to leave the band?
He wanted to play another music style. Really we composed by orchestra not for keyboards, he wanted to play a sound more in a keyboard style, like Dream Theatre, for example.

How does the writing process for the band go?
We have composed the next album already. We will record in August and will release our new album in November.

You have a very diverse playing ability. Have you ever received any sort of formal training?
Yes, When I was a child I studied classic music and classic guitar in the conservatoire later I directed my steps to the metal music.

What are your musical influences?
Classic music, (Mozart, Holst, Vivaldi, Bach?), and metal.

What can we expect to find in your CD case if we looked right now?
WE are a band which work very much and very meticulous in the details. For us the music is an ART. [Editor's comment: My guess is that he misunderstood the question a little...]

What is the meaning of Dark Moor and what member chose the name?
Dark Moor wants to mean a melancholic place where the Art is over the money. It is a Utopia but it is our dream. The name was chosen by Anan and me.

You once covered "Halloween" from Helloween. Can we expect to ever see you do another cover in the future?
Iíd like it very much. But I donít know. It is possible in the future but not sure.

Seeing that the new CD is on the shelves is the band getting ready to head out on tour again?
Weíll begin our next tour in December, when our next cd is edited. I hope we play in Europe and is possible that we play in a Festival in Sweden in summer.

I am from the USA, what are my chances of seeing you anytime soon?
I donít know, really. The Travel to USA is very expensive. I hope we can play very soon there, Iíd like it very much.

Are you or any members of the band working on any side projects?
No, we havenít time but Elisa work with Fairyland, but she is not in Dark Moor already.

If you were to do something else...anything besides playing music-what would you be doing right now?
I like to write roll games adventures, for The Call of Cthulhu, or Fantasy world. I like to work in this too.

Anything you want to say to wrap things up?
Greetings from Spain!!!! Thanx for the interview


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